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Popular Herbal Supplement Will Be Classified Like LSD

DEA is putting kratom on the list of Schedule 1 drugs

(Newser) - Heroin, marijuana, LSD, and ... kratom? The latter is a plant native to southeast Asia, and it's about to join the others on the most restrictive drug classification list in the US. The DEA said this week that kratom—specifically its active ingredients, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine—will become a Schedule...

Medical Marijuana: Why Is Washington Afraid of Weed?
 Why Is Washington 
 Afraid of Weed? 

Why Is Washington Afraid of Weed?

Marijuana needs to be listed as a Schedule II drug, the LA Times argues

(Newser) - Last week, the DEA once again labeled marijuana as a Schedule I drug, which makes the LA Times to wonder in an editorial: “What makes marijuana more frightening to the federal government than cocaine or morphine?” Those drugs are considered Schedule II, meaning they have some medical value, whereas...

Feds Slam Door on Medical Marijuana

Advocates will appeal decision that keeps pot a schedule 1 narcotic

(Newser) - Medical marijuana may be gaining acceptance at the state level around the US, but the DEA remains as anti-pot as ever, ruling that the wacky tobacky has no medical use and is as dangerous as heroin, reports the LA Times . Marijuana advocates had asked the feds to reclassify the narcotic...

AMA Mellows on Medical Marijuana

Doctors group nudges Feds toward reclassification, research

(Newser) - The American Medical Association has finally softened on marijuana, urging the government to give it a new classification that would open the door to serious research on its medical merits. Now a Schedule I drug, with no accepted medical uses, under the AMA proposal it would become a Schedule II...

4 Stories
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