Zuccotti Park

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Big Winner in Occupy's Lawsuits: the Lawyers

NYC to settle 3 suits for $350K, but lawyers walk with more than $230K

(Newser) - New York City will shell out $350,000 to settle three lawsuits brought by Occupy Wall Street protesters—who will walk away with a just portion of that. The protesters sued over seized property that was never returned or became damaged during the Nov. 15, 2011, police raid on the...

300 Mark Occupy's 1-Year Anniversary

Cops bust about a dozen in small march on Zuccotti

(Newser) - About 300 people observing the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street marched to tiny Zuccotti Park in New York's lower Manhattan, the birthplace and headquarters for the protest movement. Police patrolled the crowd yesterday and took at least a dozen people into custody near Trinity Church, which borders Zuccotti Park....

Filmmakers Protest Tribeca Fest Sponsor

Brookfield Properties is infamous Zuccotti Park owner

(Newser) - A number of filmmakers are fuming over the Tribeca Film Festival's choice of sponsors. Among the festival's backers is Brookfield Properties, owner of Zuccotti Park—the former home of Occupy Wall Street. Brookfield helped empty the park of protesters in a move that violated their First Amendment rights,...

Cops Bust Dozens, Clear Zuccotti Park

Dozens arrested in Zuccotti Park, 6 months after protests started

(Newser) - The NYPD cleared Zuccotti Park last night around 11:30pm, arresting the small number of Occupy protesters who refused to leave the park on the six-month anniversary of the movement's birth, reports the AP . Demonstrators had started filling Zuccotti in the afternoon, with signs and banners. Around 1pm they...

Occupy Wall Street Almost Broke

With camp gone, so are donations

(Newser) - It turns out Occupy Wall Street isn't great with money. The protest movement raised $700,000 last fall, but now all but $170,000 of that is gone, the Wall Street Journal reports. And now that protesters been evicted from Zuccotti Park and aren't garnering media coverage anymore,...

NYPD Arrests Occupiers Who Retake Zuccotti

New York police were waiting for protesters

(Newser) - Occupiers retook Zuccotti Park in New York City last night and began a slow-building dispute with police that ended with scores of protesters carted off in handcuffs, the New York Times reports. Police initially allowed protesters to enter the park in return for two little girls in a small tent...

Time's Person of the Year: the Protester

He is once again a 'maker of history'

(Newser) - In 2010, Time's Person of the Year was someone who united millions of people. This year, the magazine has chosen to honor ... those millions of people. Time today announced that "the protester" is its 2011 Person of the Year. Writing for the magazine, Kurt Andersen presents a world...

Occupy Founders Love Zuccotti Park Eviction

Editors of Adbusters thank Mayor Bloomberg for 'escalation'

(Newser) - The founders of Occupy Wall Street are thrilled that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has booted protesters from Zuccotti Park . "I just can’t believe how stupid Bloomberg can be!" says co-founder Micah White. "This means escalation. A raising of the stakes. It’s one step closer...

Meet the Police's New 'Sound Canons'

Controversial LRAD can cause 'extreme pain,' hearing loss

(Newser) - Last week's police busts on Occupy camps around the United States saw one of the highest-profile deployments yet of high-tech crowd control: sound cannons, reports the Week . Designed to keep birds out of the way of planes at airports, the "long range acoustic device," or LRAD for...

NYPD Arrest Ex-Philly Cop During Occupy

Former captain slams New York police for using force

(Newser) - New York police rounded up an unlikely suspect during some 300 Occupy arrests the other day: a former Philadelphia police captain. Ray Lewis was even in uniform when cops hauled him off and slapped plastic cuffs on him during the Occupy "Day of Action" on Thursday, the Daily Mail ...

Occupy Raid Gets Sinatra Treatment

'New York, New York' plays as cops round up protesters

(Newser) - Frank Sinatra and police raids: a marriage made in ... NYC. A local filmmaker has set the police raid of Zuccotti Park to Sinatra's "New York, New York" in a new YouTube video—and it makes for quite a contrast. As Sinatra sings about "the city that never...

Surprise! Occupy Has Class Divisions, Too: Daily Show

Zuccotti Park had own 'ghetto': Samantha Bee

(Newser) - Just like the society it criticizes, Occupy Wall Street suffers class divisions of its own, and none other than the Daily Show investigated the depths of it on the day protesters were booted from Zuccotti Park—even uncovering divisions in the layout of the park. With its drum circles and...

Judge Rules Against Zuccotti Park Protesters

Says Mayor Bloomberg had right to clear Occupy Wall Street protesters

(Newser) - A New York judge has upheld the city's dismantling of the Occupy Wall Street encampment, saying that the protesters' First Amendment rights don't entitle them to camp out indefinitely in the plaza. Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman today denied a motion by the demonstrators seeking to be allowed...

Protesters Gather Again Near Zuccotti Park

Police, demonstrators await judge's ruling on legality of eviction

(Newser) - Marchers were clogging the streets around empty Zuccotti Park this afternoon, awaiting a judge's decision on whether they can return after this morning's raid . Some other developments from DNA Info , the New York Times , and the AP :
  • More protests: Minor clashes were reported throughout the day as demonstrators

Occupiers Should Thank Cops for Kicking Them Out

It's the best possible way for this protest to end: Matthew Yglesias

(Newser) - Outrage followed after the police dismantled the Occupy Wall Street camp in Zuccotti Park this morning, but protesters should actually be thanking Mayor Bloomberg for deciding to kick them out. After all, writes Matthew Yglesias on ThinkProgress , there are only a few ways to end a protest: “The Powers...

Protesters Ousted From Zuccotti Park
 Protesters Ousted 
 From Zuccotti Park 

Protesters Ousted From Zuccotti Park

70 arrested as protesters shout: 'No surrender!'

(Newser) - Occupy Wall Street protesters were cleared from Zuccotti Park by hundreds of cops in riot gear early this morning. "The police are forming a human shield, and are pushing everyone away," said a witness. Angry protesters shouted: "Our park! No retreat. No surrender!" reports the New ...

Money Clash Divides Occupy Protesters

'I've seen this coming for a while': protester

(Newser) - Occupy Wall Street seems to have its own 1%: Over the past few days, a fracture has opened between leaders of the movement who control its cash and tent-dwellers who are feeling rather frosty and forgotten, MSNBC reports. The divide led to yelling and jockeying at a general assembly meeting...

Newly Met Occupiers Say 'I Do' in Zuccotti Park

'We are fighting for equality here,' bride says

(Newser) - They met while looking for a place to pray amid the tents and protesters in Zuccotti Park. A month later, the two lovebirds said "I do" in the very same park, surrounded by friends and fellow Occupiers, the New York Daily News reports. Emery Abdel-Latif, 24, and Micha Balon,...

Short on Space, Occupy Turns to Bunk Beds

Some fear 'skyscraper' approach could stir tension

(Newser) - Occupy Wall Street’s popularity is becoming a logistical problem. Zuccotti Park can only hold so many people, and with hundreds spending nights there in tents now, protesters are running out of space. There’s only one way to go: up. Occupiers are following the lead of Manhattan planners and...

David Crosby, Graham Nash Play Today at Zuccotti Park

Sixties icons taking up guitars this afternoon

(Newser) - Shades of the '60s ... musicians David Crosby and Graham Nash have announced they will play a concert to support the Occupy Wall Street protesters camped out at Zuccotti Park. The free acoustic set on site this afternoon will feature—what else?—protest songs. Rock-and-Roll Hall-of-Famer Crosby of stalwart hippie...

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