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Norm Coleman to Joe Miller: Give Up Already

Alaska candidate should realize it's time to quit, former senator says

(Newser) - Norm Coleman knows a thing or two about fighting close elections, and he has a message for Joe Miller: Give up. "I think that race is over. I think the counting’s been done. I’m not sure there’s anything that would change that," the former Minnesota...

Both Parties Get Ready to Recount

Teams of lawyers, flacks ready to roll anywhere

(Newser) - With races from Alaska to Nevada to Florida looking to go down to the wire and beyond, Politico reports that both parties have been readying SWAT teams of lawyers, PR people, and political operatives for quick dispatch to any number of recounts. While recounts can drag on for months, experts...

Blogger Punks Michael Steele

Thinking he's talking to a donor, RNC chair boasts about record

(Newser) - Michael Steele is "confident" he'll earn a second term as RNC chair, but you probably won't find him talking himself up in the mainstream media. A lying blogger misrepresenting himself as a prospective donor is a different story, however. In what CNN describes as "an unorthodox interview with...

GOP Lays Out Strategy to Retake Senate

(Newser) - With all the focus on the House, the GOP has been quietly laying the groundwork to take back the Senate and stun the Democrats. The GOP needs to win 10 Democratic Senate seats while not losing any of their own. A tall order in anybody's book, but tossup races in...

Don't Expect Laughs From Sen. Franken
Don't Expect Laughs From Sen. Franken

Don't Expect Laughs From Sen. Franken

During campaign he was wonky and even a bit boring

(Newser) - Liberals may be hoping for biting wit and conservatives for embarrassing shtick, but according to Bob Benenson of CQPolitics, Al Franken is likely to disappoint both when he finally arrives in the Senate. Throughout his campaign Franken displayed an impressive mastery of Minnesota issues and made clear his candidacy was...

Coleman Could Be Mulling Gubernatorial Bid

Former Senator asking donors to wait on endorsing other candidates

(Newser) - Norm Coleman has given up the fight for Minnesota’s US Senate seat, but he may be mulling a run for governor. Coleman has been calling his major donors, asking them “to hold off making any commitments to other candidates,” a University of Minnesota political scientist tells the...

Franken: I Can't Wait to Start Work

Senator-elect stresses loyalty to state, downplays Dem. supermajority

(Newser) - Al Franken said he was “thrilled and honored by the faith Minnesotans placed in me” after the state Supreme Court declared him the winner of the Senate recount, CNN reports. "I'm so excited to finally be able to get to work " said Franken, who added that he...

Coleman Concedes to Franken
 Coleman Concedes to Franken 

Coleman Concedes to Franken

(Newser) - Norm Coleman isn't going to drag out Minnesota's Senate fight any longer. Coleman conceded the race to Al Franken today, hours after the state's Supreme Court decreed that Democrat Franken was the rightful winner of November's election, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "Further litigation damages the unity of our...

Minnesota Supremes: Franken Won Senate Race

(Newser) - The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled unanimously in favor of Democrat Al Franken in the Senate election battle there, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The court decided that Republican Norm Coleman’s challenge of a lower court’s ruling did not merit reconsideration, the Pioneer Press adds. Though Coleman may...

Coleman Owes Franken $95K
 Coleman Owes 
 Franken $95K 

Coleman Owes Franken $95K

(Newser) - We still can't say for certain who will be Minnesota's next senator, but at least some of the legal bills are being straightened out. A Minnesota elections court ordered Norm Coleman to pay Al Franken nearly $95,000 to cover trial costs, reports the Minnesota Independent. Coleman must pay up...

Unanimous Ruling Against Coleman Likely

The end may finally be near in Minnesota Senate race

(Newser) - Minnesota’s Senate contest seems poised to end at long last, the Minnesota Independent reports. Election-law experts are sure that the Minnesota Supreme Court will shoot down Norm Coleman’s appeal, and it will probably be unanimous in doing so. “What he’s asked the Supreme Court to do...

Coleman May Have Shot as Governor
 May Have 
 Shot as

Coleman May Have Shot as Governor

Newser Newsroom 2.11.1

(Newser) - As if Minnesota politics needed another twist: Tim Pawlenty's announcement that he won't seek a third term as governor has all eyes on Norm Coleman as a potential successor, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Because he's still locked in a legal fight with Al Franken over a Senate seat, Coleman...

Pawlenty Won't Run Again in Minn.; Prez Push Possible

(Newser) - Tim Pawlenty will not seek a third term as Minnesota governor, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. Pawlenty is seen as a probable Republican candidate for 2012, but he was mum on the subject. “I don’t have any plans beyond serving out my term,” he said today. “I’...

Senate Recount Case Goes to Minn. High Court Today

But decision could take months

(Newser) - Minnesota’s Supreme Court will hear arguments today in the Senate seat dispute between Al Franken and Norm Coleman, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. If the court goes Franken’s way, he could be seated in Washington; if the five justices find for Coleman, “recounting-type” hurdles will remain before...

Coleman-Franken Fight Heads to Minn.'s Top Court

Ex-lawyer Coleman working case; Franken acting like senator

(Newser) - Norm Coleman and Al Franken take their protracted election battle to Minnesota's Supreme Court tomorrow, reports the Hill, in what could be its final stage. Lawyers on both sides have spent some 6 weeks readying their arguments—including Coleman, himself a lawyer. Franken, meanwhile, holding to a slim ballot advantage,...

Franken, Coleman Fight Over $94K in Legal Fees

(Newser) - Norm Coleman and Al Franken are tussling over $94,000 in legal fees as they head to the Minnesota Supreme Court, Talking Points Memo reports. A county clerk ruled this week that Coleman, after losing a court ruling in the Senate race, owed Franken the money under a loser-pays election...

Republicans Hang Pawlenty Out to Dry
Republicans Hang Pawlenty Out to Dry

Republicans Hang Pawlenty Out to Dry

By refusing to certify Franken, Minn. gov risks own future

(Newser) - By refusing to certify Al Franken’s Senate win, Tim Pawlenty is taking a big political risk, writes Nate Silver of The Minnesota governor’s numbers have dropped precipitously since November; he currently has just a 46% approval rating, with 50% disapproving. The Franken/Coleman fracas may not bear...

Franken-Coleman Appeal Slated for June

(Newser) - The Minnesota Supreme Court agreed today to hear oral arguments in the Al Franken-Norm Coleman legal battle starting June 1, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The appeal date is closer to a schedule proposed by Coleman, who appears to face an uphill battle in the Senate seat contest and sought...

Coleman Wants More Time to Craft Appeal

Republican pushes for mid-May appearance in Minn.'s high court

(Newser) - Lawyers for Republican Norm Coleman want more time to prepare arguments for their appeal to Minnesota’s top court in the fight over last November's election, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The attorneys’ timeline, presented today, would put off oral arguments until mid-May; attorneys for Democrat Al Franken, declared the...

Coleman Takes Vote Battle to Top State Court

Franken picks Senate staffers as rival refuses to concede

(Newser) - Embattled former senator Norm Coleman is keeping alive the last fight of Election 2008 with an appeal to Minnesota's Supreme Court, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. Coleman is arguing that a lower court that awarded Al Franken a 312-vote victory denied constituents their constitutional rights by rejecting some absentee ballots....

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