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After 7 Days of Legal Pot Sales, Nevada Declares Emergency

Yes, really, a statement of emergency, via the Department of Taxation

(Newser) - Nevada on July 1 became the fifth state to sell recreational marijuana to the public, and one week later, it declared an emergency. But the chaos is on the licensing side of things. The new law allows those 21 and up to buy up to an ounce of pot from... More »

Inside a Former Chocolate Factory: a 'Unicorn' and a Whole Lot of Pot

Canopy Growth dominates Canada's medical marijuana market

(Newser) - The 472,000-square-foot factory in a small town in Ontario once spewed out Hershey's chocolate. Now it's home to the world's largest legal marijuana producer, which supplies pot to 40,000 users across Canada and exports to Germany and Brazil. Canopy Growth—found under the ticker "... More »

Starbucks-Style Pot Stores? New Company Plans Chain

'We are big marijuana,' says chief of Seattle's Diego Pellicer

(Newser) - Marijuana: Coming to a strip mall near you? It will be if Jamen Shively has his way. The former Microsoft manager intends to build a national chain of "social marijuana" stores, he announced in Seattle. His company, Diego Pellicer, will invest $100 million in the endeavor over the next... More »

Feds Take Aim at Medical Marijuana Ads

Newspapers, radio stations could face Justice Department's wrath

(Newser) - The next step in the war on drugs may be a war on ads. A federal attorney tells California Watch that she'll be cracking down on newspapers, radio stations, and other outlets that accept advertising for the medical marijuana industry. "I'm not just seeing print advertising,"... More »

Select Americans Get Top-Grade Pot From Feds

14 given medical marijuana as part of 1976 court order

(Newser) - When 72-year-old Elvy Musikka of Oregon wants more marijuana to treat her glaucoma, she tells a US government worker to roll another one, just like the other one. Musikka has been toking on federally supplied high-grade pot for the last 23 years. She's part of a decades-ago court order... More »

California Pot Shipment Traced to NFL Players: Feds

House was set up as part of a 'distribution' network: investigator

(Newser) - A 2.5-pound shipment of high-grade pot was traced from Northern California to the Kentucky home of a Cincinnati Bengals football player, according to investigators. Wide receiver Jerome Simpson and teammate/offensive lineman Anthony Collins were both at Simpson's home during the special delivery, said federal narcotics agents, who allegedly... More »

Map Shows Pot Laws Don't Affect Price

Price of weed across US charted

(Newser) - The number crunchers at Floating Sheep , using data from thousands of reports on the Price of Weed website, have produced a map showing how the retail price of marijuana differs across the USA. Price are unsurprisingly low in pot-growing areas like northern California, but the map also shows that the... More »

LA: Only 41 Pot Dispensaries Can Stay Open

City facing flood of lawsuits after strict ruling

(Newser) - Los Angeles may soon be facing a major shortage of marijuana dispensaries. City officials have taken a much stricter than expected approach to an ordinance regulating dispensaries and ruled that only 41 can stay open—less than a quarter of the 180 who were allowed to apply for permits to... More »

Feds Bust Major Pot Network in Wisconsin National Forest

Single group behind sophisticated farms

(Newser) - Some 200 federal agents and police swarmed a national forest in northern Wisconsin to bust a massive pot-growing network on public land. The illegal operations involved clear-cutting forests to establish fields, drying barns and shelters so growers could live and process pot on-site, reports the Green Bay Press Gazette . The... More »

Need a Job? Go to Pot School

Medical Marijuana schools bring new industry to Michigan

(Newser) - Business is booming at Med Grow, a Medical Marijuana school just outside of Detroit. For $475, students get a six-week course on the finer points of growing top-quality weed, which can fetch as much as $500 an ounce. That’s an enticing proposition in a state with 14% unemployment—indeed,... More »

Medical Marijuana Shops Firebombed in Montana

'Not In Our Town' sprayed on businesses

(Newser) - Two Montana businesses legally providing medical marijuana in Billings have been firebombed in two days. The attackers—who could face up to 20 years in prison on felony arson charges if caught and convicted—also spray painted "Not In Our Town" across the front of the operations. Police have... More »

Sorry, Potheads: Majority Still Against Legalizing

But majority back medicinal use

(Newser) - Enjoy your 4/20, stoners, but the cold reality is that a majority of Americans believe only sick people should be allowed to smoke (or otherwise ingest) marijauna. In a new AP -CNBC poll, 55% of those surveyed oppose full legalization, while only 33% are in favor. Some 60% favor allowing... More »

'Budtenders' Craft Perfect High for Medical Pot Patients

Cannabis scholars line up to help the sick

(Newser) - For patients prescribed medical marijuana, picking from the hundreds of available strains can be daunting—variety, effects, and strength vary widely. The need for expert knowledge has given rise to a new job: "budtender," a pot gurus employed by a dispensary to help guide patients. "We get... More »

LA Caps Medical Marijuana Spots

City aims to reduce number of dispensaries to 70

(Newser) - The Los Angeles City Council has voted to shut down almost 90% of the city's estimated 1,000 medical marijuana dispensaries. The council decided to restrict the number of dispensaries in the city to 70. All of the 137 dispensaries currently operating that registered with the city early will be... More »

LA Mayor Calls for Limits on Pot Spots

Villaraigosa says 900 marijuana dispensaries is way too many

(Newser) - The Los Angeles City Council has voted to allow dispensaries to continue selling medical marijuana, but the mayor wants to stop the outlets from sprouting like weeds. Antonio Villaraigosa is insisting a cap be placed on the number of dispensaries within city limits, and he wants the council to include... More »

Hard-Up Calif. Town Out of Joint Over Pot Influx

Green gold rattles community

(Newser) - A hard-scrabble northern California town has been turned topsy-turvy since the folks with tokes moved in. Thousands of pungent marijuana plants pack fields and yards in tiny Hayfork, population 1,900, where a quarter of the residents are poor. The local Timberjacks football team recently moved its halftime huddle to... More »

US-Grown Mom n' Pop Pot Burns Mexican Cartels

Economic forces more potent than law enforcement

(Newser) - Mexican drug cartels are facing an opponent more formidable than law enforcement: competition. The long-growing illicit US pot industry has gotten a shot in the arm from the new rules surrounding medical marijuana, the Washington Post reports. Whereas once Mexican and Colombian groups produced nearly all the pot consumed in... More »

Calif. Stoked About Pot Profits

Some call for legalization; others say it makes no difference

(Newser) - Even if they’re not legal without a doctor’s recommendation, marijuana sales are far from clandestine in California, and some say the state should finish what it started and just legalize pot for everyone, the AP reports. “The culture has gone so far beyond the law,” says... More »

Border Crackdown Can't Weed Out Mexican Cartels

Marijuana smugglers get creative, or turn to growing dope inside US

(Newser) - The Mexican marijuana trade is flourishing, and border-protection efforts do little to deter powerful cartels from working in the US, the New York Times reports. Smugglers drop ramps over border fences and drive across, or use a new tactic: planting the pot in the US. Cartels now function in 195... More »

NFL Star Seeks Prez Pardon for Pot-Seller Brother

Lawrence Tynes' sibling serving 27-year sentence in federal slammer

(Newser) - New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes is pleading with President Bush for a pardon for his pot-selling brother, who is serving a 27-year federal prison sentence in Arkansas, reports Newsday. Tynes' brother Mark, 31, was sentenced two years ago and has exhausted his appeals seeking a lighter sentence. Presidents leaving... More »

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