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Hate Driving Stick? Meet Vibrating Shifter

3D-printed device made using Xbox parts

(Newser) - A young engineer at Ford is on a mission to demystify the manual transmission—and his tools include a 3D printer, a tablet computer, and an Xbox 360 controller. Zach Nelson printed out a shift knob and popped the Xbox's vibrating mechanism inside. Using Ford's open-source software and...

Could the Next Xbox Have 'Holodeck' Technology?

'Immersive' and 'interactive' the key words to recent patents

(Newser) - Microsoft recently patented a next-generation video game system that sounds a lot like the start of a Star Trek-style "holodeck," reports NBC News . Pictures filed with the patent show a device that projects images on the walls of the room around the game system, along with a "...

Germany Bans Xbox, Windows 7

But Microsoft says it doesn't have to pull products yet

(Newser) - If you live in Germany and you like Microsoft products, you may want to stock up: A court ordered today that Microsoft remove Xbox 360 and Windows 7 from shelves, after ruling that Microsoft had infringed on Motorola Mobility's patents. But nothing will be pulled yet, Microsoft says, because...

Your Next Cable Box: Xbox Live

Microsoft revamping service

(Newser) - The latest competition aiming to replace your cable box: Xbox Live. Microsoft is ramping up its online entertainment service starting tomorrow, allowing subscribers to watch a variety of television from their Xbox 360. In addition, rather than the tedious process of using a remote control to search for shows listed...

Disabled Gamers: Industry Ignoring Us

Accessibility features are often lacking

(Newser) - Chuck Bittner has limited use of his arms because of quadriplegia, and yet he's an accomplished gamer. Or at least he is on the relatively few titles with accessibility features that allow controls to be reconfigured for players like him, reports Wired . On Brink, for example, he can tweak...

Want Hot Halo Opponent? Try Gamecrush

Site lets horndog gamers pay for sexy foe

(Newser) - Male online gamers surely fantasize that one of their opponents is a good-looking female, and one Web site is looking to capitalize, making it happen in exchange for dough. Gamecrush can set you up with a PlayDate whose profile you find sexy, er, interesting, and $10 gets you about 10...

Mom Calls Cops on Grand Theft Auto-Addled Teen

Boston police talk boy into shutting off PlayStation

(Newser) - A Boston teen's excessive video game playing caused his mom to call 911 this weekend. Angela Mejia awoke at 2:30am to find her son still playing Grand Theft Auto IV, so she unplugged his PlayStation. "I want to help my son, but I can’t find a way,...

Gaming Causes Joint Pain in Kids: Study

Child scientist finds 60+ minutes of daily play may cause trouble

(Newser) - The repetitive motions involved in playing video games cause joint pain in children, according to a new study by a true expert—an 11-year-old gamer. Deniz Ince, with the help of his rheumatologist dad, studied joint pain among his fellow video game enthusiasts, aged 7 to 12. More than an...

X-Box Signed by Sarah Palin on EBay for $1.1M

Man tries for third time to unload weird, expensive souvenir

(Newser) - In what can only be described as the deal of the century, eBay user dmorrill321, aka David Morrill, is currently selling an actual “60GB, perfect-condition” X-Box 360, signed by actual unemployed person Sarah Palin, for the low-low opening bid of $1,100,000—plus shipping and handling. It’s...

Twitter and Facebook Come to Xbox 360

Microsoft console gets motion-sensor camera, Spielberg to show it

(Newser) - In a bid to make its Xbox 360 more interactive, Microsoft is bringing Twitter, Facebook,, a lightning-speed video service, and—brace yourself—a motion-sensing camera that knows who you are just by reading your face to the console, Ars Technica reports. The company even brought in Steven Spielberg...

GTA IV Rides Again in Lost and the Damned
 GTA IV Rides Again in 
 Lost and the Damned 

GTA IV Rides Again in Lost and the Damned

Download-only add-on episode revs new life into franchise's fourth outing

(Newser) - Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned brings gamers back to a Liberty City as gritty and darkly funny as ever, Seth Schiesel writes in the New York Times. The add-on episode, only available as a download through the Xbox Live service, swiftly ditches GTA IV's protagonist...

Guess Who's Taking On the Apple Store?

Microsoft hires Wal-Mart guru for new retail effort

(Newser) - Microsoft has hired a former Wal-Mart exec to help the company open a chain of retail stores—a new strategy in its battle with Apple. The move is the latest sign of upheaval at Redmond, reports the Financial Times, and represents a change in approach. "To open their own...

With Eye on Xmas, Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price

Maker of game console puts pressure on rival Sony to go lower

(Newser) - Microsoft appears to have fired the first shot in a new round of game-console price cuts, the Financial Times reports, trimming the cost of its Xbox 360 today in Japan. It plans to do likewise shortly in the US. In Japan, the Xbox now costs $184—less than half the...

Microsoft Aims to Broaden Xbox Appeal

After locking in young male gamers, mainstream consumer is next target

(Newser) - Microsoft hopes to discard the image of its Xbox 360 as a distinctly young, overwhelmingly male form of entertainment and push more casual experiences toward a wider, mainstream audience, the New York Times reports. Microsoft debuted more accessible entertainment fare at the annual E3 convention yesterday, including features to share...

Xbox Price Cut to Clear Way for New Model

Current model slashed $50; new version to offer larger hard drive

(Newser) - Microsoft is slashing the price of its Xbox 360 video game system to clear shelf space for a new model with a larger hard drive, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. The long-rumored price reduction knocks $50 off the $350 price of the 20-gigabyte model. The new pricetag places the Xbox 360...

Grand Theft Auto IV Marks the End for Next-Gen Gaming

Look for cheaper games with broader appeal in future, predicts writer

(Newser) - Low sales of Grand Theft Auto IV herald the end of next-gen gaming’s heyday, writes Wagner James Au on GigaOm. The game is selling poorly compared to the previous version, and it hasn’t improved sales of the next-gen Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. “The days when...

PS3 Sales Help Sony Get Its Q4 Game On
PS3 Sales Help
Sony Get Its
Q4 Game On

PS3 Sales Help Sony Get Its Q4 Game On

Price cut, new games create resurgence, $224M profit

(Newser) - Sony reported fourth quarter profits of $277 million yesterday, driven largely by its once-sputtering PlayStation 3, which passed Microsoft's Xbox 360 and is nipping at the heels of Nintendo’s Wii. The results vastly improved on a loss of $643.6 million a year ago, reports the Wall Street Journal....

Wii Still Scarce; Price of PS3, 360 Likely to Fall: GameStop

Exec makes predictions on top devices

(Newser) - GameStop execs say they expect to be short on Wii consoles for the next two quarters and that $50 price drops are likely for the Xbox 360 and PS3. PSP shortfalls are also anticipated, but the PS3 should be well-stocked. The company’s CFO said several hardware prices cut were...

Microsoft Opens Game Creation to Users

Games made by gamers for gamers coming to XBox Live

(Newser) - Microsoft says it's going to bring democracy to video game creation and distribution, MSNBC reports. Microsoft's game-making kit has been a popular download, and the company is now introducing a way for gamers to share the games they make with millions of fellow enthusiasts. They plan to launch a YouTube-style...

Microsoft Income Jumps 79%
Microsoft Income Jumps 79%

Microsoft Income Jumps 79%

Office, Vista, and Xbox behind $4.7B in quarterly revenue

(Newser) - Microsoft topped estimates today, revealing a 79% jump in quarterly profits over the same period last year—and raising targets for the year. On Xbox 360 and Windows sales, the world's largest software maker boasted net income of $4.71 billion for the period ending December 31, up from the...

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