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Txting Sunscreen Rmnders Werx :)

Digital prodding pays off with increased usage: researchers

(Newser) - Just 20% of adults use sunscreen regularly, a distressing number for skin cancer specialists. But far more can receive text messages, and people who receive a daily text message instructing them to slap on the Coppertone are surprisingly likely to pay attention. More than half followed through when they received... More »

A Guide to SPFs, From 4 to 233

Honestly, is 100+ really necessary?

(Newser) - The development of SPF 100+ sunscreen has led to confusion for some consumers—or at least that's Zev Borow's excuse for a tongue-in-cheek guide to the wide world of sun protection, in the New Yorker:
  • SPF 4: “You’re joking, right? This is some kind of joke? 4? We
... More »

Sunscreen-Slathered Americans Lack Vitamin D

75% of teens, adults found to be short of 'sunshine' nutrient

(Newser) - Three-quarters of adults and teens in the US aren't getting enough vitamin D, according to a new study. The report suggests increased use of sunscreen has contributed to a steep rise in deficiency of the vitamin, which is mainly absorbed through sunshine. African Americans are particularly at risk because the... More »

Hippo Sweat Key to Phat Sunscreen

Researchers aim to harness properties of hippo secretions for human use

(Newser) - Scientists puzzling over how hippos can loll around in the sun all day without getting burned believe they may have hit upon the next big thing in sunscreen, Discovery News reports. The animals secrete a substance that protects them from burns by scattering light. Researchers hope to someday recreate the... More »

Many Sunscreens Don't Work

An environmental research group says most sunscreens don't protect adequately

(Newser) - That sunscreen you slather on this holiday weekend may be worthless at protecting you from sun damage, an environmental research group claims, and may contain unsafe chemicals. Of 900 sunscreens tested, only 15% met the group's criteria for safety and effectiveness by providing broad-spectrum protection (from both UVA and UVB... More »

Summer Tips for Greener Kids

Going outside would be a good first step

(Newser) - Summer is the perfect season to turn your rugrats into ecomaniacs, as warm weather and school vacations collide. Grist lists some basic steps to green up your family’s summer:
  1. Get outside: The best way to commune with nature is to experience it first-hand, but the time kids spend outdoors
... More »

Sunscreen Hurts Coral Reefs

Common ingredients can activate viruses that fatally bleach reef builders

(Newser) - Sunscreen might prevent a bad burn, but it might also be burning coral reefs, National Geographic reports. Four chemicals found in common lotions awaken viruses in algae living in coral, a new study finds; the algae then explode and can leave the reef without its food supply—causing it to... More »

8 Secrets to Healthy Skin

Quit smoking, get some sleep, and don't go crazy with the beauty aids

(Newser) - You can't fight getting older, but you can keep the signs of wear and tear, not to speak of stress, off your face with these tips from the New York Times beauty expert:
  1. Get rid of old beauty products after a year—pots and tubes can develop micro-organism communities
  2. Quit
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FDA Eyes New Sunscreen Labels

Labels would include cancer warning and a rating system

(Newser) - The FDA is proposing new regulations for sunscreen labels, added a rating for protection from skin cancer as well as sunburn. Current sunscreen ratings for SPF—sun protection factor—cover only ultraviolet "B" rays, which cause sunburn. The FDA wants to start testing and rating products for ultraviolet "... More »

Hooked on the Sun?

New studies say tanning is addictive, sunscreen increases risk of melanoma

(Newser) - Tanning may be addictive, and sunscreen use may actually increase the risk of melanoma, according to a Slate round-up of new research about the effects of sun on skin. In a study aimed at testing the long-held theory that UV rays stimulate endorphins, researchers gave a group of sunbathers a... More »

Is Your Sunscreen Lying to You?

New study shows that most provide less protection than advertised.

(Newser) - A recent study involving more than 700 sunscreens found that 84% are not cutting it. Many  fail to provide adequate protection from harmful rays, or break down too quickly in the sun, reports. What's more, consumers often rely on SPF numbers to choose a product. But SPF measures... More »

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