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Experts Are Raising Eyebrows at Laundrie Confession

In newly revealed note, Laundrie paints picture of a mercy killing: 'I ended her life'

(Newser) - If any doubt had remained that Brian Laundrie killed fiancee Gabby Petito , a new reveal should put those doubts to rest. Steve Bertolino, an attorney for the Laundrie family, shared a note penned by Laundrie with Fox News , taken from a notebook that was retrieved by the FBI in Florida'...

He Described a 'Satanic World' in 1.8K Pages. It Wasn't Fiction
He Described a 'Satanic World'
in 1.8K Pages. It Wasn't Fiction
in case you missed it

He Described a 'Satanic World' in 1.8K Pages. It Wasn't Fiction

'NYT Magazine' revisits Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz's Holocaust diary

(Newser) - That Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz's Holocaust diary exists at all is staggering; that it numbers more than 1,800 pages even more so. He wrote it over the course of nearly two years spent at Dachau, a feat managed in part because of the job he was assigned as an office...

Diary of 'Polish Anne Frank' Emerges After 70 Years in Vault

Heartbreaking journal from Jewish teen Renia Spiegel will be published on Sept. 24

(Newser) - When Renia Spiegel was 15, she started keeping a diary. Now, 70 years later, the journal from the girl some call the "Polish Anne Frank" is set to be published. Per NBC News , Renia's Diary: a Holocaust Journal will be out Sept. 24 after decades stashed in a...

17th-Century Sailor Admits Rape in Concealed Diary Entry

'I did not enter her body, all though I did attempt something in that nature'

(Newser) - The elegant script and color illustrations of Edward Barlow's 225,000-word diary documenting the 17th-century sailor's life at sea have been admired for some 300 years. Hidden beneath was his darkest secret: a note providing what the Guardian calls an "excruciatingly frank account" of his rape of...

Einstein's Diaries Show Disturbingly 'Clear Hallmark'

Genius's translated works exhibit xenophobic view of Chinese people

(Newser) - In a 1946 speech, Albert Einstein described racism as a "disease of white people." He apparently had it, as revealed in the genius's travel diaries, published entirely in English for the first time, per Quartz . Describing travels through China, Singapore, Japan, Palestine, and Spain between 1922 and...

Diary Shows Effects of Horrific Abuse on 8-Year-Old Girl

Gizzell Ford was murdered by her grandmother in 2013

(Newser) - A Chicago woman was convicted Thursday of torturing her granddaughter to death, with the 8-year-old's diary serving as key evidence of the toll the horrific abuse was taking on her, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Gizzell Ford started the diary in third grade, according to People . In pink marker and...

Journal Reveals Lost Hiker Survived for Weeks

'When you find my body, please call my husband George'

(Newser) - A lost hiker in Maine starved to death after waiting for rescue and then accepting her fate, heartbreaking journal entries have revealed. Geraldine Largay, a 66-year-old from Tennessee, disappeared while hiking the Appalachian Trail in Maine on July 22, 2013, and the newly disclosed journal shows that she survived for...

'I Almost Lost My Mind': Guantanamo Prisoner's Diary

Sexual abuse, beatings, force-feedings: 12-year inmate's book describes torture

(Newser) - For 12 years, Mauritania native Mohamedou Ould Slahi has been Prisoner No. 760 at Guantanamo, accused of aiding and abetting the 9/11 terrorists and involvement in a halted attack at LAX, der Spiegel reports. He's since confessed to multiple crimes, but he now says those admissions were only because...

Nixon Library Releases More Diary Entries From Aide

HR Haldeman recordings should give historians more personal view of president

(Newser) - Newly declassified segments from the diary of Richard Nixon's chief-of-staff provide a detailed, subtle portrait of the disgraced president. More than 40 years after HR Haldeman made his last audio diary recording, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum in Yorba Linda yesterday released 285 segments from entries spanning...

Coded Civil-War Diary Dishes on 1st Lady's Race

Southern officer James Malbone pens diary behind the lines

(Newser) - A wounded Confederate officer found time for a little fun during the Civil War while working behind the lines—by gossiping in his diary, and in code no less. The diary of James Malbone, now at the New York State Military Museum, includes entries on the Confederacy's first lady...

