embryonic stem cells

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Scientists Breed Mice From Stem Cell Alternative

Researchers turn adult, not embryonic, skin cells into stem cells

(Newser) - Scientists in China have created mice using stem cells made from modified skin cells—hinting at an alternative to embryonic stem cells, the Washington Post reports. Separate teams used viruses to manipulate genes that caused mice skin cells to regress back into induced pluripotent stem cells—which, within a placenta... More »

'Synthetic Sperm' Grown From Stem Cells

(Newser) - British scientists announced they have created synthetic human sperm for the first time, the Guardian reports. The sperm—grown in a lab from stem cells—swim, have tails, and exhibit many of the same biological characteristics of real sperm, according to researchers. They believe the breakthrough could lead to a... More »

Stem-Cell Researchers Can Pay Women for Eggs: NY

State stands alone in controversial decision

(Newser) - Counter to prevailing policies and scientific guidelines, New York has become the first state to allow publicly funded embryonic stem-cell researchers to pay women for their eggs. It lifts a huge obstacle for research, proponents say, likening it to eggs donated for in-vitro fertilization. But the $10,000 could be... More »

Safer Stem Cells Bring Real-Life Treatments Closer

New possibility of regrown tissue without risk of rejection

(Newser) - In a development that brings practical applications of manufactured stem cells closer than ever, scientists have created stem-like cells using human skin cells, Reuters reports. "After a few more flight tests—in order to assure everything is working properly—it should be ready for commercial use," a researcher... More »

Gore, Righties Bond Over Non-Embryonic Stem Cells

(Newser) - Some conservatives see recent investments by Al Gore’s venture-capital group into stem-cell research involving a non-embryonic variety as a tacit denial of that more invasive method, the New Scientist reports. Gore’s company has put $20 million into a project researching treatment with induced pluripotent stem cells, which do... More »

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