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Skeleton in Bank Chimney in Louisiana is Missing Man from 1984

 Skeleton in 
 Bank Chimney 
 Is Missing Man 
 From 1984 

Skeleton in Bank Chimney Is Missing Man From 1984

He got wedged in 27 years ago

(Newser) - It's sort of a good news-bad news situation for one Louisiana family. On one hand, they finally know what happened to Joseph Schexnider, who vanished in 1984—on the other, he died inside a local bank chimney 27 years ago. Construction workers renovating a historic bank discovered skeletal remains...

Tea Keeps You Just as Hydrated as Water
 Tea Keeps You Just 
 as Hydrated as Water 
study says

Tea Keeps You Just as Hydrated as Water

So, drink away, caffeine lovers

(Newser) - Good news, tea lovers: You know all that water you're supposed to drink every single day? Well, you can substitute tea for at least some of it, a new clinical trial shows. Despite the fact that tea is caffeinated, the study shows that four to six mugs of it per...

Robert Byrd Hospitalized; Senator, 92, 'Seriously Ill'

West Virginia lawmaker is longest-serving member of Congress

(Newser) - Robert Byrd, the Democratic senator from West Virginia who last fall became the longest-serving member of Congress, is hospitalized and in serious condition, his office tells MSNBC . The 92-year-old was admitted last week with what was believed to be a heat-related illness, but "other conditions have developed which has...

Baby Starves While Parents Tend to Virtual Child: Cops

But their virtual baby was doing great

(Newser) - A South Korean couple has been arrested for allegedly letting their real-life 3-month-old daughter starve to death while they cared for a virtual baby in an online game. Police say the 41-year-old father and 25-year-old mother spent 12 hours a night playing the Second Life-style online game PRIUS at an...

4 Weeks Later, Man Pulled From Rubble
 4 Weeks Later, 
 Man Pulled 
 From Rubble 

4 Weeks Later, Man Pulled From Rubble

28-year-old dehydrated, malnourished

(Newser) - Relief workers pulled a 28-year-old man from under rubble in Port-au-Prince today, nearly four weeks after the Jan. 12 earthquake that killed some 200,000 of his fellow Haitians. The man is suffering from malnutrition and severe dehydration, and appeared confused, telling doctors someone had been bringing him water while...

Biggest Loser Loses Sight of Contestants' Health

Fasting, dehydration, hospitalization daily reality of reality show

(Newser) - The Biggest Loser has produced some amazing results for its obese contestants, but at what cost? Many see the pounds come right back, and it’s likely because they engage in dangerous, damaging behavior in the first place in order to win the weight-loss reality show, the New York Times...

Winehouse Faints, Spends Night in Hospital

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse collapsed yesterday in St. Lucia and had to spend the night in the hospital, the BBC reports. Her spokesman said she was “running around” with children and fainted from dehydration. The singer—who earlier won restrictions against paparazzi near her London home—is slated to play a...

Girl's Death Hastened by Fear of Dentists

(Newser) - A British girl who died in 2005 from dehydration and starvation suffered from a severe fear of dentists that kept her from eating, the BBC reports. Sophie Waller was in and out of the hospital after she refused to eat when teeth came lose, but medical professionals mislaid her case....

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