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Man Rams Car Into Vuvuzela-Happy Bar

Suspect allegedly fired gun into the air first

(Newser) - An Italian man illustrated the dangers inherent in vuvuzela blowing yesterday, when, driven mad by the droning noise emanating from a nearby bar, he walked into the place with a rifle and fired several shots into the air, ANSA reports. Amazingly, the patrons ignored the shots and kept right on... More »

Protesters to Harass BP—With Vuvuzelas

100-horn march planned at London HQ

(Newser) - For one London videographer, BP execs aren't feeling enough pain for the environmental destruction they've caused. He'd like to remind them with a little discomfort of their own—and what better way than a vuvuzela concert? That's what Adam Quirk has planned—he posted an open call for donations toward... More »

YouTube Adds Vuvuzela Button

If you actually like the horns, this button is for you

(Newser) - Fans of the vuvuzela rejoice: YouTube has made it possible to hear the loud, grating horn over more than just soccer matches. Certain videos now have a vuvuzela button, shaped like a soccer ball, which produces the distinctive horn blast over the video's audio, Mashable reports. See the video in... More »

We Hate Vuvuzelas, But Condone Tomahawk Chop?

Sports spectators should apply their outrage elsewhere

(Newser) - The constant drone of vuvuzelas is annoying for people watching the World Cup, but Derrick Z. Jackson thinks American spectators should apply their "outrage to more serious sports matters." Specifically, the stereotypes about American Indians that still abound. Consider the tomahawk chop at Atlanta Braves and Florida State... More »

How to Remove Vuvuzelas From World Cup Recordings

German fans post fix for annoying horns

(Newser) - The World Cup isn't about to ban vuvuzelas —the plastic horns many consider a noisy nuisance—but sensitive viewers may have another option. Some German soccer fans have posted a YouTube video of a technique to remove the vuvuzela's call from audio recordings. (You need to be watching on... More »

Quiet Please! Wimbledon Says No to Vuvuzelas

Tennis official ban the noisy horns

(Newser) - Wimbledon is gearing up for the opening men's and women's singles matches to begin Monday, and officials at the All England Club have taken steps to insure that the half-million spectators won't have to deal with the noise of vuvuzelas. The plastic horns— which have provided a constant, irritating drone... More »

NY Yankees to Fans: Ditch the Vuvuzelas

Security boots fan who sneaked one in

(Newser) - They may embrace those annoying, deafening, disease-spreading vuvuzelas over in South Africa, but the guys at Yankee Stadium aren't having any of it, reports the New York Daily News. Stadium security jumped on an enterprising fan who sneaked several horns into Tuesday's game, eventually kicking him out—though he swears... More »

Vuvuzela: Horn of Deafness, Disease

Horn is dangerously loud, a great way to disseminate disease

(Newser) - The only good thing that can be said about the vuvuzela, it appears, is that it's beloved to its devotees: Not only is it annoying to everyone else, but it's apt to destroy your hearing and scatter germs everywhere just for good measure. The Wall Street Journal takes a stern... More »

Annoying Horns Here to Stay

World Cup officials won't ban vuvuzela

(Newser) - World Cup fans and teams will have to learn to live with the blaring of plastic horns: Organizers have no plans to ban the vuvuzela, Reuters reports. Though the horns are tormenting players and spectators , a rep says, "Vuvuzelas are here to stay and will never be banned. People... More »

World Cup May Silence Annoying Horns

Organizers weigh ban on vuvuzelas

(Newser) - The nonstop drone of plastic horns has been the soundtrack of the World Cup so far, on and off the field, and they're so annoying that FIFA is considering a ban. It can't come soon enough for some. "We can't sleep at night because of the vuvuzelas." the... More »

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