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US Man Who Helped Ghosn Flee Isn't Doing Well in Prison: Lawyers

Michael Taylor, who aided Nissan chair's escape from Japan, reportedly got frostbite in Fuchu jail

(Newser) - Update: The American dad sentenced to two years in a Fuchu prison for helping Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn escape Japan is suffering behind bars, according to his legal team. One of Michael Taylor's US-based attorneys, Paul Kelly, tells the New York Times the facility's lack of heating led...

US Turns Over 2 Americans in Smuggling of Nissan Boss

Father and son tried to avoid extradition in Carlos Ghosn case

(Newser) - An American father and son wanted by Japan for helping former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn escape from the country in a box were handed over to Japanese custody Monday, ending their monthslong battle to stay in the US. Michael Taylor and his son, Peter Taylor, failed to persuade US officials...

2 Americans Arrested Over Ghosn Escape

Ex-Green Beret, son face extradition to Japan

(Newser) - A former Green Beret and his son have been arrested in Massachusetts in connection with former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn's escape from Japan —and prosecutors say it would be a very bad idea to release Michael and Peter Taylor on bail during extradition proceedings. "Michael Taylor is...

Nissan Sues Disgraced Ex-Boss for $91M
Nissan to Ghosn:
Pony Up $91M 

Nissan to Ghosn: Pony Up $91M

Automaker sues, citing 'years of misconduct and fraudulent activity' by Carlos Ghosn

(Newser) - Nissan filed a civil suit Wednesday seeking $91 million in damages from the Japanese automaker's former Chairman Carlos Ghosn, reports the AP . Nissan Motor Co. filed the case in Yokohama District Court to recoup some of the monetary damages suffered, it said, “as a result of years of...

Why Did Ghosn Flee Japan? He Cites a Figure: 99.4%

Ex-Nissan boss gives his first press conference since escaping the country

(Newser) - In his first press conference given since his clandestine exit from Japan, Carlos Ghosn cleared one thing up on Wednesday: No, there's no Netflix show in the works about his dramatic exit. But Ghosn certainly brought the drama in the lengthy press conference given in Beirut, likening his November...

Now Japan's Going After Ghosn's Wife

Carole Ghosn suspected of making false statements in court

(Newser) - Fugitive Carlos Ghosn will have a new complaint to discuss at his Wednesday press conference in Beirut. On the eve of that press conference, Tokyo prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Ghosn's wife, accused of perjury. Fashion entrepreneur Carole Ghosn is suspected of making false statements during a witness...

Ghosn, Hidden in Box, Exploited Airport Security Flaw

There was no mandatory check on luggage for private planes

(Newser) - Reports that Carlos Ghosn escaped Japan in a musical instrument box were pretty close to the truth. The former Nissan executive facing charges of financial wrongdoing hid in a large black box designed for concert equipment, with breathing holes poked in the bottom, reports the Wall Street Journal , citing sources...

Ghosn Could Face More Serious Trouble in Lebanon

Lawyers accuse him of collaborating with the enemy, Israel

(Newser) - Lebanon might not be the safe haven Japan's most high-profile criminal defendant sought. A group of lawyers has filed a complaint with the country's judiciary, claiming Carlos Ghosn—a citizen of France, Lebanon, and Brazil—violated a law against collaborating with the enemy when he formerly visited Israel,...

Ghosn Reportedly Was Allowed to Keep a Passport
Interpol Issues 'Red Notice'
for Escaped Ghosn
the rundown

Interpol Issues 'Red Notice' for Escaped Ghosn

Lebanon will question fugitive CEO as a result, but it is not compelled to arrest him

(Newser) - News outlets, not to mention the government of Japan, are still trying to piece together how former Nissan exec Carlos Ghosn slipped out of the country ahead of his trial and made it to Lebanon. By most accounts, Ghosn was smuggled onto a private jet to Turkey then flew to...

Fugitive CEO's Wife: 'Best Gift of My Life'

Carole Ghosn happy her husband escaped, is believed to have played a role

(Newser) - It will take a while to figure out exactly how former Nissan exec Carlos Ghosn managed to jump bail in Japan and flee to Lebanon , but the Wall Street Journal reports that his wife played a big role in the escape. "Best gift of my life," she texted...

