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Large California Ghost Town Gets a Mystery Buyer

Former mining town of Eagle Mountain, California, sells for $22M

(Newser) - A well-known California ghost town has a new owner, but nobody is quite sure what comes next for Eagle Mountain, California. The desert locale near Joshua Tree National Park was once a mining town before it shuttered in the 1980s, reports the Los Angeles Times . Since then, Eagle Mountain has...

He's Spending Quarantine in a Ghost Town

Brent Underwood describes strange encounters in Cerro Gordo

(Newser) - There's perhaps no better place to ride out a pandemic than in a ghost town, so long as you don't mind the ghosts. And Brent Underwood, co-owner of a historic California mining town abandoned in the 1880s, insists they're present. "There have been too many incidents...

'No Scum Allowed Saloon' Has an Unusual Game Plan

The owner wants people who disagree to sit down and talk

(Newser) - A saloon in a New Mexico ghost town attracts regulars with diverse backgrounds and opinions with a promise to "have dialogue." The No Scum Allowed Saloon in the White Oaks, New Mexico, pulls in people from around the state and sometimes tourists from overseas because of its reputation...

Why 2 Friends Spent $1.4M on a Ghost Town

They're hoping to revive California's Cerro Gordo

(Newser) - On Friday, two friends became the proud new owners of a California ghost town. Cerro Gordo , a 300-acre town nestled in the Inyo Mountains not far from Death Valley, has a "Wild West" history thanks to the discovery of silver there in 1865; within four years, mining operations made...

Want Fewer Neighbors? Try These Ghost Towns

Vacancy rates top 20%: 24/7 Wall St.

(Newser) - Not willing to spend up to 98% of your income on housing in states like California or Hawaii? A ghost town in desperate need of humanity might be the best affordable option. Based on vacant property rates per zip code, 24/7 Wall St. rounds up 30 ghost towns across the...

One of America's Most Toxic Places: a Town Called Picher

Only 3 residents remain

(Newser) - The former lead and zinc mining boomtown of Picher, Okla., has seen better days. It swelled to some 14,000 residents when bullet demand rose during both World War I and II, with Wired reporting previously that "most" of the lead found in bullets used by America during those...

Connecticut Ghost Town Up for Auction

Start your bidding for Johnsonville, Connecticut, at $800K

(Newser) - Bidders who aren't scared off by million-dollar purchases can take possession of an American ghost town in Connecticut. Johnsonville was a robust mill community in the 19th century, but it is now abandoned and up for sale at . Bids start at $800,000, and the top one...

On Craigslist: California Ghost Town, $225K

 On Craigslist: 
 Ghost Town, 
in case you missed it

On Craigslist: California Ghost Town, $225K

Gold mining town of Seneca up for sale

(Newser) - If you're in the market to relocate, have we got news for you: For just $225,000, you can buy an entire gold mining ghost town in northern California. The 12-acre town of Seneca is listed for sale on Craigslist , Fox News reports, and it comes with its own...

Ghost Town Being Built in New Mexico

'The Center' will have homes, roads ... but no people

(Newser) - If you think ghost towns are dusty places out West that have been abandoned for centuries, you'd be mostly right. But the latest ghost town to surface in New Mexico will actually be a brand new one. A tech company yesterday announced plans to build a 20-square-mile model of...

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