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Louis CK Rant Is Church 2.0

 Louis CK Rant 
 Is Church 2.0 

Louis CK Rant Is Church 2.0

Meghan Daum on today's hunger for meaning

(Newser) - Why did the world go nuts over last week's clip of Louis CK bemoaning the evils of smartphones ? It's not because we all secretly loathe our smartphones, writes Meghan Daum in the Los Angeles Times , although obviously many of us can relate to the "existential torpor"...

Why Louis CK Is Wrong About Smartphones
 Why Louis CK Is Wrong 
 About Smartphones 

Why Louis CK Is Wrong About Smartphones

They can be bad, but they can also be good: Daniel Engber

(Newser) - Chances are you saw—quite possibly while perusing Facebook on your smartphone—a bunch of your friends sharing a clip of Louis CK talking about how terrible smartphones are . But the comedian's rant is missing an important point, writes Daniel Engber on Slate . Sure, we all agree "that...

Louis CK Explains Evils of Smartphones

Nobody can sit quietly alone anymore, he tells Conan

(Newser) - Apple says demand has been "incredible" for today's rollout of the new iPhones , reports AllThingsD . One person you won't find in line? Louis CK. On Conan last night, the comedian explained all that's wrong with smartphones, especially when it comes to kids, reports Salon . Sample line:...

Critics' Choice Award Fails to Actually Choose Best Drama

'Breaking Bad,' 'Game of Thrones' tie for the win

(Newser) - What's the best drama on TV? Is it the darkly personal Breaking Bad ? Or perhaps the epic and blood-soaked Game of Thrones? According to the less-than-aptly-named Critics' Choice Awards, the answer is both. The pair tied for Best Drama, beating out The Americans, Downton Abbey, The Good Wife,...

Louis CK on SNL: Just About Perfect

Comedian makes lauded turn as host on post-Sandy show

(Newser) - Louis CK, of late better known for class than crass , stopped by Saturday Night Live last night for a much-anticipated post-Sandy turn as guest host , and he did not disappoint. Though it was the last show before Election Day, SNL did not trot out any big-name cameos, notes Kera Bolonik...

Louis CK Hosting Post-Sandy SNL

Comedian gets a little wet in 'Saturday Night Live' promos

(Newser) - Finally, some good news for the people of New York: Louis CK is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, Gawker reports. The comedian, who very classily canceled a recent show in the city as Hurricane Sandy approached, appears in a few promos for the episode—including one that, of course,...

Classy Louis CK Cancels Show Over Sandy

But Lindsay Lohan's reaction to storm? Not so classy

(Newser) - Louis CK was supposed to perform in New York last night, but ultimately decided it was safer to cancel considering the threat of Hurricane Sandy was already hovering over the city. And, as you might expect from the comedian who’s done all this , CK handled the cancellation with his...

Louis CK Wins Big in Stiffing Ticketmaster

Sold 100K tickets directly to fans—in 2 days

(Newser) - Louis CK's idea to sell tickets directly to fans was officially a good one: Within less than two days, 100,000 tickets had been sold, the comedian tweeted last night. He added that "lotsa shows are sold out," but says more are being added. That doesn't...

Louis CK Now Hawking Tickets Directly to Fans

Comedian charges $45 each, cuts out service charges

(Newser) - Louis CK did very, very well when he decided to sell his self-produced comedy album directly to fans, so now he's using that same model to sell tickets to his upcoming tour. Rather than going through a ticketing service—notorious for adding on ridiculous charges—the comedian is selling...

Louis CK Cancels Speech After Conservative Outcry

Greta Van Susteren called for boycott of press dinner

(Newser) - Comedian Louis CK has pulled out of speaking at the upcoming 68th Radio & Television Correspondents Association dinner, saying that "he just didn't want to do it anymore," reports the Hollywood Reporter . The move came after conservatives balked, most notably Fox News host Greta Van Susteren. She...

Louis CK Makes a Cool Million off Web Video

And comedian is giving more than half of that to charities, employees

(Newser) - The wild success story of Louis CK and his self-produced comedy album gets even wilder : The album, available via his website for just $5, sold 200,000 copies as of Tuesday, grossing the comedian a cool million ... in just 12 days. A quarter of that money will go to the...

Louis CK Makes $200K in 4 Days on Web Video

Comic bypasses studio and sells concert from his website

(Newser) - Comedian Louis CK has scored nice profits by taping, producing, and distributing his stand-up special by himself and without the help of a network or studio. In what he calls an "experiment" to cut out the middlemen and keep prices low, CK hired a camera team to tape two...

Louis CK Sex Talk Gets NPR Show Cancelled

'Fresh Air' and Terry Gross booted in Mississippi

(Newser) - Mississippi Public Broadcasting dumped the popular NPR show “Fresh Air” and its host Terry Gross on Monday, citing “recurring inappropriate content.” Speculation ran wild that the inappropriate content might be political, or related to its recent gay rights interviews. But, nope, it turns out it was an...

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