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Lara Logan Tweets: Media Must Learn to Forgive Nir Rosen and Others for One-Time Mistakes, Writes Michelle Goldberg
Nir Rosen Should Be Ashamed—but Not Ruined 

Nir Rosen Should Be Ashamed—but Not Ruined

Lara Logan tweets were disgusting, but media must learn to forgive

(Newser) - Nir Rosen’s thoughtless tweets about Lara Logan were “grotesque”—but they shouldn’t “eclipse an often-heroic career” of “intrepid” war reporting, writes Michelle Goldberg in the Daily Beast . Indeed, today’s media “has an awful way of reducing us all to the worst thing...

Nir Rosen Explains His 'Terrible' Lara Logan Tweets

'There is no excuse for what I wrote'

(Newser) - Independent journalist Nir Rosen writes a mea culpa in Salon to again apologize for his Lara Logan tweets . He reiterates that he didn't know she'd been sexually assaulted, or that the attack was so severe, but says "there is no excuse for what I wrote" and that he hopes...

Cooper Hammers Journo Over Lara Logan Tweets

Nir Rosen: 'I was a jerk'

(Newser) - Nir Rosen, the journalist who tweeted more than one tasteless line about Lara Logan's assault faced Anderson Cooper last night, attempting to explain what he’d been thinking—which was basically that he wasn't thinking at all. "I don’t have an explanation. I was a jerk," Rosen...

Journalist Nir Rosen Writes Tasteless Tweet About Lara Logan
Journo: Lara Logan Assault
Would Have Been Funny If...
awful tweets

Journo: Lara Logan Assault Would Have Been Funny If... happened to Anderson Cooper, Nir Rosen tweets

(Newser) - A journalist who's written on foreign policy for the New Yorker, Time, and the New York Times is under fire after making light of Lara Logan's assault in Egypt, and has now resigned his position as an NYU fellow, the National Review notes. Nir Rosen, who also once contributed footage...

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