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Quayle Shot Down in Arizona Primary

Schweikert, Flake win GOP primary battles

(Newser) - Ben Quayle has become the first freshman House Republican to fall in the primaries. In a fierce race caused by redistricting in Arizona, Quayle was defeated by fellow freshman Rep. David Schweikert. Schweikert attacked his rival, the son of former vice president Dan Quayle, as part of the establishment, and... More »

Want to Ask Paul Ryan a Question? Please Pay $15

Congressmen find questions easier at paid-for events

(Newser) - Tired of being harassed and embarrassed by angry constituents—and, of course, always in need of cash—congressmen such as Paul Ryan, Ben Quayle, and Chip Cravaack are eschewing open town halls and instead are charging for access over this August recess, reports Politico . Questioning Ryan at an upcoming luncheon... More »

Dan Quayle Defends Son at 11th Hour

Calls 'assault' on Ben 'ugly'

(Newser) - And at the 11th hour, dad chimed in. Dan Quayle sent an email to his son's campaign supporters on the eve of today's 10-way GOP primary election, a last-ditch email pitch defending Ben against allegations that he wrote for a raunchy sex site. Firing back at leading opponent Steve Moak,... More »

Stop Making Scandals Out of Molehills

Who cares about a little plagiarism, hazing, or porn writing?

(Newser) - Politicians seem to be magnets for silly scandals these days. Take Scott McInnis. He was paid $300,000 to write an essay series about water rights, and plagiarized most of it. For this, Colorado Republicans turned on him, supporting Dan Maes, a guy who claimed that Denver’s bicycle promotion... More »

Ben Quayle Wrote for a Sex Site

'Just to drive traffic;' taints GOP candidate's squeaky clean image

(Newser) - Ben Quayle’s Arizona congressional campaign hit a teeny tiny snag yesterday, when it was revealed that the 33-year-old had once been a contributing writer for Dirty Scottsdale, a raunchy sex site covering the club scene in his town. Quayle—who is indeed, if you were wondering, the son of... More »

Another Quayle, Dan's Son, Enters Politics

Says he's 'even more free market' than dad, but is virtual unknown

(Newser) - Ben Quayle, a Phoenix businessman and, more famously, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, is entering politics. The 33-year-old has joined an already crowded Republican primary for an open House seat. “I think people realize that I have to go out and prove myself," he tells... More »

6 Stories