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Karzai Family Squabbling Over Ill-Gotten Gains

Theft, kidnapping, and more involved in Afghan intrigue

(Newser) - It won't be long before Hamid Karzai's days as president of Afghanistan are finished—and his family members are scrambling to carve out and protect their slice of the family's fortune, the New York Times reports. Over the past decade, the Karzais have gotten rich off military...

Top Karzai Aide Gunned Down
 Top Karzai Aide Gunned Down 

Top Karzai Aide Gunned Down

Parliament member killed as well

(Newser) - Gunmen hit the Kabul home of one of Hamid Karzai’s top aides today, killing him and an Afghan lawmaker, local police tell Reuters . “The battle between gunmen and security forces is still going on,” the spokesman said. According to an AFP reporter on the scene, two or...

Suicide Bomber Kills 4 at Karzai Memorial

High-level Afghans worry about attacks from the inside

(Newser) - A suicide bomber detonated today at a memorial for the slain half-brother of Hamid Karzai, killing four in an attack that comes as prominent Afghans rethink their own security in the wake of Ahmed Wali Karzai's assassination, allegedly at the hands of a close family associate. The Afghan president...

Sobbing Karzai Climbs Into Brother's Grave

Afghan president calls on Taliban to end violence

(Newser) - At Ahmad Wali Karzai's funeral today, Afghan President Hamid Karzai pushed through his security detail to climb into his half-brother's grave. He remained there, sobbing alongside the coffin, for at least a minute as his wails overwhelmed other cries. He was ultimately lifted out by two men after...

NATO Accidentally Kills Karzai Relative

Afghan president again calls for more care in avoiding civilian casualties

(Newser) - NATO forces accidentally shot and killed a member of the Karzai family during a botched night raid, Ahmed Wali Karzai told reporters today. He described the victim only as "our father's cousin," the Telegraph reports. "The forces conducted an operation, he was at his home, he came...

US Aims for 2014 Troop Withdrawal Vow Today

End sought in violent, unpopular Afghan war

(Newser) - US and allied representatives are meeting today with Afghan government officials to hammer out an agreement for foreign troops to pull out of the nation by 2014, more than 3 years after President Obama's date for the start of the US drawdown. The action comes amid stepped-up Taliban violence in...

Karzai's Brother a Bad Investment for CIA
 Karzai's Brother 
 a Bad Investment for CIA 
aryn baker

Karzai's Brother a Bad Investment for CIA

Alleged drug runner undermines US effort

(Newser) - No one in Afghanistan will be shocked by the allegations that Ahmed Wali Karzai is a drug runner on the CIA payroll, writes Aryn Baker. The accusations are old news, and Aghans have always figured brother Hamid for a US stooge anyway. But it’s probably fairly shocking to Americans,...

Karzai's Brother on CIA Payroll: Insiders

Ahmed Wali Karzai has been linked to Afghanistan drug trade

(Newser) - The brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been on the CIA’s payroll for much of the past 8 years, a time during which he’s boosted his personal power in a large area of southern Afghanistan—and been linked to the opium trade. Ahmed Wali Karzai denies the...

Karzai Set Up 800 Fake Poll Sites, Say Diplomats

Ten times as many ballots as voters, say Western officials

(Newser) - Hamid Karzai's supporters set up hundreds of fake polling stations that delivered hundreds of thousands of votes to the Afghan president, even though nobody voted there, diplomats tell the New York Times. The incumbent's team created as many as 800 fake sites, existing only on paper. Karzai allies also occupied...

Karzai Team Forged All 24K Ballots in 1 District: Charge

Afghan president's campaign allegedly detained tribal leader, closed polls

(Newser) - Tribal leaders in southern Afghanistan make the strongest allegations yet of ballot fraud, telling Dexter Filkins of the New York Times that in their district, "Hamid Karzai's people stuffed all the ballot boxes." Members of the Bariz tribe, who endorsed challenger Abdullah Abdullah, say aides to Karzai's brother—...

Karzai's Brother Threatened Me: US Reporter
Karzai's Brother Threatened Me: US Reporter

Karzai's Brother Threatened Me: US Reporter

Questions on alleged involvement in Afghan drug trade enrage him

(Newser) - It turns out Ahmed Wali Karzai is a bit touchy about his alleged ties to Afghanistan’s drug trade. When McClatchy reporter Tom Lasseter tried to interview the president’s brother about the allegations, he said they were part of a political plot against his brother. But when Lasseter began...

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