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How Simone Biles Feels Now
How Simone Biles Feels Now

How Simone Biles Feels Now

Star gymnast says outpouring of support shows she's 'more than my accomplishments'

(Newser) - Simone Biles acknowledged an "outpouring" of love and support Wednesday following her unexpected exit from events at the Tokyo Olympics. Meanwhile, Texas Deputy Attorney General Aaron Reitz is backtracking on his harsh criticism of the 24-year-old gymnast.
  • In a since-deleted tweet, Reitz shared video of Kerri Strug performing at

Nyad Begins 'Magical' 48-Hour Swim for Sandy

'I'm going to feel the solidarity' with swimmers including Ryan Lochte, Richard Simmons

(Newser) - The 64-year-old woman who swam from Cuba to Florida is attempting to swim in a pool in midtown Manhattan for 48 straight hours to benefit victims of Superstorm Sandy. Wearing a pink swim cap, Diana Nyad dove into the 40-yard pool set up in Herald Square and began doing laps...

Next for Nyad: 48-Hour Swim for Sandy Relief

Mercifully, in a pool this time

(Newser) - A month after her 53-hour swim from Cuba to the US , 64-year-old Diana Nyad is ready to get her feet wet again. Up next: a 48-hour swim to raise money for Hurricane Sandy recovery. "I'm from New York City and last year I was in town right after...

Nyad Defends Swim: I Had Right to Set Ground Rules

And it was a 'squeaky-clean'

(Newser) - Cuba-to-Florida swimmer Diana Nyad answered skeptics quite literally last night, in a lengthy conference call between the new record holder and about a dozen members of the marathon swimming community. To the purists who questioned her gear, Nyad claimed the right to set the ground rules, noting the sport awards...

Skeptics: Nyad's Swim Was a Little Too Fast

Think she had help from her boat; team says only boost was from currents

(Newser) - Is there something fishy about Diana Nyad's record-breaking Cuba to Florida swim ? The world of marathon swimming is rife with rumors that the 64-year-old may have had some help from her accompanying boat during the 110-mile swim, which her team says she was the first to complete without...

She Did It! Nyad Finishes Epic Cuba-Fla. Swim

Swimmer completes 110-mile journey on 5th, final try in 35 years

(Newser) - The fifth try was indeed the charm: Diana Nyad has completed her 35-year-old odyssey to become the first swimmer to cross the Florida Straits Cuba without a shark cage. She was in the water roughly 53 hours, reports CNN . Nyad's team posted this message earlier on her website : "...

Secret Weapon Buoys Nyad's Final Cuba-Fla. Swim

Swimmer thus far avoiding jellyfish, thanks to special mask

(Newser) - American endurance swimmer Diana Nyad is "doing remarkably well" in her fifth attempt in 35 years to become the first person to successfully swim 103 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. She made it through the first night without any of the jellyfish stings that have...

Storms Slow Nyad's Cuba-to-Florida Swim
 Nyad Ends 4th 
 Cuba-to-Florida Quest 

Nyad Ends 4th Cuba-to-Florida Quest

Swimmer attempted to wait out storms this morning

(Newser) - Diana Nyad was supposed to finish her fourth attempt at the Cuba-to-Florida swim this morning, and she did, in disappointing fashion. ABC News reports that Nyad has been pulled from the water, following jellyfish stings and two days of disagreeable weather. Writing on Nyad's blog , a crew member noted...

Nyad About Halfway Through Epic Swim

Could arrive in Florida tomorrow

(Newser) - Diana Nyad was about halfway through her swim from Cuba to Florida this morning, as her team attempted to get her through a storm. The 62-year-old is safe and still feels good, they say, and yesterday was "awesome" despite the fact that she suffered several jellyfish stings , her operations...

Swimmer Nyad Again Chases Cuba-Fla. Dream

62-year-old making 4th attempt at perilous swim

(Newser) - Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad is making her fourth attempt at completing the 103-mile, Cuba-to-Florida marathon swim that has eluded her in her 62 years. Nyad has thus far suffered several jellyfish stings—which ended her previous attempt last fall—but team members tweeted that she was plowing along steadily this...

Diana Nyad Quits Epic Swim Attempt
 Nyad Quits Epic Swim Attempt 

Nyad Quits Epic Swim Attempt

Another man 'o war sting could prove fatal, docs warn

(Newser) - Endurance athlete Diana Nyad has decided to end her swimming ultramarathon from Cuba to Florida about halfway through, as her face and body grew swollen from painful man o' war stings. Medics warned another sting could be life-threatening. Nyad team member Vanessa Linsley said the swimmer was disappointed and emotional....

Two Jellyfish Stings, But Nyad Keeps Swimming

62-year-old reaches halfway point of 103-mile swim

(Newser) - Despite enduring a second jellyfish sting, 62-year-old swimmer Diana Nyad is continuing her 103-mile swim from Cuba to Florida , and has reached the halfway point, reports the AP . Despite getting out of the water last night to receive treatment for the stings, Nyad is still allowed to continue her record...

Nyad, 62, Attempts Marathon Swim Again

She sets out from Cuba for Florida

(Newser) - 62-year-old Diana Nyad is once again trying to swim from Cuba to Florida. She set out yesterday, a month after she had to abandon her previous attempt in part because of a severe asthma attack, reports AP . This time around, the jelly fish are out to get her. "Diana...

Diana Nyad, 61, Ditches Cuba-Florida Swim

Strong winds, currents force her to abandon record bid after 29 hours

(Newser) - Some 33 years after huge waves foiled her first attempt, marathon swimmer Diana Nyad has again been forced to abandon a Cuba-to-Florida swim . The 61-year-old athlete, who was attempting to become the first person to complete the 103-mile swim without a shark cage, was pulled from the water after making...

61-Year-Old Begins 103-Mile Swim

Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad sets off from Havana for Key West

(Newser) - And she's off: 61-year-old Diana Nyad began her Cuba-to-Florida endurance swim attempt last night, a 103-mile trip that will take an estimated 60 hours. "The adrenaline's flowing now," she said before setting off from Havana, while taking in the still air and flat water. "This...

61-Year-Old to Swim From Cuba to Florida

Diana Nyad aims to make up for incomplete 1978 journey

(Newser) - She managed to swim all the way around Manhattan, but when Diana Nyad tried to swim from Cuba to Florida in 1978, she didn’t finish the job. Now, she’s preparing to try again—at age 61, the Washington Post reports. “I have no idea what age I...

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