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You Can Finally Buy the World's Newest Blue

Pigment YInMn Blue, discovered in 2009, makes it to the commercial market

(Newser) - The world's first new blue pigment in 200 years is at last on the market, more than a decade after it was accidently discovered in a lab. Just don't expect to slather YlnMn Blue on your house. As the Smithsonian reports, it's available only at a select...

Startup Bucks Tradition With Neon-Blue Wine

Regulators are not pleased with Gik

(Newser) - To respect the rules of the game or break them? Sometimes, that is the question. And a startup in Spain has just learned that at least in the world of wine, rule-breaking is rather frowned upon. Last year, Gïk challenged Spain's wine establishment by rolling out a neon-blue...

Chemists Stumble on First New Blue in 200 Years

Pigment also makes possible a new spectrum of colors that could be mixed using it

(Newser) - Back in 2009, a materials science professor and his students were, in a sense, playing with fire in a lab at Oregon State University—well, mixing chemicals and heating them to temperatures above 2,000 degrees anyway—when they accidentally created a new blue. The happy accident occurred during an...

Why Blue Tarantulas Are Baffling

Why are their hairs so blue?

(Newser) - Next time a big, blue tarantula comes crawling over, just ask yourself, "Why is it blue?" At least that's what a group of researchers did, and they realized it's a tough question, National Geographic reports. The Verge reports there are at least 40 tarantula species that are...

The Strange Story of the Blue People of Kentucky

How scientists figured out the story of the Fugates

(Newser) - America is home to people of all colors: White, black, and… blue? Strange but true: ABC News this week unearthed a story from 1982 about a family of blue-skinned people that once lived deep in Kentucky. The blue people first came to the fore when a baby named Benjamin Stacy...

Biblical Shade of Blue Rediscovered

Celebrated color called Tekhelet identified in 2,000-year-old cloth

(Newser) - The Bible describes a shade of blue known as tekhelet, worn in ceremonial robes and considered the most important of the ritual colors—but the color's exact appearance has puzzled scholars, who have compared it to the color of sapphires, the sea, and the sky, for centuries. Now, an Israeli...

'Avatards' Go Blue, Bonkers
 'Avatards' Go Blue, Bonkers 

'Avatards' Go Blue, Bonkers

Avatar fans in throes of nostalgie de la blue

(Newser) - Get ready for the blue people. Fans are so enamored of the back-to-the-earth Tarzans-on-growth-hormone Na'vi people of Avatar that they want to join the tribe. The chock-a-block-buster film, that has now raked in an astonishing $1.30 billion, is drawing repeat customers who yearn to join their fantasy world and...

How to Free Creative You
 How to Free Creative You 

How to Free Creative You

Tips for innovation in troubled times

(Newser) - Tough times tend to foster innovation. If your wallet is feeling a pinch, capitalizing on your creativity may be a way to help, says ABC News. Here are some tips on how to get your brain moving:
  • Let your thoughts wander. Allowing your ideas to roam freely can "trigger

Color Me Productive: Red Boosts Focus, Study Finds

Blue, meanwhile, looks to enhance our creativity

(Newser) - The color red boosts performance on detail-oriented work, while blue enhances creativity, Wired reports. A new study primed subjects with the colors before assigning them different tasks, and the results appear to confirm previous research that links red to caution and attention. “Think about red, and what comes to...

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