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Tragic Bond Links Heart Donor, Recipient

Men married same woman, committed suicide 12 years apart

(Newser) - A Georgia man who took his own life last week had lived 12 years after receiving a transplanted heart from a South Carolina man who also committed suicide, police said. And in a twist worthy of Edgar Allan Poe, the donor's widow had met and married the recipient, the Hilton... More »

Man Admits to Selling Stolen Body Parts

New Jersey dentist ran ring that harvested bones and tissue

(Newser) - A New Jersey dentist who ran a business plundering body parts from corpses in funeral homes pleaded guilty in Brooklyn today, the Newark Star-Ledger reports. Michael Mastromarino, 44, admitted to removing bones and tissue from two dozen corpses, which were sold to tissue processors for use in transplants and other... More »

She Views Life From Behind a New Face

First such transplant patient shares her new perspective

(Newser) - Isabelle Dinoire, the French woman who in November 2005 received the world's first partial face transplant, has taught herself how to eat and speak again, but what she really wants to learn, the Guardian reports, is how to kiss. In a new book published in France yesterday, Dinoire describes her... More »

Poor Pakistanis Sell Kidneys to Rich Foreigners

Organ sales are still legal in Pakistan; prices are as low as $1,700

(Newser) - In the village of Sultanpur More, Pakistan, hundreds of people have long purple scars in their sides from selling their kidneys—for as little as $1,700—to pay off debts and to make dowry payments, the Chicago Tribune reports.  There are only a few countries that don't prohibit... More »

Transplant Doc Accused of Quickening Patient's Death

Organ-donation controversy erupts

(Newser) - A San Francisco surgeon is facing unprecedented felony charges of accelerating the death of a 25-year-old disabled man to harvest his organs for transplant. The doctor denies the charges that he acted without a legitimate medical purpose, the LA Times reports, but the controversy is bad news for transplant doctors... More »

Plane Crash Kills Transplant Team

Surgeons carrying organs to critical patient lost in Lake Michigan

(Newser) - Six members of a transplant team on a life-saving mission were killed when their plane plunged into Lake Michigan, 6 miles from Milwaukee. The AP reports the team included the pilot and co-pilot  of the Cessna Citation, a cardiac surgeon, a transplant donor specialist and a trainee in pediatric cardiothoracic... More »

Docs Accused Of Hurrying Death To Harvest Organs

"They were waiting like vultures," the patient's sister said

(Newser) - A 47-year-old man was wrongly declared brain dead by two doctors apparently eager to harvest his organs, reports the LA Times. "They were waiting like vultures, so they could scoop them up," says the patient’s daughter, Melanie Sanchez. A third doctor determined that her father, who had... More »

China Has Change of Heart On Transplants

Puts a stop to lucrative transplant tourism

(Newser) - China is rethinking a major medical cash cow: providing organ transplants for Westerners on overcrowded waiting lists at home. "Transplant tourism" has been a particularly popular option in Israel, where insurers are required to pony up  for overseas operations. But health officials recently ruled that organs should not be... More »

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