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The MLK Memorial Isn't So Bad
 The MLK Memorial Isn't So Bad 

The MLK Memorial Isn't So Bad

Hampton Dellinger thinks monument is actually quite fitting

(Newser) - You've likely heard a lot of complaints about the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, DC, but to mark MLK Day, Hampton Dellinger defends the monument, point-by-point, in the Atlantic today:
  • King's face: Critics say the statue doesn't look much like King, but Dellinger contends that

10 Misleading Words to Be Wiped From MLK Memorial

At a cost of as much as $900K

(Newser) - The truncated quote on the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial that made the civil rights leader sound like, in Maya Angelou's words, " an arrogant twit ," will be removed. Officials initially said that the quote—"I was a drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness"—would...

Quote on MLK Memorial Will Be Fixed

Park Service has 30 days to get it right

(Newser) - A truncated quote etched onto the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in DC that critics say makes King sound like an "arrogant twit" ( Maya Angelou's words ) will be fixed, the Washington Post reports. Interior chief Ken Salazar tells the Post's Rachel Manteuffel (who raised the...

Obama: Martin Luther King Jr. 'Stirred Our Conscience'
 Obama: King 
 'Stirred Our 

Obama: King 'Stirred Our Conscience'

Thousands attend dedication of Martin Luther King Jr Monument

(Newser) - Forty-three years after Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by an assassin's bullets, the nation's first black president today led an all-star tribute to the civil rights activist who "stirred our conscience" and made our Union "more perfect." "I know we will overcome,"...

4 Stories
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