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Former White House Counsel Acquitted in Case Connected to Mueller Probe

Jury finds Greg Craig broke no laws in foreign lobbying case

(Newser) - Prominent Washington lawyer Greg Craig was found not guilty Wednesday of lying to the Justice Department about work he did for the government of Ukraine in a case that arose from the special counsel's Russia investigation and that centered on the lucrative world of foreign lobbying, the AP reports.... More »

Ex-Obama Aide Indicted on Charges Connected to Mueller Probe

Greg Craig accused of lying about Ukraine lobbying work

(Newser) - Former Obama administration White House counsel Greg Craig was indicted Thursday on charges of making false statements and concealing information in a Justice Department foreign lobbying investigation that intersected with the Russia probe, the AP reports. Craig was charged in a two-count indictment that accuses him of willfully concealing material... More »

John Edwards Hires Obama Legal Eagle

Not that he's expecting an indictment or anything...

(Newser) - In case crossing his fingers isn't enough to avoid an indictment, John Edwards has brought in former White House counsel Greg Craig to help convince feds he didn't do anything untoward—or at least illegal—with his campaign funds. "We have consistently said we don't think he violated any... More »

White House Counsel's Fall Should Worry Obama's Loyal

Cold handling of Craig recalls Clinton era

(Newser) - White House counsel Greg Craig's "death by a thousand leaks" should alarm anybody who's tied their political fortune to the president's and hopes for loyalty in return, writes Maureen Dowd. Craig cut his ties to close friend Hillary Clinton to help Obama get elected just a year ago and... More »

New White House Counsel Scares GOP, Other Lawyers

Bauer is a skilled, controversial Democratic veteran

(Newser) - Robert Bauer, the new White House counsel, is a longtime Democratic operative known for his hard-nosed style and work ethic. He is a veteran of the Clinton impeachment proceedings and represented House Democrats during the Bush years, where he was known for his aggressive strategy—he went as far as... More »

White House Counsel May Quit Over Gitmo Struggles

Craig taking heat as January closing deadline slips away

(Newser) - The Obama administration's promise to close Guantanamo Bay within a year is in serious danger of being broken, and White House counsel Greg Craig may be leaving his post because of it, senior officials say. Craig ordered the January deadline after being advised not to by outgoing Bush administration officials... More »

6 Stories