James Clapper

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Critics Piling On US Intelligence Chief

James Clapper's 'least untruthful' explanation not sitting well

(Newser) - Edward Snowden may be getting vilified in some camps over the NSA leaks, but the nation's intelligence director isn't having such a great time, either. Witness this piece in Slate by Fred Kaplan demanding that James Clapper be fired for lying. The issue, as the Washington Post and... More »

Whistleblower's Employer Has Cozy Ties to Uncle Sam

98% of its revenue in last fiscal year came from government

(Newser) - If you haven't previously heard of Booz Allen Hamilton, the employer of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, it's not for its lack of ties with Washington, DC. Some 98% of the company's revenue in the past fiscal year came from its government contracts, and 23% of that—or... More »

AT&T, Sprint Users: Yep, NSA Tracks Your Calls, Too

And it has collected credit card, web-browsing data: insiders

(Newser) - It's not just Verizon customers who face government surveillance: The NSA has also been keeping track of phone records from the other two biggest phone networks, AT&T and Sprint Nextel, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Journal puts it starkly: When most Americans make a call, the NSA... More »

PRISM Not Used to Target US Citizens: Spy Chief

Companies firmly deny involvement in PRISM

(Newser) - As news of the government's PRISM tech surveillance program makes waves, officials and companies are responding, with the Director of National Intelligence attempting to put the story in perspective. "The unauthorized disclosure of information about this important and entirely legal program is reprehensible and risks important protections for... More »

North Korea Nuke Report Declassified by 'Mistake'

Officials cast doubt on nuclear intelligence report

(Newser) - John Kerry has arrived in South Korea amid fears the North could be poised for another missile test, the AP reports. Kerry's first trip to the Asia-Pacific as secretary of state, during which he'll also visit China and Japan, was planned prior to concerns about a possible launch.... More »

One More Reason Petraeus Might Have Resigned

He was on the list for access to nuclear codes: Marc Ambinder

(Newser) - Marc Ambinder of the The Week reports on an intriguing and little-known factor that may have contributed to David Petraeus' quick decision to resign: It seems Petraeus was on the list of people who would have access to the nation's nuclear codes should the rest of Washington be wiped... More »

Petraeus Breaks Silence: I Didn't Pass Classified Info

Meanwhile, report surfaces that Petraeus wanted to go public regarding Benghazi

(Newser) - David Petraeus has finally spoken to the media, telling an HLN reporter that he had not passed any classified info to Paula Broadwell and that his resignation had nothing to do with the Benghazi attack. The interview was off-camera, but reporter Kyra Phillips says that he "told me he... More »

Eric Cantor's Call Did Nada in Petraeus Probe: Official

Source also denies FBI 'whistle-blower'

(Newser) - A senior law enforcement official denies that Eric Cantor played a key role in furthering the investigation of David Petraeus' affair with Paula Broadwell, NBC News reports. According to Cantor, he received a call from an FBI whistle-blower "concerned that sensitive, classified information may have been compromised"—so... More »

Intel Chief Defends Shifting Libya Accounts

But GOP ramps up pressure on White House over attack

(Newser) - The nation's spy chief took the unusual step yesterday of issuing a statement to defend the shifting US position on the Libya consulate attack, reports the Washington Post . Yes, said national intelligence director James Clapper, the assault initially seemed to be a spontaneous response to that anti-Islam movie , but... More »

Lie Detector Tests to Ferret Out Intel Media Leaks

New rules aim to stem the stories on secrets

(Newser) - The National Intelligence director has announced new strategies to ferret out the people leaking secret information to the media. Intelligence officials will face new lie detector questions and tests, as well as possible scrutiny by a new inspector general, reports the New York Times , one of the primary beneficiaries of... More »

US Intelligence: Iran Not Making Bomb

16 US agencies agree that Iran stopped bomb program in 2003

(Newser) - Iran may be researching nuclear weapons technology, but US intelligence experts do not think it is actively trying to make an atomic bomb, reports the Los Angeles Times . Iran apparently stopped its bomb-building program in 2003, according to a secret report circulated last year that reflects the position of 16... More »

Iran Willing to Attack US: Report

Director of National Intelligence thinks Iran is 'plotting against US interests'

(Newser) - Iran no longer appears to have any reservations about launching attacks on US soil, National Intelligence Director James Clapper said in Senate testimony today. The new assessment is based in part on Iran's alleged attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US. The incident "shows that some... More »

CIA Chief: Everybody Stop Leaking Stuff

Leon Panetta plans WikiLeaks probe

(Newser) - CIA chief Leon Panetta has sent a memo to employees of the nation's spy agency warning them that leaks of classified information "cannot be tolerated." Panetta warned that "a damaging spate of media leaks on a wide range of national security issues" has endangered lives and compromised... More »

Angry Spy Crew Hits Back at WaPo Probe

Boast they've thwarted attacks

(Newser) - The intel community has struck back fast at a scathing Washington Post investigation that portrayed post-9/11 intelligence gathering as wastefully massive and out of control. "The fact is, the men and women of the intelligence community have improved our operations, thwarted attacks, and are achieving untold successes every day,... More »

Obama to Tap Clapper as Spy Chief

Dennis Blair replacement experienced, seen as combative

(Newser) - President Barack Obama has settled on James Clapper, the Pentagon's top intelligence official, as his pick to oversee the nation's 16 spy agencies. Obama planned to announce the nomination of Clapper, a retired Air Force three-star general, as national intelligence director in a White House Rose Garden ceremony today. He... More »

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