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Smog Costs California $28B a Year

Toxic air kills more than car crashes in some areas, researchers find

(Newser) - Health problems caused by pollution choke $28 billion out of California's economy every year, according to a new study. Most of the cost is linked to 3,000 smog-related deaths each year, along with days of work missed by workers with respiratory problems aggravated by pollution spewed from tailpipes and... More »

US Can't Have Ford's 65-MPG Car

US shuns hyper-efficient diesel vehicle

(Newser) - Ford may be best-known for its fuel-guzzling trucks and SUVs, but this November it’s releasing the Fiesta ECOnetic, a sporty subcompact that gets an astonishing 65 miles-per-gallon, BusinessWeek reports. There’s just one catch: It’s not being sold in the US. “We know it’s an awesome... More »

Phew! Gas Sinks Below $4

Diesel down as well, but still high; ethanol hovers in the low $3 range

(Newser) - Gas prices dipped below $4 today for the first time in almost 2 months, CNN reports. A survey by AAA showed that a gallon of regular cost an average of $3.983, 2 cents lower than yesterday. The move continues a trend over roughly the last week in which prices... More »

Gas Crunch Steers Soaring Hybrid Sales

Some 62% of new car buyers look to the gas-sippers

(Newser) - Sales of hybrid cars could soar to 2 million a year by 2013 as higher gas prices and concerns about global warming spark surging interest in fuel efficient vehicles, Wired reports. Well over half—62%—of new car buyers are already considering a hybrid, according to a recent survey. Consumers... More »

Gas Use Hits Record Low, Prices Still Sky High

Increasing supply fails to dent price

(Newser) - Soaring gas prices are changing Americans driving habits, cutting consumption to the lowest levels in five years, reports the Wall Street Journal. Gas consumption dropped by 3.3% to 9.3 million barrels a day compared with last year's Fourth of July holiday. Some 62% of Americans are changing summer... More »

Gas Prices Screw Nev. Brothels

Shed a tear for the lonely trucker... or don't

(Newser) - Here's one more casualty of soaring oil prices: Nevada brothels catering to lonely truckers are seeing business plummet. Sky-high diesel prices means that long-haul truckers have less discretionary income, so many brothels are offering promotions to give business a boost. At one establishment, customers get double what they pay for... More »

China Jacks Up Energy Prices

Gas, electricity see 17%-18% increases as nation cuts subsidies to trim demand

(Newser) - China will raise domestic energy prices starting tomorrow, the Wall Street Journal reports, with gas and diesel costs jumping 18%. China’s heavily subsidized fuel is still cheaper than international rates, and the move may be an attempt to appease foreign governments, who blame Beijing's intervention for letting demand rise... More »

Fuel Prices Drive Spanish Truckers to Protest

Strike idles tens of thousands of vehicles

(Newser) - Spanish truck drivers went on strike at midnight to protest skyrocketing fuel prices, erecting blockades across the country and snarling traffic on the border with France, the EiTB network reports. Drivers who attempted to continue operating found their tires slashed, windshields smashed and headlights destroyed. Fuel prices in Spain have... More »

Diesel Thieves Plague Farmers

Irrigation systems are also caches of diesel fuel

(Newser) - With oil prices stuck in triple digits, any form of gas is becoming precious booty for thieves, CNN reports. The latest targets: farmers running diesel-fueled irrigation pumps. Fuel tanks, often sitting unguarded in fields, can be a quick score of around 250 gallons in the middle of the night. In... More »

Truck Protest Freezes London

High fuel prices enrage drivers

(Newser) - Truck drivers came from miles around to protest high fuel prices in London today, the Daily Telegraph reports. Lining along specially-closed sections of highway, the drivers blared horns and waved signs, demanding a reduction in the government’s diesel tax. “I think soon the public will actually join us,... More »

Trucker Strike Fizzles for Now

Drivers stay on road, despite high gas prices

(Newser) - Most trucks kept rolling today, despite plans for a strike protesting spiking diesel prices. Independent truck-drivers had discussed staying off the roads, reports CNNMoney, but only sporadic shutdowns have been reported. "We've heard from a lot of members who have no intention of participating," says a spokeswoman for... More »

4 Dead After Boat Starts Sinking Off Alaska

Fishing vessel doomed by high waves off Alaska coast

(Newser) - Four crew members of a Seattle-based fishing boat died today after the vessel sank amidst high seas off the Alaska coast, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. Officials rescued 42 members, but a search continues for one missing staffer, according to the AP. The boat began sinking shortly before 3 a.m.... More »

Gas Still Rules Green Auto Show

'We're talking about decades' before cars can be weaned off fossil fuels

(Newser) - Green was the color of opening day yesterday at the International Auto Salon in Geneva, another show full of hybrids and other low-emission vehicles, with green lighting and nature-friendly slogans to prove car companies care, Der Spiegel reports. Still, cautions General Motors' CEO to those set to pronounce the gasoline... More »

San Francisco Gases Up, Goes Green

City switches its entire diesel fleet to soy-based biofuel

(Newser) - San Francisco may have the biggest green fleet in America now that all 1,500 diesel vehicles—including ambulances, fire engines, buses and street sweepers—run on B20, a combination of soy-based and diesel fuels. The transformation is part of the city's plan to  reduce toxic emissions to 20% below... More »

Chicken Fat Doubles as Diesel

Tyson, ConocoPhillips team up to produce biofuels

(Newser) - Two corporate giants are teaming up to produce biofuels and boost their bottom lines. Tyson Foods, the world's biggest meat producer, and third-largest U.S. oil company ConocoPhillips will be using about half of Tyson's animal fat to make a renewable diesel fuel, which will account for about 3% of... More »

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