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Say Goodbye to 2 of These iPods

Apple discontinues the Nano and Shuffle—but it's upgrading the Touch

(Newser) - It's only been three years since fans said goodbye to the iPod Classic, but they'll now have to prep for another period of nostalgia-infused mourning. "Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup," an Apple spokesperson said in a Thursday statement, per TechCrunch . The company has confirmed... More »

Hottest New Watch: iPod Nano

Yep, people are wearing them

(Newser) - Wristwatches are so 1992. Unless, of course, you're sporting a suddenly trendy iPod Nano watch. The new version's 1.5-inch square screen just so happens to be wrist-size, its digitized analog clock face makes it easy to tell time (assuming you remember what the big and little hands are pointing... More »

New iPods Great, but Apple's 'Ping' Sucks

Apple's new music offerings a mixed bag

(Newser) - Apple’s new line of iPods is up to its usual high standards, but the Ping social networking service that comes along with it is “socially awkward,” writes Katherine Boehret of the Wall Street Journal . The new “remarkably thin” iPod Touch has nifty new features, like front-... More »

Goodbye, iPod; Hello, Portable Computer

Single-purpose devices' days are numbered: Manjoo

(Newser) - After yesterday's announcement that the iPod Nano now has a video camera, Apple's future direction is clear, writes Farhad Manjoo for Slate. Eventually, every iPod will be what Steve Jobs calls a “general-purpose device,” aka a small computer—a music player/phone/camera/web browser/GPS. Sure, Apple still sells dedicated music... More »

New iPod Nano Has Camera, Mic, and Radio

Touch, Classic get capacity upgrades

(Newser) - Sure, Steve Jobs stole all the headlines at Apple's shindig today, but there was some product news, too: The new version of the iPod Nano adds a video camera, microphone, and FM tuner, CNET reports. The new Nano also has a slightly larger screen, which is now 2.2 inches... More »

Apple Slashes iPod Prices, Hinting at New Model

New price structure points to unveiling of new model today

(Newser) - Apple’s online store today briefly flashed new, lower prices for the company’s current slate of iPods, a likely indication that a new model will be unveiled at today’s invite-only event, the Wall Street Journal reports. The site was then down for a period for updating. The 16-gig... More »

Apple Sought Gag Deal Over Exploding iPod

(Newser) - Apple tried to silence an angry British father and daughter with a gag order after the girl's iPod Touch exploded and "went 10 feet in the air," said the dad. The company offered a full refund of $275 for the music player, but only if the two agreed... More »

Elton Blings Out iPod for AIDS

Star sells limited-edition Nanos to raise money

(Newser) - For a mere $568, you can own Elton John’s blinged-out iPod Nano—and even better, your money will be donated to a good cause, the Sun reports. Sir Elton has designed an iPod bejeweled with more than 250 Swarovski crystals and loaded with the star’s greatest hits. A... More »

Apple Touts New iPods, but Stock Stumbles

New gizmos thin—as is Jobs, who pokes fun at alleged health crisis

(Newser) - Steve Jobs unveiled an overhauled line of Apple gadgets today—thinner iPod Nano and Touch devices—and a shiny new deal with NBC, but not before spoofing reports of his poor health, Reuters notes. Borrowing a line from Mark Twain, the Apple chief and cancer survivor flashed a message on... More »

Shares Dip Ahead of Apple Announcement

Seeming iPod focus may make tomorrow's event 'underwhelming'

(Newser) - Apple's shares have been off as much as 5% today ahead of a much-publicized event tomorrow at which the company is expected to drop a new iPod Nano and give an update on iPhone sales, Reuters reports. One analyst worries the news will underwhelm; another says the dip isn’t... More »

Makeover Rumored for Nano

Apple insider Rose says iPod will get a new screen; iTunes set for big changes, too

(Newser) - Rumors are flying about a makeover for the iPod family in the coming weeks, with the biggest changes in store for the Nano, Ian Paul writes in PC World. The baby of the clan may soon have a much larger and tapered widescreen, according to Apple-watcher Kevin Rose, who also... More »

Overheated iPods Blamed for Fires

Japanese trade ministry points to defective batteries

(Newser) - Japan’s trade ministry says iPod nanos are to blame for three fires, Reuters reports. The Japanese government suspects defective battery cells could be the cause of the fires, which left individuals with minor burns. A product safety commission will investigate the incidents with Apple’s cooperation. More »

iPod Ad Tunes Up Feist's Career

(Newser) - If you've seen the iPod Nano ad featuring "1234" by Feist, you probably have the song stuck in your head. You're not alone: Since the TV spot first aired last month, the song has shot up the iTunes charts, hit No. 4 on SoundScan, and propelled sales of the... More »

iPod Nano Catches Fire in Man's Pocket

Battery on 2-year-old device may have burst into flames

(Newser) - Apple may have another fire to put out—literally. Danny Williams says he was at work in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport when his 2-year-old iPod Nano caught fire in his pocket. “If TSA had come by and seen me smoking, they could have honestly thought I was a terrorist,... More »

iPhone Flap Overshadows New iPods

Gadget geek likes what he sees in Apple's revamped MP3 players

(Newser) - The iPhone price cut controversy overshadowed the new iPods introduced last week, and the Chicago Tribune's Eric Benderoff shines some light on the new gadgets. The iPod Touch borrows the iPhone's navigation but has just 16G of memory. For those who need more, there's the 160G iPod Classic, and the... More »

Apple Juiced About Big Surprise

Tech geeks believe Jobs will unveil new iPod this week

(Newser) - Apple this week invited tech geeks and reporters to a Wednesday event in San Francisco to unveil a secret something, and rumors are rampant about what it could be. The most popular theory is that Apple will revamp iTunes or launch a new version of its iPod—perhaps a video... More »

Apple Toying With Mini iPhone

Analysts guess $300 scaled-down version of popular gadget in the works

(Newser) - Apple will release a fewer-frills, cheaper counterpart to its wildly successful iPhone by the end of the year, a JP Morgan report claims. A Taiwan-based analyst cites an unnamed source in the supply chain and a patent application for a multifunctional handheld device with a circular touch pad, which Apple... More »

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