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87% of Drivers Could Switch to Electric Car With Little Hassle

Almost all daily driving needs fall within once-a-day charging range

(Newser) - Drivers are generally leery of electric cars over the simple fear that the battery's charge will run out and leave them stranded. But now researchers from MIT and the Santa Fe Institute report in Nature Energy that range anxiety is overblown in the vast majority of the US. They...

Hybrid, Electric Car Sales Running Out of Gas

Market isn't living up to expectations

(Newser) - Gas prices have been pretty flat lately, and the automobile industry is responding with its best August sales figures in a decade. But hybrid and electric cars appear to be the casualty, with sales accounting for 3.6% of all vehicles sold thus far in 2014, down from 3.7%...

Small Cars Don't Do So Well in Crash Tests

Mini Cooper Countryman gets 'good' rating; Nissan, Mazda, and Fiat models tank

(Newser) - Not that we'd ever want this to happen, but if you're going to get into a crash in a tiny car, you might want to be in a four-door Mini Cooper Countryman. That's the only small car out of 12 tested that earned a "good" rating...

1M Nissans Recalled Over Airbag Issue

Software problem may prevent inflation

(Newser) - Nissan is calling back about a million of its 2013 and 2014 vehicles: Thanks to a software issue, the passenger airbag may not expand during an accident. The problem is related to the car not recognizing that there is a passenger in the seat, the Los Angeles Times explains. Affected...

Nissan: We'll Be Selling Robot Cars in 2020

Automaker already working on the technology, promises 'realistic prices'

(Newser) - Do you sometimes wish your lazy car would just drive itself? Well, that future is looking closer than ever today, after Nissan announced plans to, in the words of one executive, "bring multiple, affordable, energy-efficient, fully autonomous-driving vehicles to market by 2020." The automaker will build a special...

Tsunami Survivors: Nissan Leaf Batteries

Two dozen cars destroyed, but batteries came through safely

(Newser) - Nissan is getting some good news from the tsunami that devastated Japan in March: Two dozen of Nissan's new Leaf were destroyed, but unlike the Chevrolet Volt , their heavily shielded batteries did not catch fire and remained intact. “Considering how they were tossed around and crushed, we think...

Nissan Scrambles to Fix Leaf's Starting Issue

Sensor glitch derails electric car's launch

(Newser) - Nissan’s much-anticipated all-electric Leaf is having a hard time getting started—literally. Yesterday, Nissan revealed that the car had a technical glitch which sometimes caused it to have trouble turning on, CNBC reports. “This is not a safety issue as the vehicle will not stop running while being...

Obama's Goal of 1M Electric Cars by 2015 Is Doomed

Study: Manufacturers aren't ready to commit to those numbers

(Newser) - President Obama's goal of getting 1 million plug-in electric vehicles on America's roads by 2015 is all but certain to fail, concludes a new report done in conjunction with the auto industry. Despite decent debuts from the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, major manufacturers won't be producing the volume of...

Nissan's Leaf: 99MPG (!?)
 Nissan's Leaf: 99MPG (!?) 

Nissan's Leaf: 99MPG (!?)

Feds: Electric car will average $561 a year in electricity

(Newser) - So the Nissan Leaf's efficiency technically isn't measured in gallons, but the feds say it's running at the equivalent of 99 mpg, reports the AP —106 city and 92 highway. The EPA says the Leaf can go about 73 miles on a full charge (that's down from Nissan's estimates...

Nissan Leaf Wins Name Game
 Nissan Leaf Wins Name Game 

Nissan Leaf Wins Name Game

Not dirty, sexy, or violent, brand is 'a minor miracle'

(Newser) - Nissan already had its work cut out in designing a hybrid—whatever it made had to measure up to Toyota’s hugely successful Prius. Then it needed a name, which came at the end of a process blending business, culture, and the law. Possibilities must be cleared in hundreds of...

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