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New Conn. Law: We'll Label GMOs If Everyone Does

Governor says he'll sign watered down bill

(Newser) - Connecticut passed the nation's first law requiring all genetically modified foods to be labeled yesterday—but it's going to need some peer pressure to implement it. Gov. Dannel Malloy said he'd only sign the bill if it included a provision dictating that it wouldn't take effect...

Hello, Franken-Wheat: Farmer Finds Engineered Crop

It's not clear how genetically modified plants got on Oregon farm, but they're illegal

(Newser) - The Agriculture Department said today that a non-approved strain of genetically engineered wheat has been discovered in a field in Oregon. A farmer discovered the plants on his farm and contacted Oregon State University, which notified USDA early this month. No genetically engineered wheat is currently approved for US farming....

As GMO Corn Weakens, Pesticides Are Back

Rootworms developing resistance to Monsanto gene

(Newser) - In 2003, Monsanto debuted corn seeds with a gene—Bt—that generates pest-killing toxins designed to resist the ravages of rootworm. Soil insecticide use cratered as a result, with only 9% of corn acreage nationwide treated with it in 2010, down from 25% in 2005. But then things started to...

Whole Foods to Label All Genetically Modified Food

Chain sets 5-year deadline in what could be a 'game changer'

(Newser) - In an industry first, Whole Foods promises that all genetically modified food sold in its stores will be clearly labeled as GMO products by 2018, reports NBC News . The chain says there's a growing demand by consumers to choose, but it's difficult to do so because current law...

Anti-GMO Crusader: I Was Wrong
Anti-GMO Crusader:
I Was Wrong

Anti-GMO Crusader: I Was Wrong

Mark Lynas: Science convinced me to stop fighting GMO crops

(Newser) - In the 1990s, environmental activist Mark Lynas helped start the anti-GMO movement, fighting against genetically modified food crops. But now he's done a complete 180, telling the Oxford Farming Conference earlier this month that he was wrong to "demon[ize] an important technological option which can and should be...

LA Voters Pass Law Requiring Porn Stars to Wear Condoms

They also reject 'Frankenfood' labels

(Newser) - Californians voted yesterday in a pair of hot-button referendums, passing a law mandating that porn stars wear condoms while striking down another that would require the food industry to label genetically modified foods. The former means that adult performers in LA County not only have to wrap up, reports the...

Calif. 'Frankenfood' Bill in Death Spiral After Ad War

Opponents spend $46M in GMO labeling battle

(Newser) - At first, advocates for California's Proposition 37 seemed to be skipping off to victory—but with the vote approaching, it now appears that opponents have engineered a stunning turnaround. Monsanto, DuPont, and Pepsi have spent some $46 million against the measure, which would require the labeling of genetically-modified food....

Russia Bans Monsanto's GMO Corn

It cites new study raising fears of cancer

(Newser) - Russia won't be importing any genetically modified US corn from Monsanto for a while, after a new study suggested it raised the risk of cancer, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch . Monsanto is calling the French study bogus and said the safety of its NK603 corn is "well established....

Let&#39;s Label Genetically Modified Foods
'Frankenfood' Labels:
'We Have a Right to Know'

'Frankenfood' Labels: 'We Have a Right to Know'

California leading the way with Proposition 37: Mark Bittman

(Newser) - Genetically engineered foods are labeled as such in America, right? Not so, and Californians will vote on a November proposition about it that's "unquestionably among the most important non-national votes this year," writes Mark Bittman in the New York Times' Opinionator blog . He trumpets Proposition 37, which...

Woman Sues Frito-Lay Over 'All Natural' Claims

Tostitos, Sun Chips made with genetically modified oil: suit

(Newser) - Almost exactly one year ago, your helpful Newser editors informed you that Frito-Lay had big plans for 2011: to make 50% of its line from "all-natural" ingredients. And according to one California woman, that effort has been a big fail. Julie Gengo has filed a class-action lawsuit against Frito-Lay,...

Eco-Terrorism? Hawaii Vandals Hit Modified Papayas

Farmers suspect opponents of genetically altered crops

(Newser) - Hawaii papaya growers think they're the victim of eco-terrorism. Vandals cut down thousands of papaya trees, and farmers suspect that opponents of genetically modified crops are to blame, reports the AP via the Sydney Morning Herald . Most of the papayas grown on the Big Island are modified to protect...

Mark Bittman: FDA Makes Us 'Guinea Pigs' With Frankenfood
 FDA Makes Us 
 'Guinea Pigs' 
 With Frankenfood 
mark bittman

FDA Makes Us 'Guinea Pigs' With Frankenfood

Mark Bittman: Feds don't think we need labels for genetically engineered food

(Newser) - Had anything to eat today? Congratulations, you're a "guinea pig" in the brave new world of genetically modified food, writes Mark Bittman. What's more, you've got no say in the matter. Lots of our food products already contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and more are on the way, but...

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