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Want to Buy Whipped Cream? Can I See Some ID?

NY stores are starting to ban sale to minors, but bill's sponsor says that wasn't the intent

(Newser) - Turns out former President Trump may not have been completely wrong about needing ID when buying groceries, at least in some stores in his home state that are apparently misinterpreting a recently implemented law. Late last year, New York state passed a restriction on the selling of whippits—the cartridges...

Greenhouse Gas Levels Haven't Been This Bad in 3M Years

Researcher says the gravity has 'not sunk in'

(Newser) - Congratulations, you've lived to see a planet transformed back to the Pliocene Epoch , at least in terms of greenhouse gas levels. "The window of opportunity for action is almost closed," says the UN's World Meteorological Organization after its annual assessment found concentrations of carbon dioxide in...

Like to Whip It? Your Holiday Desserts May Look a Bit Bare

Blame 'the Great Whipped Cream Shortage of 2016'

(Newser) - Your favorite whipped desserts might be a little less whipped this holiday. A deadly explosion back in August at a nitrous oxide plant home to North America’s largest producer means the gas used in aerosol toppings is in short supply, reports the Chicago Tribune . Reddi-wip—with $278 million in...

Back in Delivery Rooms: Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide making a comeback for women in labor

(Newser) - Women aren't quite laughing their way through childbirth, but laughing gas is again helping ease the pain of women in labor across the country. Hundreds of hospitals have returned to providing laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, during labor, which was common before the epidural was introduced in the 1930s,...

Pal: Demi Passed Out From Inhaling Nitrous Oxide

Moore collapsed doing 'whip-its' for quickie high, says source

(Newser) - The seizure that landed Demi Moore in a hospital this week was apparently triggered by "whip-its." TMZ talked to sources who say that the actress was inhaling nitrous oxide for a cheap, quickie high; a friend at Moore's home became concerned and called 911. The 49-year-old actress...

Your Guide to Greenhouse Gases
 Your Guide to 
 Greenhouse Gases 

Your Guide to Greenhouse Gases

Carbon dioxide you know, but what about perfluorocarbons?

(Newser) - With things set to really heat up next week at the Copenhagen climate summit, the Guardian runs down greenhouse gases you oughta know:
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): Industrialization and deforestation have produced high levels of this gas, which helps trap heat inside Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Methane (CH4): Thirty times more dangerous

The Latest Ozone Villain: Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide nothing to chuckle about, climate scientists say

(Newser) - Nitrous oxide is the new chlorofluorocarbons. A study published today fingers N2O, aka laughing gas, as the most dangerous ozone-depleting gas in the air, Time reports. Nitrous oxide isn’t as dangerous as CFCs, but it’s incredibly common, emitted by everything from fertilizer to sewage treatment plants to cars....

7 Stories
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