California governor's race

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Governor Peter Thiel?

Insiders say tech billionaire might make a longshot run in California

(Newser) - Perhaps inspired by Donald Trump's rise from business mogul to president-elect, Paypal founder, Gawker slayer, and ardent Trump fan Peter Thiel might be looking to add an unlikely title to his repertoire: That of governor of California, reports Politico , citing "three Republicans familiar with his thinking." While... More »

Jerry Brown's $37M Trumped Whitman's $179M

Failed Calif. gov campaign cost $43.25 per vote in her favor

(Newser) - Democrat Jerry Brown won the California governor's race despite being outspent nearly 5 to 1 by opponent Meg Whitman, according to campaign finance reports filed yesterday. The former eBay CEO, who shattered the record for personal spending by a candidate, spent $178.5 million on her campaign, of which $144.... More »

7 Governor's Races to Watch

Republicans poised for huge redistricting advantage

(Newser) - Governor’s seats are up for grabs in 37 states today, and Republicans look poised to win loads of them—which could have a profound impact when it comes time to redraw district lines . This Huffington Post tally shows 29 seats held by or leaning toward Republicans, to 16 for... More »

Meg Whitman: Deport My Housekeeper

How that her house is clean, 'the law is the law,' says Calif. candidate

(Newser) - Meg Whitman, in an effort to fire up the Republican base, has been taking a harder line on immigration—or, at least, on one illegal immigrant in particular. The California hopeful had previously declined to comment on whether her former maid, who was in the country illegally during her employment... More »

Whitman Booed for Refusing to Stop Negative Ads

Jerry Brown promises to take down his, Meg demurs

(Newser) - California voters might be just a wee bit fed up with the negative campaign ads spewing from the Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown campaigns. At a joint appearance at the annual Women’s Conference last night, Matt Lauer asked both candidates if they’d agree to pull their negative ads—... More »

Meg Whitman Twitter Fail Sends Backers to Odd Video

Typo leads Twitter followers to tutu-wearing bassist

(Newser) - A tutu-wearing Japanese man who plays bass guitar in his bedroom has won the break of a lifetime, courtesy of the Meg Whitman campaign. A spokeswoman for the California GOP candidate made a typo when trying to tweet a link to a Whitman endorsement, and sent followers instead to a... More »

Bill Clinton: Let Obama Finish the Job

Stumps for one-time nemesis Jerry Brown, rallies Dems

(Newser) - Bill Clinton gave dazed Democrats a swift kick last night, telling California voters to get out the vote, lest they commit "malpractice on your own future." Stumping for onetime nemesis and would-be governor Jerry Brown, the former president told a UCLA rally to give President Obama and Democrats... More »

Brown, Whitman Get Nasty in Final Debate

Candidates fiddle over who's a whore while Rome burns

(Newser) - For a state teetering on the edge of collapse, the final debate in the battle for California governor was long on mud-slinging and short on solutions to the state's problems. Meg Whitman attacked Jerry Brown for an aide who apparently described her as a whore . The Democrat offered a halfhearted... More »

Jerry Brown Aide: Let's Call Meg Whitman a Whore

Pension strategy talk caught on tape

(Newser) - Sensitivity is apparently not the strong suit of Jerry Brown’s inner circle. The California Democrat was recently caught on tape chatting with aides about the possibility of referring to Meg Whitman as a “whore” because of her willingness to cut a deal on law enforcement pensions. According to... More »

Whitman to Brown: You're Behind Housekeeper Story

Gubernatorial candidates let it fly in televised debate

(Newser) - Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown took the gloves off yesterday and went mano a mano over illegal immigration in a televised, Spanish language debate. Brown blasted Whitman for having employed an illegal maid, Nicandra Diaz Santillan . Whitman, in turn, accused him of being behind her sudden surfacing: "You... More »

2010: It's a Race to the Bottom

Alvin Greene, Meg Whitman, Christine O'Donnell, oh my!

(Newser) - The crazies have come pouring out of the woodwork, writes Gail Collins in a survey of the 2010 election landscape. Sure, not much is new about Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo frustrating New Yorkers' simple dream "of having a governor whose sex life is a complete mystery," but... More »

Meg Whitman: $119M In, Still Lagging

Candidate has failed to be seen as exceptional

(Newser) - Meg Whitman has now spent more money than Michael Bloomberg—she's recently hit $119 million—in her quest to become governor of perhaps the fastest-imploding state in the union. That sum all but locked up Bloomberg's latest mayoral race, but Whitman is still struggling against what some see as a... More »

Illegal Maid: Whitman Treated Me Like Dirt

Nicky Diaz says candidate ignored warnings on her immigration status

(Newser) - Meg Whitman not only employed her despite knowing she was an illegal alien , the candidate used that knowledge to exploit her, Whitman's former housekeeper says. Nicky Diaz says her duties expanded to include looking after Whitman's children and running errands, and she was never paid for the many extra hours... More »

Maid to Reveal 'Explosive' Allegations Against Whitman

Housekeeper to open up today, file claim, says TMZ

(Newser) - TMZ, the gossip site that first broke the news of Michael Jackson’s death, is reporting that “explosive” allegations are about to be leveled against California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman . Whitman’s former housekeeper and her lawyer ( Gloria Allred —who else?) will hold a news conference today... More »

Whitman Has Given a Record $119M to Own Campaign

She breaks Michael Bloomberg's mark

(Newser) - Meg Whitman has dumped another $15 million of her own money into her campaign, which would be a ho-hum development for the former eBay CEO had it not pushed her personal total to $119 million—the most ever by a self-financed candidate. Whitman, who's running about even with Jerry Brown... More »

Brown: Sorry for That Lewinsky Crack...

Meg Whitman's attack ad starts brouhaha

(Newser) - Jerry Brown apologized to Bill Clinton for a snarky jab related to Monica Lewinsky, but it remains to be seen if the popular former president will endorse Brown in his race for California governor against Meg Whitman. It all started after Whitman ran an ad accusing Brown of lying—by... More »

Meg Whitman Called for Jury Duty

California candidate hasn't been selected yet, however

(Newser) - This doesn't bode well for whatever flimsy excuse you're cooking up: California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman had to show up for jury duty yesterday in San Mateo County. She didn't get selected but remains in the jury pool and could still get picked tomorrow, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . No... More »

Whitman Spending Hits $99M

In what could be priciest gubernatorial race ever

(Newser) - Billionaire Republican Meg Whitman reported yesterday that she has spent more than $99 million in her quest to become California's governor, including $71 million just to win the Republican primary. Democrat Jerry Brown, who didn't have a serious primary opponent, has spent just $450,000, plus $324,000 in donated... More »

Meg Whitman vs. Carly Fiorina: Catfight!

California's GOP nominees for US Senate, governor share contentious history

(Newser) - Gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman and US Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina are the first women to fill those roles for the California Republican party, which means they're often treated as a unit despite their numerous differences and contentious history. "It's like—OK, we've got two gals running now, they must... More »

Jerry Brown Compares Meg Whitman to Goebbels

California gubernatorial race turns ugly early

(Newser) - Jerry Brown has $20 million in his California gubernatorial campaign coffers, but the $71 million Meg Whitman spent in securing the Republican nomination has her Democratic opponent worried—so worried he's comparing her to Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels. "Goebbels invented this kind of propaganda," California's current AG said... More »

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