Super Bowl XLIII

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Steelers Star Passes on Obama Visit

Invite us when we don't win, says Harrison, who declined in '06, too

(Newser) - Linebacker James Harrison, the NFL defensive player of the year and a key cog in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl victory this year, won’t accompany his team to the White House this week, WTAE-TV reports. Harrison also turned down the honor when Pittsburgh won in 2006. “If you... More »

FBI Probes Super Bowl Porn Snafu

(Newser) - Comcast, the cable company whose Super Bowl broadcast exposed thousands of Arizona viewers to 30 seconds of pay-per-view porn, has partnered with the FBI to investigate the incident, the Arizona Daily Star reports. The company has denied responsibility for the “malicious act,” which included the display of a... More »

Fans Clog Streets to Greet Steelers

Super Bowl victors get warm welcome in hometown

(Newser) - Pittsburgh fans swarmed downtown streets to welcome home their Super Bowl champs, despite a 20-degree chill. The droves—which clogged traffic and forced a nearby church to cancel confessions—were as much a spectacle as the parade itself. Team owner Dan Rooney snapped pictures as he rode up front, and... More »

Comcast Apologizes for Super Bowl Porn

Cable company blames 'malicious act' for randy interruption

(Newser) - Comcast has apologized to Tucson-area viewers whose Super Bowl coverage was interrupted by a porn clip, reports the Arizona Daily Star. The cable company blames a mysterious "malicious act" for the graphic content that flashed across viewers' screens, and is offering a $10 credit to those who saw the... More »

Super Bowl XLIII in Photos

(Newser) - While Michael Phelps takes the cake for being in this weekend's most attention-grabbing photo, the Super Bowl produced plenty of stunning shots. Click the image to the left to see decked-out fans, celebrity performers, and plenty of shots of the winners and losers. For top moments in words, click the... More »

Steelers: Best Franchise Ever

Becoming first NFL team with 6 Super Bowl titles gives Pittsburgh a leg up

(Newser) - Move over, 49ers. Forget the Patriots and Cowboys. The Steelers have become the unrivaled kings of the NFL, the game’s greatest franchise, Charles Robinson writes for Yahoo Sports. “Dallas can be America’s team,” said Pittsburgh defensive end Brett Keisel. “You can just call us the... More »

All 60 Minutes Count

The best 4th quarter in Super Bowl history proves it ain't over til... you know

(Newser) - The Super Bowl has been getting better every year, but this one will be tough to top, Mitch Albom writes in the Detroit Free Press. In a game where an interception returned for a 100-yard touchdown wasn't the crowning play, the Steelers proved beyond a doubt that nothing's over until... More »

Are We Sure It Was a Fumble?

Did the Cards get hosed?

(Newser) - With 5 seconds left, Kurt Warner dropped back hoping for a miracle. Instead, he got nailed by Lamar Woodley, the ball came loose, and just like that, Super Bowl XLIII had its defining controversy. If Warner’s arm was moving forward—and it looked like it was—the play should... More »

Hudson Scores With Super Bowl Comeback

First performance since her family murders is emotional 'touchdown'

(Newser) - Jennifer Hudson returned to the spotlight yesterday for the first time since her family tragedy, giving an emotional performance of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, AP reports. When she asked the producer how she did, “I told her ‘Touchdown!’” he said. “She’s... More »

Ads Were Not So Super

Nice tries but no touchdowns as advertisers stick to the familiar

(Newser) - Given the $3 million, 30-second opportunity to speak to the biggest audience of the year, advertisers reached deep into their bag of tricks last night and pulled out the same old formulas, Stuart Elliot writes in the New York Times. Slapstick, celebrities, sex, nostalgia, and plenty of animals filled the... More »

Porn Interrupts Super Bowl Broadcast

TV station probes mystery switch from gridiron to graphic

(Newser) - Tucson-area Super Bowl viewers were startled when coverage suddenly cut to a very different kind of action in the final minutes of the game, the Arizona Daily Star reports. The game was interrupted by some 30 steamy seconds from a porn channel, featuring full male nudity. Only Comcast customers were... More »

Steelers Outlast Cardinals, 27-23

(Newser) - Santonio Holmes snagged a pass from Ben Roethlisberger with 35 seconds left in regulation and tiptoed into the history books with a touchdown reception that gave the Steelers a 27-23 victory over the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII tonight in Tampa. Pittsburgh, a 7-point favorite going in, had trailed 23-20... More »

The Game Is in Warner's Hands

And 10 other things Peter King thinks about the Super Bowl

(Newser) - Kurt Warner has a clock in his head, and he'll need to pay attention to its ticking in order to best the Pittsburgh defense, writes Peter King in Sports Illustrated. King feels that the Cardinals' chances are all in Warner's hands and head: If he can avoid turnovers, he could... More »

Super Bowl Inspires Super Wacky Wagers

How much do you want to bet Bruce sings Born to Run ?

(Newser) - Propositions, or "prop bets," can add some spice to a Super Bowl blowout even as they leave oddsmakers shaking their heads. "They're a pain in the ass," a Las Vegas bookmaker tells ESPN the Magazine. "But it keeps non-fans interested for the entire game."... More »

Super Bowl Party? Try These Booze Bargains

Esquire finds brown-bagging it has its rewards

(Newser) - With Super Bowl looming, cheap booze is probably on your radar. It's not too late to check out these bargains recommended by Esquire:
  • Paul Masson Grande Amber VSOP brandy: This $13 bottle “goes down far more smoothly than anything from France in this price range could even aspire to.
... More »

Super Bowl Shindig Mixes Parties, Loyalties

11 Dems, 3 Republicans to attend White House party

(Newser) - President Obama’s Super Bowl party will be bipartisan on two fronts: Republicans and Democrats alike are invited, and so are both Arizona and Pittsburgh fans. Still, the list leans to the left, with 11 Dems and 3 Republicans invited. They include Pennsylvania Sens. Bob Casey and Arlen Specter and... More »

Cardinals Not Cute Enough? Try the Puppy Bowl

A parrot will sing anthem, kittens in halftime show on Animal Planet's Super alternative

(Newser) - Those uninterested in watching hulking giants meet on the gridiron Sunday have a decidedly cuter alternative: the fifth annual Puppy Bowl. Animal Planet broadcasts the event, which will feature puppies engaging in football-like action, a parrot singing the national anthem, and a halftime show where kittens are just kittens, the... More »

How to Be a Super Heckler

Start by doing your homework, and be sure to get loud

(Newser) - Sunday’s the last chance to get your heckling in this NFL season, and Eddie Matz of ESPN the Magazine has timely tips on getting the most bang for your buck:
  • Do your homework. Knowing a key statistical weak point or personal peccadillo can get you inside your target’s
... More »

Terrible Towel Has Wonderful Story

Steelers announcer's legacy has changed the lives of many

(Newser) - When beloved Steelers radio announcer Myron Cope told fans to bring gold and black towels to a 1975 playoff game, he had no idea he was sealing his fame. Cope's legacy, the Terrible Towel, has become a Pittsburgh legend and brings in huge profits—which he turned over to a... More »

Don't Want to Bet on the Super Bowl? Bet on Jennifer

Internet offers wagering on how long it'll take her to sing anthem, and other odd stuff

(Newser) - Want to gamble on the Super Bowl, but know nothing about football? No problem: You can place your bets for how long it will take Jennifer Hudson to sing the national anthem Sunday instead, TMZ reports. Sites like have all sorts of options that have little to do... More »

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