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Tim Pawlenty Campaign Still $450K in Debt

'Doing what we can,' says adviser

(Newser) - It's been two months since Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination, but his campaign is still saddled with $450,000 in debt, reports Politico . Debts include $60,000 for campaign HQ rent in Iowa, $25,000 for equipment rentals, and more than $60,... More »

Pawlenty Quit Because He Was Broke

One source says he may owe $500K. others say that's exaggerated

(Newser) - Word was that Tim Pawlenty pulled out of the Republican presidential contest because he finished a weak third in Iowa's Ames Straw Poll two weeks ago. That's true, Republican sources tell the Huffington Post , but Pawlenty's campaign was also broke from spending heavily on Ames in hope... More »

Pawlenty's Next Move: Senate Run?

GOP divided over lessons of former governor's exit

(Newser) - Now that Tim Pawlenty is no longer eyeing the White House , could his new target be a Senate seat? The head of the Minnesota GOP hopes so. “I think he'd make a heck of a candidate,” Tony Sutton tells Minnesota Public Radio . Pawlenty earlier rejected the idea... More »

Pawlenty Drops Out of Race

Disappointing finish in Iowa straw poll dooms campaign

(Newser) - Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is dropping out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination. Pawlenty told supporters on a conference call this morning that he would announce on ABC's This Week that he was ending his campaign after a disappointing finish in the Iowa straw poll yesterday.... More »

The Quiet Winner of Iowa Poll: Romney

With Rick Perry in race, Mitt needs a strong Bachmann

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann vanquished Tim Pawlenty and the other Republican also-rans in yesterday's Iowa straw poll , so let the real battle royale for the right begin—Bachmann vs. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, writes Steve Kornacki at Salon . "She crushed her biggest mainstream competitor," he writes, and Ron Paul,... More »

Bachmann Wins Ames Straw Poll

Ron Paul finishes second, Pawlenty third; Perry gets 718 write-ins

(Newser) - Rick Perry may have cast a big shadow over the Republican field today, but Michele Bachmann had a pretty good day, too: She won the Ames straw poll, with 4,823 votes of the nearly 17,000 cast, reports Politico . Ron Paul finished a close second (4,671), followed by... More »

You Blew It, Pawlenty

He should have gone after Romney, not Bachmann: Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - Tim Pawlenty came off like a desperate candidate with a misguided strategy in last night's debate , writes Steve Kornacki at Salon . Going after Michele Bachmann instead of Mitt Romney? Really? He probably figured he needed to do so because she is his chief rival in tomorrow's Ames straw... More »

Romney Unscathed in Iowa Debate

Front-runner stays above the fray as Minnesotans clash

(Newser) - Last night's GOP debate in Iowa was a testy affair, but Mitt Romney managed to stay above the fray and his front-runner status still isn't in doubt—at least until Rick Perry enters the race, pundits say.
  • "Neither the candidates nor the moderators did much to draw
... More »

GOP Candidates Square Off in Iowa

Ames debate much feistier than last go-round

(Newser) - Eight GOP hopefuls castigated President Obama and each other tonight in a frequently testy debate in Ames, Iowa. Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann were especially hostile to each other early, while Mitt Romney largely avoided any one-on-one battles and focused on the president. Overshadowing the debate: News that Rick Perry,... More »

Ames Poll Will Make or Break Pawlenty

Experts agree: Candidate needs a strong finish

(Newser) - "For Tim Pawlenty, it's Ames or bust," declares Politico , which rounds up opinions from a number of experts—all of whom agree that Pawlenty must do well in this Saturday's straw poll. He's spent seven figures in the state and has been focused on courting... More »

Bachmann Finally Fires Back at Pawlenty

Compares fellow Minnesotan to Obama

(Newser) - Tim Pawlenty hasn’t been shy about attacking Michele Bachmann: He has called her Congressional record “nonexistent” and expressed concern over her ability to lead while suffering migraines. Now, ahead of the Ames, Iowa, straw poll, Bachmann is finally hitting back at the former governor of her state, ABC... More »

Boehner: 2-Step Deal the Only Choice

(Newser) - John Boehner was a late addition to Fox News Sunday today, and painted a two-step deal as the only alternative left. "It's not physically possible to do all of this in one step," Boehner told Chris Wallace, advocating a short-term fix through early next year; President Obama... More »

Candidates' Cash Going to Mailings, Security, Pizza...

First expense reports offer a glimpse into each campaign

(Newser) - Want to get to know your 2012 candidates better? Take a look at what they're spending campaign cash on, courtesy of expense reports obtained by the Washington Post . The first major spending reports of the campaign reveal that the candidates have spent about $32 million so far.
  • Tim Pawlenty:
... More »

Pawlenty Won't Sign Iowa Marriage Vow

He joins Romney in rebuffing pledge backed by Bachmann

(Newser) - Tim Pawlenty released a statement today saying he wouldn’t be signing the “Marriage Vow” that got Michele Bachmann in so much trouble , the AP reports. Pawlenty said he supports “the core principles of the Family Leader’s Marriage Vow Pledge,” but that “rather than sign... More »

Geithner: Obama Wants 'Biggest Deal Possible'

Says president 'is willing to do very, very difficult political things'

(Newser) - Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner fired back at John Boehner and Mitch McConnell this morning, telling Meet the Press that “We’re going to try to get the biggest deal possible, the deal that’s best for the economy. Not just in the short term.” Further, he said, smaller... More »

Pawlenty a Fan of Gaga's Gay Anthem

Of all the songs to choose...

(Newser) - Not only is Tim Pawlenty a Lady Gaga fan ... he's a fan of her gay anthem , "Born This Way." In an interview picked up by Mediaite , the presidential hopeful (and "Little Monster"?) noted that "even though she’s a little unusual, 'Born this... More »

Romney Rakes In $18M—and That Worries the GOP

Obama is clobbering Republican candidates in money race

(Newser) - Fundraising reports are starting to trickle in from the GOP presidential field, and the results look great—for Barack Obama. Even Mitt Romney’s vaunted money machine collected only $18 million in the first true quarter of fundraising, a big step back from his 2008 showing, Politico reports. The results... More »

Pawlenty Aide Sorry for Bachmann 'Sex Appeal' Quip

'It was disrespectful,' says Vin Weber

(Newser) - A top adviser to former Minnesota governor Tom Pawlenty just played the gender card in the race for the presidency, and now he's sorry. Vin Weber conceded earlier this week that Bachmann would be tough to beat in Iowa. “She’s got hometown appeal, she’s got ideological... More »

Pawlenty: Minnesota Shutdown Is a Good Thing

Ex-governor says state could benefit in the long run

(Newser) - Anarchists are saying, "Now you're talking." Former Minnesota governor and GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty says the government shutdown in his state could be a good thing, and he wishes a similar shutdown in 2005 would have lasted longer, reports Politico . “I think it was nine... More »

Pawlenty's Only Vision: Himself as President

He will 'say anything' to win: Minnesota critic

(Newser) - Tim Pawlenty likes to pretend he has convictions; indeed, his autobiography is called Courage to Stand. But he’s sadly mistaken, writes Shawn Otto, whose great-great-uncle founded the Minnesota GOP. The fact is, the former governor is “willing to do anything, say anything—be anything” to win the presidency.... More »

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