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Your Romantic Partners Likely Resemble Your Siblings
Women Date
Guys Who
Look Like
Their Brothers
new study

Women Date Guys Who Look Like Their Brothers

At least a little bit, researchers find

(Newser) - A new study suggests that when it comes to dating, women tend to pick partners who bear at least a slight resemblance to their own brothers. Reporting in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior , the researchers write that selecting "optimal" breeding mates—not too closely related, but not too...

Study: Women Don't Really Care About Guys' Penis Size

Out of 8 characteristics, penis length, girth matter little to most women

(Newser) - In a study ostensibly about whether women care if penises have been surgically repaired to treat distal hypospadias (when the urethra's opening is on the underside of the penis), scientists learned which characteristics of male genitalia matter most to a woman. Reporting in the Journal of Sexual Medicine under...

5 Infamous Love Scandals
 5 Infamous Love Scandals 

5 Infamous Love Scandals

Think Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

(Newser) - Ah, illicit love: It sure is tantalizing but can lead to little problems like bitterness, suicide, and death by execution. As history shows, per Ozy :
  • Mary Godwin and Percy Bysshe Shelley: Mary was just 16 when she met the attractive, married 21-year-old poet. That they touched with the "full

Love at First Sight? Sure, If You're Equally Attractive

Couples who know each other more than a month are less alike in attractiveness

(Newser) - "Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight?" So asked poet Christopher Marlowe some 500 years ago, and now social scientists say they've got a scientific answer to the romantic notion that attraction is instant. It turns out that people who started dating within a month of...

My, What a Sexy Immune System You Have

Hunky men seem to be healthier, too: Study

(Newser) - Why do women swoon over handsome men like Brad Pitt? Not merely for their rippling muscles or striking faces, but because of their robust immune systems, according to a new study. Men who appear seductively macho have higher testosterone, and the study found a correlation between testosterone levels and a...

Study: Hey, Bisexual Guys Exist!
 Bisexual Guys Do Exist 
in case you missed it

Bisexual Guys Do Exist

Refutes 2005 study that found male bisexuality was unproven

(Newser) - There's good news out there for men who have ever been attracted to both men and women: Unlike the unicorn, you are real. Or so says a Northwestern University study, which goes a long way toward refuting a controversial 2005 study that found that “with respect to sexual...

Chicks Dig Stubble
 Chicks Dig Stubble 

Chicks Dig Stubble

More than half of women in study like facial hair

(Newser) - Women are more attracted to a man with facial hair, says a new poll. Among the participants, 54% said they preferred a guy not to be clean-shaven. Of those, two-thirds liked all-over stubble, 19% liked moustaches, 12% preferred beards, and 6% goatees. Only about a third of women polled said...

What Guys Want: Long Arms
 What Guys Want: 
 Long Arms 

What Guys Want: Long Arms

Study finds men consistently attracted to arms, not legs

(Newser) - What part of a woman's body most excites a man? It may in fact be her arms, a new study suggests. Australian researchers asked Australian and Chinese men and women to rate the attractiveness of 96 women from videos, the Daily Mail reports. The women who were considered the most...

To Attract Women, Eat Celery
 To Attract Women, Eat Celery 
in case you missed it

To Attract Women, Eat Celery

The magical vegetable may boost men's pheromone levels

(Newser) - Though the makers of Axe body spray would like you to believe otherwise, the secret to attracting women may be as easy as opening your fridge. The authors of a new health book claim that eating celery boosts the pheromone levels in a man's sweat, making him more appealing to...

Stressed Men Go for Novelty in Sex Partners

Men suddenly choose women who don't look like them

(Newser) - Men who are under stress choose different women as sex partners than they do under normal circumstances, a new study shows. Men tend to be attracted to women whose facial features are like their own, but if stress is added to the equation, they flip to females who don’t...

40% Bare Is How Women Best Attract Men

But too much flesh smacks of infidelity

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered that women who bare 40% of their body are the most effective at attracting males. Female scientists studied women at a popular nightclub, and placed percentage values on how much skin they exposed. A bare arm counted for 10%, a leg 15% and so on. They found...

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