FBI Investigated Lincoln's Killer ... in 1977

John Wilkes Booth intrigued the FBI over the course of the 20th century

(Newser) - The FBI was created 43 years after Abraham Lincoln's death, and yet his assassin has ... an FBI file? Yep, a file was opened into John Wilkes Booth in 1922 and was still active as late as 1977, Smithsonian reports. The blog Wonders & Marvels got hold of the file,...

One of WWII's Most 'Authoritative' Diaries Goes Online

Admiral Nimitz's war diary is made public

(Newser) - Another WWII diary is in the news : What's described as "the most authoritative source on the Pacific War available anywhere," one formerly seen by only a handful of historians, is now available online to everyone—all 4,000-plus pages of it. Well, everyone who can get it...

Hillary Clinton: Lewinsky Was 'Narcissistic Loony Tune'

Archived papers of Diane Blair include insights into Hillary's life

(Newser) - Talk about timing: With the presidential race just a midterm election away, the conservative Washington Free Beacon has dug up the archived papers of a former friend of Hillary Clinton's. Political science professor Diane Blair—described by Hillary as her "closest friend" before Blair died in 2000—kept...

Man's Diary Weighs Half a Ton
 Man's Diary Weighs Half a Ton 

Man's Diary Weighs Half a Ton

John Gadd's daily journal fills 21K pages in 151 volumes

(Newser) - If you've ever perused War and Peace, you know it's as long a war itself. But it's a short story compared with John Gadd's diary—a life collection eight times as long as Tolstoy's novel. It spans 66 years, 21,000 pages, and weighs half...

Woman Finds Slain Beau's WWII Diary—70 Years Later

Young Marine's journal was dedicated to Laura Mae Davis

(Newser) - Before Cpl. Thomas "Cotton" Jones was killed by a Japanese sniper in the South Pacific in 1944, he wrote what he called his "last life request" to anyone who might find his diary: Please give it to Laura Mae Davis, the girl he loved. Davis did get to...

14-Year-Old Activist Shot in Pakistan

Diarist Malala Yousufzai injured in attack

(Newser) - A 14-year-old activist has been wounded after being shot in Pakistan, and the Taliban is taking credit. Malala Yousufzai, who penned a diary for the BBC about her experiences under Taliban rule, will recover, reports say. Accounts of the Swat region attack differ: One report says a gunman halted schoolgirls...

Susan Powell's Father-in-Law: I 'Lusted' for Her

Steven Powell's diaries cite obsession with missing woman

(Newser) - The diaries of Susan Powell's imprisoned father-in-law have emerged, and they tell a story of "lust" for the missing woman. "The fact is, I can hardly control myself when it comes to her," Steven Powell wrote in an entry obtained by KOMO-TV . From ABC News : "...

Diary of Teen Who Survived Auschwitz to Be Published

Helga Weiss narrowly escaped death at the hands of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele

(Newser) - Anne Frank was not the only teen to record her harrowing Holocaust account in a diary—or to have the chronicle of her ordeal published. Helga Weiss, now an artist in her 80s, kept her journal as a young girl, beginning in 1939. Her family's Prague apartment was taken...

Diary Advice from Monty Python Diarist Michael Palin
 How Not to Write a Diary 
Michael Palin

How Not to Write a Diary

Michael Palin: If you're not interesting, don't pretend to be

(Newser) - Keeping a diary is well worth your while—but there are some “do’s and don’ts” to keep in mind, writes Monty Python’s Michael Palin in Vanity Fair . The big one is, “don’t try and make your life interesting when it isn’t,” notes...

Jaycee Dugard Diary: 'I Want to Be Free'
 Jaycee Dugard Diary: 
 'I Want to Be Free' 

Jaycee Dugard Diary: 'I Want to Be Free'

In excerpts, she yearned for her own life

(Newser) - California prosecutors today made public excerpts of a journal kept by Jaycee Dugard during her 18 years of captivity. The entries show a yearning for freedom but also demonstrate the amount of control Phillip Garrido wielded over her, reports MSNBC . "How can I ever tell him I want to...

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