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Trump Won't Hand Over His Birth Certificate

The 'Guardian' asked, and even provided a fax number

(Newser) - In the fall of 2012, Donald Trump shared a "big surprise": an offer to donate $5 million to the charity of Obama's choice if the president released "his college records and applications" and "his passport applications and records." Fast forward roughly three years, and there'...

Trump: What Birth Certificate?

Donald still doesn't know whether Obama's was the real deal

(Newser) - Good news, no one: Donald Trump's name is again appearing next to the term "birth certificate," and it seems he's still eager to gin up a little controversy over President Obama's. Asked today by ABC's Jonathan Karl whether his 2012 antics made him appear...

Trump Suing Bill Maher Over Orangutan Bet

The Donald says he did in fact prove he's not the son of an orangutan

(Newser) - Well, that'll teach Bill Maher to make a mock bet with Donald Trump: On the Tonight Show last month, Maher told Jay Leno he would donate $5 million to the charity of Trump's choice if the business mogul provided a birth certificate showing he's not the "...

Trump's Kids Stage Intervention

They tell dad to ease up on Obama; the Donald denies it, of course

(Newser) - Donald Trump's anti-Obama campaign has apparently reached "embarrassing dad" status, because his three eldest kids recently staged an intervention of sorts advising him to tone it down, reports the New York Daily News . Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka "showed a lot of respect" during the mid-October meeting,...

Donald Trump's Flirtation With Presidential Run: What We Learned
 What We Learned From Trump 

What We Learned From Trump

Confrontation is good, media might not be so good

(Newser) - Donald Trump is taking his toys (and his hair) out of the 2012 sandbox and going home to run Celebrity Apprentice, and that has the blogosphere predictably buzzing. A sample of reactions to the Donald's departure:
  • Chris Cillizza, the Washington Post: While "Trump’s Icarus-like rise and fall

Trump to Letterman: You’re Fired!

He's not racist, not sorry, and won't be going on Dave's show

(Newser) - Usually, politicians go around kissing babies and winning votes, but Donald Trump's unique path to the White House appears to be pissing off as many people as he possibly can: The Donald today smacked back at David Letterman after the host said last week that Trump's birtherism were...

White House Correspondents' Dinner: Obama Bashes Donald Trump
 Obama Zings Trump 

Obama Zings Trump

President doesn't shy away from would-be birther candidate

(Newser) - Don't go to Vegas with Donald Trump these days: The would-be presidential candidate was betting last night that "I wouldn't think [Obama] would address me" in his speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. No such luck, reports Politico:
  • Trump's "taken some flak lately but

Racist Birther Debacle a ‘Low Moment’ for US

'New York Times' says country should be embarrassed

(Newser) - President Obama “stared deep into political irrationality” yesterday and offered up his long-form birth certificate —in what the New York Times calls “a profoundly low and debasing moment in American political life” in an editorial today. Here was a president who, more than halfway through his term...

Move Over Birthers, Here Come the ‘Schoolers’

New focus will be on college records: Alex Pareene

(Newser) - The White House release of President Obama's birth certificate won't satisfy all the birthers, with charges of the document being a Photoshopped forgery already surfacing, notes Alex Pareene at Salon . Other diehards will accept it but develop new lines of attack, arguing that Obama is disqualified by his...

Trump: I Get Credit for Birth Certificate Release

Says he's honored, proud of himself

(Newser) - The White House releases Barack Obama's "Certificate of Live Birth" and ... cut to Donald Trump. He immediately reacted to—and took credit for—the disclosure at a press conference in New Hampshire, where he said that "today I'm very proud of myself because I've accomplished...

Obama to Birthers: ‘We Don’t Have Time for This Silliness’

We have better things to do, explains Obama

(Newser) - Barack Obama followed the release of his "long-form" certificate this morning with his two cents on the matter, which he says he has followed for the last two and a half years "with amusement." He says he realized, after giving his budget speech, that "the dominant...

White House: Here’s Obama’s ‘Certificate of Live Birth’

NPR reports Obama will make a statement

(Newser) - If you pooh-poohed yesterday's Obama-is-a-citizen declarations by CNN and Fox News anchor Shep Smith , fair warning: You'll likely have a tougher time brushing off this one. The White House today released Barack Obama's "Certificate of Live Birth" (the long form version of the "Certification of...

CNN Investigation Determines President Obama 'Absolutely' Born in Hawaii; Donald Trump Still Says Birth Certificate Is Missing
 Obama ‘Absolutely’ 
 Born in Hawaii: CNN 

Obama ‘Absolutely’ Born in Hawaii: CNN

CNN conducts extensive investigation, but Trump not convinced

(Newser) - Case closed—at least as far as CNN is concerned: President Obama was, in fact, born in Hawaii. The network conducted an investigation, and talked to the Republican former director of Hawaii's Department of Health. A state law let her examine Obama's actual birth certificate, which is stored...

Stewart: Is Anyone Else as Crazy as Trump?

Sadly, yes.

(Newser) - Donald Trump is pretty heavily into this whole birther thing at this point, so Jon Stewart wonders: Could anyone else in the GOP match his level of crazy? Not surprisingly, "Alaska Palin is with Trump," Stewart noted last night . But "Minnesota Palin" (aka Michele Bachmann) takes...

Obama's Sis: Time to Put Birther Rumors 'to Bed'

Maya Soetero-Ng calls rumors 'unfortunate'

(Newser) - Not surprisingly, President Obama's half-sister Maya Soetero-Ng is firmly in her brother's corner when it comes to the birther rumors. "I think that it is time for people to put that to bed, put it to rest completely," she tells Piers Morgan in her first primetime interview, airing...

Now Trump's Feuding With Bill Cosby

The Donald slams 'dishonest' Cosby

(Newser) - Feuding with the media apparently isn't enough for Donald Trump—he's now got a beef with Bill Cosby as well. Trump has taken exception to comments made by Cosby on the Today show last week and has issued a statement branding the comedian a two-faced backstabber, TMZ reports. Cosby...

Palin on Trump the Birther: You Go, Donald

Thinks maybe the Donald's wallet can put the mystery to rest

(Newser) - Sarah Palin thinks Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and all, but says of Donald Trump's sudden quest for the president's birth certificate, "More power to him." Asked her opinion yesterday by Fox News, Palin replied, "Well, I appreciate that the Donald wants to spend his resources...

Donald Trump Vs. New York Times Columnist Gail Collins: It's on!

 Trump Vs. 
 NYT Scribe: 
 It's on! 

Trump Vs. NYT Scribe: It's on!

Gail Collins hits back at the Donald

(Newser) - Last week it was apparent that there's no love lost between Donald Trump and New York Times columnist Gail Collins , but this week it's all-out war. Seems the Donald responded to Collins' column, which tweaked him as a loopy birther, with a letter to the editor tweaking her in turn...

Trump Is Getting Loopier
 Trump Is Getting Loopier 
gail collins

Trump Is Getting Loopier

Gail Collins: The Donald makes wingnuts look sensible by comparison

(Newser) - Donald Trump is now playing the part of a conservative Republican—and birther extraordinaire—but the attention-loving tycoon has previously flirted with the Democrats and might well be declaring his support "for the Alaskan Independence Party or the Whigs" in 2016, writes Gail Collins at the New York Times...

Trump Birth Certificate Not Real Deal

City authorities say Trump document not official

(Newser) - A thought for Donald Trump: If you're going to make a big deal out of releasing your birth certificate and demanding the president does the same , you might want to check you've got the right document. New York City officials say the document Trump released to NewsMax is not an...

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