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Tortoises Break Up —After a Century Together

Bibi finally got sick of Poldi

(Newser) - They were together as a couple for more than a century until out of the blue, Bibi and Poldi—two giant Galápagos tortoises who live in an Austrian zoo—broke off their relationship. The split was anything but cordial, reports Der Spiegel . A belligerent Bibi bit off part of...

To Sleep Better, Partner Up
 To Sleep Better, Partner Up 
in case you missed it

To Sleep Better, Partner Up

Research says health benefits outweigh disruptions

(Newser) - The snoring, the sheet-stealing, the random kicks: Sleeping with a partner may sound like bad news, but the Wall Street Journal reports that it might actually be good for your health. Writing for the Journal, Andrea Petersen notes that some recent studies' findings "run counter" to previous ones indicating...

Man Proposes —in Court— to Woman Who Stabbed Him

Tiffany Baillie weeps when Gregory Todd presents the ring

(Newser) - Now that's unconditional love. A man in Britain has asked for a woman's hand in marriage—not long after she stabbed him in the back with a 12-inch knife. And he did it in court, the Telegraph reports. Tiffany Baillie has admitted to stabbing her boyfriend while he...

90-Somethings Are Oldest-Ever Newlyweds

98-year-old weds 95-year old on Leap Day

(Newser) - They call themselves "the Romeo and Juliet of senior citizens," and with their wedding yesterday, they unknowingly broke a world record—for the newlyweds with the oldest combined age. Together, Lillian Hartley, 95, and Allan Marks, 98, are 193 years, 8 months, and 3 days old, the Desert ...

Scientists Spot Trouble With Online Dating

'Supermarkets of love' no better than bars for meeting people: Study

(Newser) - Online dating could help you find your perfect match—but your chances aren't any better than they'd be at a bar, a study suggests. You can't tell much about the people listed on sites like Browsing such lists "overloads people and they end up...

Marriage Won't Make You Happier: Study

At least, not compared to just living with your partner

(Newser) - If you're living with your significant other, don't worry too much about tying the knot, because it won't make you any happier, according to a new study. The study followed 2,737 single men and women for six years, watching as 896 of them either got married...

The Truth About May- December Marriages

Erin Singer reflects on having a husband two decades older

(Newser) - Can a marriage work when your husband is 20 years older than you? Erin Singer is willing to take the risk. Yes, it means enduring her friends’ shock at the age gap; yes, “people are betting against us. You, even, as you read this,” she writes at Salon...

Lauren and David Blair Wed for 100th Time, Setting Guinness World Record
 Couple Weds for 100th Time 
It's a world record

Couple Weds for 100th Time

They have been making vows since 1984

(Newser) - No 15-year itch for this couple: Two Tennessee lovebirds have renewed their wedding vows a 99th time, setting a world record once again, the Huffington Post reports. Lauren and David Blair fell in love when they met in 1982. They were married—for the first time—in California in 1984....

Romance and Relationships Study: Nearly 25% of Men Take Just 'Seconds' to Fall in Love
 1 in 4 Men 
 Fall in Love 
 in 'Seconds' 
study says

1 in 4 Men Fall in Love in 'Seconds'

Guys fall more frequently and are first to say 'I love you': study

(Newser) - Forget notches on the bedpost: When it comes to true love, men fall hard fast. Most think they can tell whether it’s “the real thing” after a single date, whereas women aren’t certain until the sixth, a study finds. For nearly a quarter of men, things move...

Before Divorce, Try ... Splitting Up
 Before Divorce, 
 Try ... Splitting Up 
so say therapists

Before Divorce, Try ... Splitting Up

Lots of marriage counselors think six months can do the trick

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal dips into marriage therapy, talking to a host of counselors who think a separation of about six months can work wonders for a troubled relationship. It can't just be one person storming out, though. Both partners need to agree on finances, child care, and other...

