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'Miracle Girl' Who Survived Plane Crash Testifies in France

Bahia Bakari told her story in a French courtroom as part of a suit against Yemenia Air

(Newser) - Bahia Bakari was 12 years old when fishermen plucked her from the Indian Ocean, where she was clinging to debris from Yemenia Air Flight 626. According to the Guardian , Bakari—the only survivor of the 2009 crash that killed 152 other passengers and crew—testified publicly in French court about...

13 Years After Jet Crash, Sole Survivor May 'Know the Truth'

Bahia Bakari, who emerged from 2009 crash that killed 152, attends trial of Yemenia in France

(Newser) - The lone survivor of a 2009 passenger plane crash in the Indian Ocean that killed 152 people sat in the front row of a Paris courtroom Monday at the opening of the trial of the Yemeni airline that operated the flight. Yemen's main airline, Yemenia, has been charged with...

UK Bans Flights From Yemen
 UK Bans Flights From Yemen 

UK Bans Flights From Yemen

Yemenia flights suspended pending security improvements

(Newser) - The British government yesterday ordered an immediate halt to direct flights from Yemen to the UK as a security precaution. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, describing the country as "both an incubator and potential safe haven for terrorism," also announced the creation of an expanded no-fly list of people...

Thirteen Bodies, Plane Wreckage Found Near Tanzania

Remains suspected to be from Yemenia flight

(Newser) - Thirteen bodies found off the coast of Tanzania’s Mafia Island may be the remains of passengers from the Yemen Airways flight that crashed into the Indian Ocean last week, Reuters reports. Tanzanian authorities say that airplane seats and what may be part of an airplane wing were also found...

Yemenia Air Black Boxes Too Deep for Divers

Search continues as France sends searcher robots to Comoros

(Newser) - Investigators have concluded that the black boxes from Yemenia Airways Flight 626 that plunged into the Indian Ocean are too deep to be reached by divers, a French official said today. French investigators are trying to determine the exact zone where the boxes can be found using equipment that allows...

Survivor: Yemenia Crash 'Like Being Electrocuted'

12-year-old sole survivor tells her story

(Newser) - When a Yemenia Airways jet fell out of the tempestuous sky into the sea, it felt "like being electrocuted," the sole survivor tells the Times of London. Bahia Bakari heard "a big sound" before being ejected from her plane, says the 12-year-old, and survived the hours after...

Sub Reports Signal from Yemenia Black Boxes

No word on when data recorders will be recovered from ocean

(Newser) - A submarine has located the black boxes from Yemenia Flight 626 in the Indian Ocean, a French investigative agency said today. Divers and search crews are still working to find debris from the plane, and have recovered parts of the fuselage, reports the AP. Officials did not say when the...

Teenage Air Crash Survivor Reunited With Family

French gov't flies 14-year-old to Paris

(Newser) - The young girl believed to be the only survivor of Tuesday's Indian Ocean plane crash flew back to Paris today, to the waiting arms of her father and siblings. Bahia Bakari, 14, returned to France alongside a government minister and other French officials. The other 151 people on Yemenia flight...

Crash Renews Focus on Developing World's Air Safety

Yemen crash prompts concerns

(Newser) - After yesterday’s Yemeni Airbus crash, international watchdogs are taking a closer look at airline safety in developing countries, Bloomberg reports. The European Union may add Yemen to a list of more than 90 dangerous airlines from around the globe. Regulators in developing countries “tend to be under- supported...

Teen Crash Survivor Clung to Floating Wreckage for 13 Hours

(Newser) - The 14-year-old girl who appears to be the lone survivor of yesterday’s Yemenia Airlines crash is recovering and in no danger, the BBC reports. Bahia Bakari escaped the crash with just a few cuts to her face and a fractured collarbone, though she can barely swim, and wasn't wearing...

France: Yemenia Air Black Box Not Found
France: Yemenia Air Black Box Not Found

France: Yemenia Air Black Box Not Found

14-year-old girl is sole survivor of crash; plane failed 2007 inspection

(Newser) - The French government has backed off reports that searchers located one of the black box flight recorders from Yemenia Air Flight 626, the BBC reports. The crash, in which a 14-year-old girl appears to be the sole survivor out of 151 passengers, occurred after the Airbus 310 had aborted its...

Youngster Found Alive in Indian Ocean After Yemeni Jet Crash

Child rescued from water

(Newser) - Rescuers have pulled one survivor the wreckage of a Yemeni airliner that went down early today in the Indian Ocean, though officials have issued conflicting details, the AP reports: one says it was a 14-year-old girl, another a 5-year-old boy. Yemenia Air Flight 626 was en route from Yemen to...

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