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Erykah Badu Will Read Your Palm on Twitter

And her readings are pretty funny

(Newser) - A fan's random decision to ask singer Erykah Badu for a palm reading has led to a pretty awesome string of tweets, Time reports. The fan made the request on Twitter Monday, Badu in turn requested a picture of the fan's palm, and more palm pictures and requests... More »

Detroit's Abandoned Rape Kits Get Assist From Erykah Badu

She'll donate funds from concert to the cause

(Newser) - More than 11,300 abandoned, untested rape kits were found in a Detroit Police Department storage unit in 2009—and now Erykah Badu is helping to finish getting them tested. Around 10,000 of them have been tested so far, and the singer will donate funds from her Aug. 12... More »

10 Stars Who've Gotten Revenge ... via Song

Obviously, Taylor Swift is on this list

(Newser) - Taylor Swift's new album, of course, contains quite a few references to ex-boyfriends , including the breakup anthem, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." In her honor, Radar rounds up nine more celebrities who got revenge via music:
  • Nick Lachey wrote "What's Left of Me"
... More »

Malaysia Cancels Concert Over Erykah Badu's Tattoo

'Allah' tattoo offends Muslim officials

(Newser) - Erykah Badu's Malaysia concert has been canceled, and it's all thanks to the singer's tattoo. A newspaper photo revealed that Badu has the Arabic word for "Allah" inked on her upper body; officials called it "an insult to Islam" and canceled tomorrow's planned performance... More »

Dallas Slaps Erykah Badu With Disorderly

Singer faces $500 fine over Dealey Plaza striptease

(Newser) - Erykah Badu's racy "Window Seat" video may have gone viral, but the Dallas Police Department is decidedly not a fan. Officials announced yesterday that they would reward the singer's Dealey Plaza striptease with a disorderly conduct charge, reports the Dallas Morning News after a witness to last month's shoot... More »

Dallas Pissed Over Erykah Badu Naked Video

Singer was naked in public...without a permit

(Newser) - Dallas officials aren't happy with Erykah Badu's new video , in which she gets naked, in public, at the site of JFK's assassination. But of all possible reasons to be mad, they're upset she didn’t get a permit for filming first, the Dallas Morning News reports. Luckily for her—though... More »

Singer 'Streaks' Through Dallas in New Video

Erykah Badu's naked romp wasn't staged, she says

(Newser) - Erykah Badu's video for "Window Seat" is all over the net, and it's causing a stir for more than the smooth groove. In the clip, Badu strips down to nothing as she walks down a street in her Dallas hometown, and if the singer's Twitter feed is to be... More »

Hey, Celebs, Step Away From Twitter

We finally have too much information on the stars

(Newser) - Enough already with the Tweeting, celebs!, complains Jennifer Cady on E!, noting stars of all stripes clogging Twitter. The oversharing ranges from the inane (Demi and Ashton’s neighborly spat) to the overly personal (Erykah Badu’s constant labor updates) to the downright boring (ooh, John Mayer is welding an... More »

It's a Girl, Twitters Erykah Badu

Singer and partner keep world updated during labor, delivery

(Newser) - Erykah Badu delivered a baby girl yesterday sans doctors and medicine—and captured the experience 140 characters at a time, with Badu and partner Jay Electronica Twittering their way through childbirth, reports New York. “Labor has begun,” Electronica wrote. “The midwife is here. Feels like a scene... More »

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