More Marriages Are Lasting at Least 10 Years: Census
 More Marriages 
 Lasting Longer 
census says

More Marriages Lasting Longer

...thanks to weddings later in life: sociologists

(Newser) - Though fewer people are getting married, more who do are sticking with it, census data shows. Some three-quarters of couples who wed after 1990 saw a 10-year anniversary—3 percentage points higher than those who wed in the early 1980s. That’s when the divorce rate reached its peak in...

Company's Mission: to Make You a Fake Online Girlfriend

And she'll even interact with you, promises Cloud Girlfriend

(Newser) - If, for some reason, you need to convince all your online friends that you have a girlfriend ... start hoping Cloud Girlfriend makes good on its promise. The new service vows to create your "perfect girlfriend," who will then interact with you publicly on the social networking site of...

America's Facing a Hug Epidemic: Juliet Lapidos
 Hey, America: 
 Stop Hugging Me 

Hey, America: Stop Hugging Me

Do we really need to touch this much? asks Juliet Lapidos

(Newser) - We’re facing a hugging epidemic in America: not only do we hug our friends constantly, we’re also expected to hug our friends’ girlfriends’ coworkers, writes Juliet Lapidos in Slate . Sure, there are times when hugs are called for: when the hugger is your boyfriend, or your mother, or...

Want a Happy Marriage? Be Delusional
Want a Happy Marriage?
Be Delusional
study says

Want a Happy Marriage? Be Delusional

In new study, people with an inflated view of spouse were also happier

(Newser) - When you see a completely mismatched couple, you probably think, “What does she see in him?” But chances are, she sees something in him—and new research suggests that very fact might make for a very happy couple indeed. “Seeing a less-than-ideal partner as a reflection of one’...

Facebook Cited in 1 in 5 Divorces

Lawyers see rise in social networks as evidence

(Newser) - Couples cite Facebook in one out of five US divorces, say Loyola University researchers —and 81% of divorce lawyers report a rise in cases using social networks as evidence, ZDNet reports. For cases that do make use of online evidence, Facebook is by far the biggest source, according to...

How Economics Can Save Your Sex Life

Lower costs, increase transparency, become a "rabbit"

(Newser) - Forget the usual advice on reawakening your love life: more foreplay, sex journals, role-playing. Instead, try economics. Today’s couples can’t afford “excess time and energy,” write Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson in the Daily Beast . Drop the cost, and you’ll increase demand, “as any...

If She Cheats, He'd Prefer It Be a Woman
 If She Cheats, 
 He'd Prefer It 
 Be a Woman 
study says

If She Cheats, He'd Prefer It Be a Woman

For cheating men, it's the opposite, study says

(Newser) - Men are more likely to stay with girlfriends who have cheated on them with other women than those who’ve cheated with another man, a University of Texas study suggests. Women, however, are the opposite: they’re more likely to stay with a man who’s cheated with a woman...

Top 10 Couples' Argument Triggers

Money? Religion? Nah, more like bathroom habits

(Newser) - The average couple has 312 arguments a year—and most of them are over really silly things. A new study reveals the top 10 argument triggers, and though they may seem innocuous enough, the Daily Mail notes that one in five Britons have considered breaking up over them:
  1. Stubble left

For a Better Relationship, Postpone Sex
For a Better Relationship,
Postpone Sex
study says

For a Better Relationship, Postpone Sex

Researchers find good things come to those who wait

(Newser) - If you’re after a healthy relationship, it may be best to wait before hitting the sack. Couples who wait longer are more satisfied and stable later, research published in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests. “If couples become sexual too early, this very rewarding area of the relationship...

The Real Reason Religious People Are Happier

It's not because of God...

(Newser) - It's relationships with people—not God—that make religious people happy, a new study suggests. While several studies have shown that when it comes to life satisfaction, the devout are more satisfied than nonbelievers, the latest findings show that's because of the social network they build at church. "We...

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