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Ted Turner Reveals His Diagnosis
Ted Turner
Reveals His

Ted Turner Reveals His Diagnosis

The media mogul talks to Ted Koppel for 'CBS Sunday Morning'

(Newser) - The billionaire founder of CNN says he's been diagnosed with a progressive brain disorder called Lewy body dementia, People reports. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, 79-year-old Ted Turner calls it "a mild case of what people have as Alzheimer's. It's similar to that. But...

This Man Owns More Land in US Than Anyone

Telecom exec John Malone has 2.2M acres

(Newser) - The list may not have the same cachet as the Forbes list of richest Americans, but it's an interesting look at an often overlooked aspect of US wealth. The Land Report is out with its annual list of the 100 largest private landholders in America, and sitting on top...

CNN 'Doomsday Video' Leaked
 CNN 'Doomsday Video' Leaked 

CNN 'Doomsday Video' Leaked

Ted Turner prepared final signoff, former intern says

(Newser) - "We won't be signing off until the world ends," Ted Turner vowed when CNN was launched in 1980—and he had a video prepared for just that occasion, according to a former intern. At Jalopnik , that former intern, Michael Ballaban, reveals the clip he unearthed in the...

Ted Turner Made Philanthropy Cool Again

 Ted Turner Made 
 Cool Again 
Nicholas Kristof

Ted Turner Made Philanthropy Cool Again

Kristof: Billionaires have taken up the cause, except for Donald Trump

(Newser) - Fifteen years ago, Ted Turner announced he was giving away $1 billion to UN causes such as fighting poverty, clearing landmines, and helping refugees. While that was one of the largest philanthropic giveaways ever, more important was the example it set for America's richest, helping to revive the tradition...

Ted Turner Has 4 Lovers— One for Every Week of Month
Ted Turner Has 4 Lovers—
One for Every Week of Month

Ted Turner Has 4 Lovers— One for Every Week of Month

But he's 'maybe a little' lonely: 'Hollywood Reporter' profile

(Newser) - Apparently it takes a lot of women to replace Jane Fonda: In the Hollywood Reporter's latest cover story, Ted Turner reveals that he now has four girlfriends in his life, and he typically spends one week per month with each of them. The billionaire media mogul divorced Fonda, his...

34 US Billionaires Pledge Half Their Money to Charity

Michael Bloomberg, Barry Diller, Larry Ellison among them

(Newser) - Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have convinced 34 more billionaires to sign onto their “Giving Pledge” initiative , promising to give away at least half their money to charity. The list includes the likes of Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, Barry Diller, Larry Ellison, and T. Boone Pickens, Reuters reports. “...

Mystery Surrounds Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

Former first daughter's nuptial plans keep many guessing

(Newser) - Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky have scheduled their wedding for July 31 in Rhinebeck, NY , right? Maybe not—or maybe the good people of Rhinebeck are really good liars. The mayor tells the Wall Street Journal he's not in the loop and is "very upset," adding, "My...

9 Successes Who Were Rejected by Colleges

Don't worry, seniors: Ted Turner, Warren Buffett still made it

(Newser) - As high school seniors across the country anxiously wait for college acceptance—or rejection—letters, the Wall Street Journal offers a glimpse at a few success stories who received the dreaded thin envelope:
  • Warren Buffett: Though his rejection from Harvard Business School was “crushing” at the time, it “

America's Top Philanthropists

Annual list tracks most generous of 2009; Bill and Melinda Gates are 3rd

(Newser) - The recession took a bite out of charitable giving last year, but some very wealthy, very generous people kept their checkbooks open. Slate delivers its annual list of the 60 biggest donors in the country, who together came up with $4.2 billion in new commitments to charity last year....

Ted Turner Accused of Bison Grab

Plan lets mogul quarantine Yellowstone buffalo—and keep offspring

(Newser) - Plans to give 74 Yellowstone buffalo a home where Ted Turner roams have sparked a fierce debate over wildlife policy. The billionaire has offered to keep the bison quarantined on his ranch for 5 years, as part of a plan to prevent the spread of the disease brucellosis to cattle....

Ralph Nader Pens Odd Utopian Novel
Ralph Nader Pens Odd Utopian Novel
new release

Ralph Nader Pens Odd Utopian Novel

Super-rich save the world in 736-page 'fictional vision'

(Newser) - Ralph Nader, the consumer advocate and sometime presidential candidate, has written his first novel, the New Yorker reports. Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!, out tomorrow, is a “practical utopia” in which real-life characters undertake a fictional quest to—progressively—save the country. Over the course of its 736...

World's Richest People Held Secret Meeting

(Newser) - Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and David Rockefeller Jr recently convened a top-secret meeting of many of the world’s wealthiest people to discuss the financial crisis, according to an Irish Central report confirmed by ABC News. A total media blackout prevailed during the get-together, which took place May 5 at...

Kutcher Punks Turner, CNN
 Kutcher Punks Turner, CNN 

Kutcher Punks Turner, CNN

(Newser) - Ashton Kutcher came through on his promise to punk CNN and founder Ted Turner last night after beating the network in the race to 1 million Twitter followers, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The actor had promised to “ding-dong-ditch” Turner, and the execution went something like this: Assemble fans, a...

Ashton Twitters to 1M-Mark Victory Over CNN

Actor's feed is first to break million mark

(Newser) - Ashton Kutcher beat CNN to 1 million Twitter followers today, winning the popularity contest he started 3 days ago, CNN reports. He is the first Twitter user to break the 1 million mark, and has promised to donate 10,000 mosquito bed nets to charity for World Malaria Day—as...

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