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Palin on Paul: 'Gotcha' Media Strikes Again
 Palin on Paul: 
 'Gotcha' Media 
 Strikes Again 


Palin on Paul: 'Gotcha' Media Strikes Again

Michael Steele distances himself from Kentucky candidate

(Newser) - Rand Paul has famously taken the day off , but he was certainly everywhere on the Sunday circus dial. Sarah Palin led Paul's defense, decrying a media perpetually in search of that "'gotcha' moment," while Michael Steele backed away, calling Paul's philosophy "misplaced in these times." Tim...

'Real Marines Don't Lie'

 Don't Lie' 

kathleen parker

'Real Marines Don't Lie'

But Parker's veteran brother is more understanding

(Newser) - It's too bad Richard Blumenthal didn't go to Vietnam, writes Kathleen Parker, because he would have learned an important lesson: "Real heroes never brag, and real Marines don't lie." Blumenthal has every right to be proud of his non-combat service, but he doesn't "have the right to...

Dems Pick Blumenthal; GOP Gives McMahon Nod

GOP rival stays in race; McMahon vows 'smackdown'

(Newser) - Connecticut's truth-stretching attorney general will take on the former CEO of the WWE in the race for Chris Dodd's Senate seat, reports Politico . State Democrats last night nominated Richard Blumenthal, who ruefully took the stage to acknowledge having had a "little bit of a tough time" this week, while...

NYT Takes Heat Over Blumenthal Video

In longer version, he speaks correctly about his record

(Newser) - When the New York Times ran its Richard Blumenthal story yesterday, it included a 2008 video of him speaking in which he claims to have served "in Vietnam." Today, a longer version of the same video has emerged that shows Blumenthal saying at the beginning of the speech...

How Did Blumenthal Do? It Depends What 'In' Is

Early reaction is all over the map on his prospects

(Newser) - Part of Richard Blumenthal's defense is that he meant to say he served "during" Vietnam, instead of "in" Vietnam and thus never meant to intentionally mislead people. How'd he do in his bid to regain voters' good graces?
  • Pretty good: "It seems obvious enough that he'll survive

Blumenthal: Vietnam Fib 'Absolutely Unintentional'

Says Times insulted Marine Reserves

(Newser) - Richard Blumenthal held a press conference today responding to allegations—made in a front-page New York Times story today, summarized here —that he repeatedly lied or misled the public about serving in Vietnam. Blumenthal said he had "misspoken" on a "few occasions" and that it was “...

Democrats Must Find New Candidate for Dodd's Seat—Now

Don't wait for fallout from Vietnam lie; I'll be fatal

(Newser) - Richard Blumenthal, until yesterday the frontrunner for Chris Dodd's Connecticut Senate seat, is toast, and the sooner Democrats recognize it the better, Nate Silver writes. You may be able to cheat on your wife and get away with it, he argues at FiveThirtyEight , but you can't cheat on your Vietnam...

Conn. Candidate 'Misspoke' About Serving in Vietnam

AG Blumenthal under fire for misleading statements

(Newser) - Connecticut Attorney General and Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal has misled voters on numerous occasions to indicate that he served in Vietnam when in fact he worked to dodge service, a New York Times investigation finds. "We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam,"...

Obama Pulls Strings for 2010 Favorites

Behind the scenes, White House is influencing races

(Newser) - The White House is hard at work behind the scenes to put its preferred candidates in place for the 2010 elections. Obama’s team has quietly leaned on weak candidates to bow out and strong ones to bow in, the Wall Street Journal reports. When John Cherry withdrew from the...

Dodd to Join Ritter, Dorgan in Dem Exodus

Connecticut Dem second senator to eschew re-election bid in 24 hours

(Newser) - Embattled Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd plans to announce today that he will not seek re-election this year, ending a 30-year Senate career, according to Democratic sources. Dodd joins Sen. Byron Dorgan who announced his exit less than 24 hours ago, and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, expected to do the same...

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