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Boys, Young Men Getting Short End of Mortality Stick
In Deaths of Young
People, a Stark
Gender Gap


In Deaths of Young People, a Stark Gender Gap

New research finds nearly 2/3 of deaths worldwide in 2019 in 10-24 age group were boys, young men

(Newser) - A group of researchers examined long-term mortality trends among young people, and one finding especially sticks out. Per the study published Saturday in the Lancet journal , males are more likely than their female counterparts to die young, and in many nations, that gender gulf is only getting bigger. The research—...

Late to Rise? You Might Be Early to Die
Sorry, Night Owls, You
Might Be Early to Die

Sorry, Night Owls, You Might Be Early to Die

Study suggests they have a 10% higher risk of early death

(Newser) - Some bad news for those who like to stay up late. A six-and-a-half-year study on the sleep habits of almost half a million people in the UK suggests that night owls are at a higher risk of early death than morning people. Though the study didn't examine the cause...

Here's Why You Should Eat More Fat—Maybe
Eat More Fat,
Fewer Carbs

Eat More Fat, Fewer Carbs

Research shows low-fat diets don't keep us alive longer

(Newser) - Fat, it turns out, is good for you. Or at least it's not as bad as we previously thought, per a sweeping new study that suggests low-fat diets could increase the risk of early death, the Telegraph reports. The surprising findings published in the Lancet suggest that instead of...

Rock Stars Really Do Die Young(er)
 Rock Stars Really 
 Do Die Young(er) 
study says

Rock Stars Really Do Die Young(er)

But they're not particularly vulnerable at 27, researcher notes

(Newser) - The idea that rock stars die young is actually true, according to a new study out of Australia. Though most rock stars don't enter the so-called "27 Club," whose members all died at that age (Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse , Jim Morrison), the study...

Got an Obese Mom? You May Die Earlier

 Got an Obese Mom? 
 You May Die Earlier 
study says

Got an Obese Mom? You May Die Earlier

Study finds those born to obese mothers more likely to die young

(Newser) - Bad news if your mother was obese or overweight while she was pregnant with you: You're more likely to die young, according to a new study. Researchers looked at health records for more than 37,000 people born in Scotland who are now between the ages of 34 and...

Not Having Kids Might Kill You
 Not Having Kids 
 Might Kill You 
study says

Not Having Kids Might Kill You

Being childless increases risk of premature death, researchers say

(Newser) - You might swear that your kids are taking years off your life, but a new study suggests they're actually doing the opposite. Parents are a lot less likely to die a premature death than people who don't have kids, a team of Danish researchers has concluded. Childless men...

Lonely? You May Not Live as Long
 Lonely? You May 
 Not Live as Long 
in case you missed it

Lonely? You May Not Live as Long

Those who live alone also at risk of early death: studies

(Newser) - Loneliness and living alone may actually affect your longevity, according to two new studies in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The first found that participants ages 45 and up who had or were at risk of developing heart disease were more likely to die from heart complications if they lived...

Sleeping Pills Lead to Risk of Early Death?

Study finds risk, but sleep expert criticizes it

(Newser) - A new study finds that taking even one sleeping pill over the course of a year increases the risk of early death, but a sleep expert was quick to jump on the study's flaws. Researchers at San Diego's Viterbi Family Sleep Center found that adults who took one...

Divorced? You're 23% More Likely to Die Early
Divorced? You're 23%
More Likely to Die Early
study says

Divorced? You're 23% More Likely to Die Early

...compared to married couples: research

(Newser) - Getting a divorce can do more than just bum you out: It can lead to an increased risk of early death. A new review of 32 studies published over 27 years finds that divorced adults have a 23% greater chance of dying early than married couples do, the Arizona Republic...

Sitting at That Computer Is Shortening Your Life

Too much time in the chair increases risk of just about everything

(Newser) - Hey you, reading this at your computer: You might want to get up and stretch. A new study shows that every hour per day spent in front of that monitor raises your risk of early death from heart disease by a whopping 18%—ie, someone who spends an average of...

20 Mins of Exercise a Week Keeps Shrink at Bay

Far less clear is how much exercise is best for physical health

(Newser) - If the goal of your exercise program is better mental health, a new study shows that even 20 minutes a week of sports, gardening, or housecleaning may be enough to boost your mood. But if you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, or reduce your risk of life-threatening...

It's Not Too Late to Extend Your Lifespan

Abandon unhealthy habits and you may live 10 years longer: docs

(Newser) - You knew smoking and fatty foods were bad for you, but thanks to a huge 40-year study, we now know exactly how bad. Researchers followed 19,000 men, starting in the late 1960s. Those who were still smoking, had high blood pressure, and had high cholesterol—the three top killers...

Jade Goody Dies
 Jade Goody Dies 

Jade Goody Dies

Bizarre tabloid saga ends as reality TV sensation passes away in her sleep

(Newser) - Controversial British reality-TV star Jade Goody died early this morning of cancer, CNN reports. She passed away in her sleep at her Essex home with her new husband at her bedside. Goody's death, at 27, marks the end of a strange tabloid saga. Diagnosed with cervical cancer on the Indian...

Belly Fat Can Kill You: Study
 Belly Fat Can Kill You: Study 

Belly Fat Can Kill You: Study

Expansive survey finds waist size linked to early death

(Newser) - Flabby guts send many to the gym, but a far-reaching new study concludes that they can send you to an early grave as well—even among those with normal weight. The risk of dying prematurely shoots up about 15% each time the belt is let out two inches, researchers concluded...

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