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As Russia Confirms Radioactivity, Some Suggest a Cover-Up

Mayak nuclear facility appears as possible source of ruthenium 106

(Newser) - In the country's first acknowledgement of a radioactive cloud over Europe, Russia's meteorological service has confirmed "extremely high" concentrations of ruthenium 106 in the country last month. Rosgidromet said Monday that the radioactive isotope formed in nuclear reactors was detected at monitoring stations in Argayash and Novogorny... More »

Tunnel Collapses at 'Most Toxic Site in America'

No workers injured at sprawling nuclear site

(Newser) - A tunnel collapse was discovered at the Hanford nuclear site Tuesday, months after experts called the Washington state facility "the most toxic place in America" and a "Chernobyl waiting to happen." Some 4,800 workers at the site were told to shelter indoors Tuesday morning after crews... More »

Obama OKs Nuclear Deal With Vietnam

The '123 agreement' lets US firms into Vietnam's nuclear market

(Newser) - President Barack Obama has approved an agreement for civilian nuclear cooperation between the US and Vietnam in a sign of deepening ties between the former foes. The US and Vietnamese governments reached agreement in October. Congress now has 90 days to review it. If lawmakers do nothing, the deal will... More »

US Has 72K Tons of Still-Hot Nuclear Waste

Amount is growing every year, but there's still no long-term storage solution

(Newser) - The US may not have a Fukushima-like crisis on its hands, but it does have plenty of still-hot nuclear waste piling up at plants across the country—71,862 tons of it, to be precise, reports the AP . Most of the waste is stored in cooling pools similar to those... More »

US Was Behind Stuxnet Worm: Iran

Chief negotiator says Iran's not the only one susceptible to cyberattack

(Newser) - Right on the heels of reports that the US and Israel were in cahoots in testing Stuxnet, Iran's chief negotiator is blaming the US for derailing what he calls a peaceful nuclear program, NBC reports. Saed Jalilli said Iranian investigators had found what he deemed sufficient proof that the US... More »

Iran Nuclear Talks Recess Without Progress

Little hope for finding a consensus during remainder

(Newser) - Talks between Iran and six world powers recessed today with no sign that Tehran was ready to discuss UN Security Council calls to curb its nuclear activities, an official at the negotiations said. While the two sides were scheduled to meet again tomorrow, the official's description of today's meeting gave... More »

Iran Begins Loading Nuke Reactor Core

Country's first nuclear plant set to supply power by 2011

(Newser) - Iran has moved a step closer to bringing its first nuclear reactor online, according to officials. State media reports that fuel rods have been loaded into the core of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran. The Iranian government says the plant—hit by delays including a leak and... More »

Palin Mocks Obama's Nuclear 'Experience'

Tea Party firebrand says 'don't retreat, reload' was 'not a call to violence'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin continued her back-and-forth with President Obama today, mocking "the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer." Palin continued to criticize the president's new nuclear policy at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, saying the Obama doctrine had the US "coddling... More »

White House: UN Nuke Vote a 'Clear Message' to Iran

International community united against Tehran's nuclear program

(Newser) - The IAEA vote demanding that Tehran stop its nuclear enrichment demonstrates a broad international consensus against the nation’s nuclear program, the White House said today. "Our patience and that of the international community is limited, and time is running out," said press secretary Robert Gibbs. Gibbs noted... More »

Iran Wants to Change Uranium Deal

But Tehran proposal would make the agreement pointless

(Newser) - Iran continues to waffle on the details of the deal under consideration to ship its enriched uranium to Russia. Now it's saying that if it does agree to the deal—a formal response is due Friday—it won't send all of its uranium at once. Instead, it will send shipments... More »

Iran Fingers US in Scientist's Disappearance

Researcher, AWOL in Saudi Arabia, rumored to work at Qom facility

(Newser) - Iran’s foreign minister has accused the US of conspiring with Saudi Arabia in the disappearance of Shahram Amiri, a scientist thought to be involved in Iran’s nuclear program. Amiri disappeared four months ago on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia—around the time President Obama asked for a report... More »

Iraq WMD Mistakes Haunt Debate Over Iran Nukes

(Newser) - As the US confronts Iran over its nuclear program, many Americans can’t help but flash back to 2003, when Colin Powell made a compelling case before the UN that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Is the uproar over Iran’s Qom facility the same kind of smoke and... More »

US Will Give Iran 3 Months to Spill Nuke Secrets

(Newser) - The US will tell Iran next week that it must open all its nuclear sites for inspection within 3 months, turn over any related documents, and make scientists available for questions. Tehran also may be ordered to allow inspectors into its newly revealed uranium-enrichment plant within days. The revelation of... More »

Iran Will Allow UN Inspectors at Nuke Site

But official brags it will 'blind the eyes' of enemies

(Newser) - Some typically mixed messages out of Iran today: The nation's nuclear chief says UN inspectors will be allowed to visit a newly revealed uranium-enrichment facility. Ali Akbar Salehi says he's "astonished" by the controversy, insisting that Iran has done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, an aide to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali... More »

US Still Wrong About Nukes: Iran's Leader

Khamenei reacts to Obama scrapping missile defense

(Newser) - Iran's supreme leader said today that US officials know they are wrongly accusing Iran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons. In Iran's first official reaction to the US decision to scrap a European missile intercept system to defend against threats from Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed President Barack Obama's administration... More »

Korean Chef Offers Glimpse of 'Lil' Kim'

Jong-Il's heir unlikely to have dad's clout

(Newser) - Little is known about the young man expected to succeed Kim Jong-Il as leader of North Korea, and what analysts do know has been gleaned from a book by the ruler’s former chef, the New York Times reports. Kim Jong-Un is the youngest of three sons and most like... More »

China Firm Sold Illegal Nuke Materials to Iran: Prosecutors

Company said to have sent tons of supplies, breaching UN rules

(Newser) - New York officials today charged a Chinese businessman with illegally selling tons of materials to Iran that could be used to make rockets and nuclear weapons, the New York Times reports. Sales in 2006-08 of tungsten and other metals, often through shell firms, break UN rules, prosecutors say. Li Fang... More »

Hey NATO, Lay Off Russia: Qadaffi

West should stop meddling with nuclear giant: Qaddafi

(Newser) - Barack Obama would be wise to harken back to the no-meddling Monroe Doctrine and stop the West’s “addiction to interfering in the affairs of other countries,” Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi writes in the Washington Times. He blames NATO expansion to Russia’s border for moving the nuclear... More »

Iran Nabs 'Spying' Pigeons

Two birds arrested near Natanz nuclear site

(Newser) - Two pigeons are under arrest in Iran after the alleged avian spies were found hovering near the nation's uranium-enrichment plant at Natanz, the Telegraph reports. The first, a black one, was caught wearing espionage gear—a metal ring held by “invisible” strings. The birds may have been communicating what... More »

Japanese Protesters Greet US Nuke Ship

Huge carrier arrives near Tokyo amid radiation fears

(Newser) - Japanese protesters greeted a nuclear-powered American warship at its new home port near Tokyo today, Reuters reports. The USS George Washington drew criticism after reports last month than a US submarine had leaked radioactive material at Japanese ports for 2 years —underscoring the tense relationship between Japanese citizens and... More »

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