This Might Be How Carlos Ghosn Flew the Coop

Reports suggest he hid in a box meant for a musical instrument aboard plane

(Newser) - Former Nissan exec Carlos Ghosn stunned authorities in Japan by fleeing to Lebanon to escape a trial over alleged financial misconduct. But how? Nothing has been confirmed, but Business Insider cites multiple reports that Ghosn hid in a box made for a musical instrument on his escape flight. One of...

Ex-Nissan Boss Jumps Bail, Somehow Flees Japan

'I have escaped injustice,' Ghosn says

(Newser) - Authorities in Japan might be regretting their decision to grant bail to former Nissan and Renault chief Carlos Ghosn earlier this year. He has fled the country and is now in Lebanon, which does not extradite its citizens, the Wall Street Journal reports. It's not clear how Ghosn managed...

At 'Extraordinary' Meeting, More Bad News for Ghosn

Nissan's fallen chairman is officially ousted from board by shareholders

(Newser) - Nissan shareholders approved on Monday the ouster from the Japanese automaker's board of former chairman Carlos Ghosn, who faces allegations of financial misconduct. The approval was shown by applause from the more than 4,000 people gathered at a Tokyo hotel for a three-hour extraordinary shareholders' meeting, the AP...

Ghosn Calls His Unusual Re-Arrest 'Outrageous'

Ex-Nissan boss is back behind bars

(Newser) - Former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn is back in the Tokyo Detention Center after what legal experts say was a highly unusual re-arrest of somebody out on bail. Ghosn—who was released on $8.9 million bail almost a month ago after 108 days in custody—was detained Thursday on suspicion...

The Blue Hat Was Part of a Disguise. It Didn't Work

Carlos Ghosn's lawyer apologized for what he says was his idea

(Newser) - Former Nissan chair Carlos Ghosn was released on a staggering bail on Wednesday, and he didn't walk out of the Tokyo Detention Center looking exactly like Carlos Ghosn. He was disguised as a construction worker, per the AP , only the disguise didn't work, and now one of his...

Ex-Nissan Boss Released on Breathtaking Bail Sum

Lawyer questions grounds for Ghosn arrest

(Newser) - The Tokyo District Court approved the release of former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn on 1 billion yen—$8.9 million—bail on Tuesday, ending nearly four months of detention. The acceptance of Ghosn's request for bail, his third, came a day after one of his lawyers said he was...

Jailed Auto Boss Says Execs Plotted Against Him

Ghosn says he's a victim of 'treason'

(Newser) - Jailed former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn says he's the innocent victim of treacherous rivals at the company. In an interview with Nikkei Asian Review —his first since his Nov. 19 arrest—Ghosn said he is certain the financial misconduct charges against him are the result of "plot...

Jailed Nissan Exec Makes Unusual Bail Plea

Carlos Ghosn promises to pay for own ankle bracelet and related security

(Newser) - Former auto exec Carlos Ghosn made another long-shot appeal for bail on Monday, one that came with an unusual twist: He offered to pay for his own ankle bracelet as well as security guards to keep an eye on him, reports the Wall Street Journal . Ghosn, the former chairman of...

Wife: Ex-Nissan Boss Treated Harshly in Jail

She says he lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks

(Newser) - Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn may be spending another six months in a jail cell in Japan, despite his wife's claim that he is being subjected to "cruel and inhumane" treatment. In a letter to Human Rights Watch, Carole Ghosn said her 64-year-old husband lost 15 pounds in...

Defiant Auto Exec Makes His Case in Court

Carlos Ghosn: 'I have been wrongly accused'

(Newser) - Just a few months ago, Carlos Ghosn was one of the most powerful executives in the auto industry. On Tuesday, however, he appeared in a Tokyo courtroom wearing plastic prison slippers and a rope around his waist instead of a belt, reports the BBC . Ghosn, the 64-year-old former Nissan chairman,...

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