Chinese dissidents

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State Dept: Chen Has Fellowship at US University

Says agreement allows his wife and kids to leave country, too

(Newser) - It appears a face-saving solution has been found for the Chen Guangcheng diplomatic standoff. China earlier said the blind activist, currently in a Beijing hospital, is permitted to study abroad, and the US State Department this morning announced that Chen has a fellowship at a US university. "As a... More »

Chinese Dissident Calls Congress: I Need Help

Chen Guangcheng phones in to committee hearing on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - A congressional hearing called today to discuss the plight of blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng got a first-hand perspective: Chen himself called in from his hospital bed in Beijing to ask for US help in leaving the country, reports Reuters . "I want to come to the US to rest,... More »

Chen: I Want to Leave China on Hillary's Plane

US Embassy denies dissident was pressured to leave

(Newser) - Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng now wants to get out of China as soon as possible, despite assurances made before he left the US Embassy yesterday . "My fervent hope is that it would be possible for me and my family to leave for the US on Hillary Clinton’s plane,... More »

China Slams US as Dissident Leaves Embassy

Chen Guangcheng taken to Beijing hospital

(Newser) - Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng has left the US Embassy in Beijing "of his own volition" after taking refuge there for six days, according to state media. Chen—who escaped from house arrest last month —traveled with US Ambassador Gary Locke to a Beijing hospital, reports the Washington ... More »

Blind Dissident Faked Sickness Before Escape in China

Chen Guangcheng shows up Beijing by slipping away

(Newser) - So how exactly does a dissident who has been blind since childhood escape house arrest in China and travel hundreds of miles to safety? The details of Chen Guangcheng's feat are still murky, though the Washington Post says the lawyer pretended to be sick for weeks. When his captors... More »

Blind Chinese Dissident Escapes to US Embassy

Chen Guangcheng had been under house arrest for opposing Chinese policies

(Newser) - A famed blind Chinese dissident has managed to escape his house arrest and post a video detailing the abuses he's suffered and calling on Premier Wen Jiabao to protect his family. Chen Guangcheng, a self-taught lawyer, has long been in custody for opposing China's forced abortion and sterilization... More »

China Jails 2nd Writer for Subversion

Chen Xi was arrested last month after publishing his essays online

(Newser) - China handed yet another dissident yet another long sentence today: Chen Xi was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being charged with "incitement to subvert state power" following the online publication of 36 essays he had written. His wife called the verdict "utterly absurd," explaining that... More »

'Subversive' Chinese Writer Gets 9 Years in Prison

Chen Wei called for free speech, political reform

(Newser) - A Chinese writer has been hit with a nine-year jail sentence for "inciting subversion of state power" after he posted online essays demanding free speech and government reform, reports the BBC . The sentence follows a two-hour, closed-door trial that Chen Wei's wife called "a performance" whose outcome... More »

Bale Should Be Embarrassed, Says China

...China certainly isn't

(Newser) - China is certainly not embarrassed by the bad PR it got when Christian Bale was attacked while trying to visit dissident Chen Guangcheng, but Bale should be embarrassed, a Chinese government spokesman says. While the actor was invited to attend the opening ceremony for a film, "he was not... More »

Christian Bale Attacked on Visit to Chinese Dissident

Guards rough up actor, camera crew

(Newser) - After an eight-hour drive from Beijing, Christian Bale wasn't allowed to visit a Chinese dissident. But by roughing up the Hollywood A-lister, guards ensured that the plight of Chen Guangcheng will get more attention worldwide. The actor and a CNN camera crew were punched and pushed by guards when... More »

Chinese Strip to Support Ai Weiwei

Pornography probe provokes dissident artist's supporters

(Newser) - Supporters of outspoken artist Ai Weiwei are using their bodies as well as their cash to defend him against the Chinese government. In response to news that an Ai assistant might face pornography charges over a nude photo he took of Ai with four women last year, scores of supporters—... More »

Supporters Send $840K for Ai Weiwei Tax Bill

But state paper accuses him of 'illegal fundraising'

(Newser) - Ai Weiwei has raised $840,000 toward his $2.4 million tax bill , thanks to nearly 20,000 people who have sent in donations to the Chinese artist and dissident. But Ai—who views the money received as loans, not donations—says he will repay it all, though, the Christian ... More »

Ai Weiwei: Jail Was 'a Kind of Mental Torture'

Ai jailed for his criticisms of government, not tax evasion, says associate

(Newser) - Ai Weiwei spent his nearly three-month detention in a tiny cell, watched 24 hours a day by guards who were never more than 30 inches away whether he slept, showered, or used the toilet. “It is designed as a kind of mental torture, and it works well,” the... More »

Chinese Dissident's Sister Describes His Detention

Weiwei was kept in tiny room with two guards at all times

(Newser) - The sister of freed Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei says her brother was kept in a tiny, constantly lit room during his three months of detention with two guards present at all times, reports the Washington Post . “They stared at him without ever moving their eyes,” she said, even... More »

Rights Groups Issue China Travel Warnings

'Freedom alerts' warn of danger to activists, journalists

(Newser) - Human rights groups urging travelers to avoid mainland China because of the suppression of dissidents have now issued special alerts for certain areas. The Hong Kong-based groups issued the highest level of alert for Beijing and Shanghai, warning that the cities have seen the largest number of repressive incidents since... More »

China Cracks Down on Social Networking Sites

Politically sensitive material blocked after day of protests fizzles

(Newser) - The Chinese government has stepped up censorship of the Internet following a failed effort to use social networking sites to kickstart a North African-style "Jasmine Revolution ." Facebook and Twitter are banned in China but the Chinese equivalents have been flourishing. Government censors, however, moved swiftly to block all... More »

Peace Prize Ceremony Proceeds ... With Empty Chair

Liu Xiaobo's Nobel the first since 1936 to go uncollected

(Newser) - Clapping solemnly, dignitaries in Norway celebrated Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo with an empty chair. Some 1,000 guests, including ambassadors, royalty, and other VIPs, took their seats in Oslo's modernist City Hall for the two-hour ceremony; about 100 Chinese dissidents in exile and some activists from Hong Kong... More »

China Blocks CNN, BBC Ahead of Nobel Ceremony

It's standard policy for Beijing on sensitive subjects

(Newser) - Beijing appears to be blocking foreign media, with CNN, the BBC and a Norwegian news organization blacked out on the mainland the day before the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. China hasn't stated it is doing so intentionally, but CNN and the like are frequently blacked out when dealing with sensitive... More »

Screw the Nobel: China Creates Its Own Peace Prize

'Confucius Peace Prize' counters dissident's win

(Newser) - Delegates from the 19 countries that China has persuaded to skip Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony have got somewhere else to go this week. China, just in case anybody hadn't realized it was infuriated by the dissident's prize, has created a rival peace prize of its own and plans... More »

China Blocks Travel for Nobel Winner's Lawyer

Human rights attorney stopped at Beijing airport on way to conference

(Newser) - A lawyer who represents jailed Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo has been blocked from leaving China. Mo Shaoping, one of the country's most prominent human rights lawyers, says police at Beijing's airport prevented him from boarding a flight to London, where he was to attend an international legal conference,... More »

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