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Dogs Were Sent Overseas to Help. A Report Details Their Horrors

State Department probe details serious neglect, terrible conditions for bomb-sniffers in Jordan

(Newser) - A hotline complaint about US bomb-sniffing dogs working overseas jump-started a State Department probe, and the resulting report is a disturbing one. Federal investigators looking into the health and welfare of the canines sent to Jordan—one of several partner nations the US sends specially trained dog to for assistance...

CNN Worker Finds Sensitive DHS Docs in Plane Seat Pocket

Papers were marked 'important to national security,' tied to Super Bowl bioterrorism exercises

(Newser) - Before you get off the plane, always check the seat-back pocket for your headphones, any magazines you might want, and those super-sensitive Homeland Security documents outlining how to protect Super Bowl attendees from an anthrax attack. One government scientist apparently didn't do so, as a CNN employee found out...

Viral Anti-Terrorism Ad: 'Bomb Delusion With Truth'

Telecom firm in Kuwait planned music video to launch at start of Ramadan

(Newser) - As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan kicked off over the weekend, so, too, did an ad by a telecom company in Kuwait tackling terrorism. CNN reports on Zaid's three-minute music video , which has so far amassed more than 3.6 million views, showing a suicide bomber being confronted...

How a Major US Airport Has Become an Intel Jewel

LAX counterterrorism unit's capabilities could 'rival agencies of small nation-state': 'Atlantic'

(Newser) - A suicide car bombing killing dozens hasn't ever hit LA's airport, and if Anthony McGinty and Michelle Sosa have anything to do with it, it never will. In the Atlantic , Geoff Manaugh tells the story of McGinty (a Marine vet who looks like JK Simmons) and Sosa (a...

Judge's Reluctant Ruling: Awlaki Memo to Stay Secret

Classified document outlined the legal justification for targeted killing

(Newser) - The Justice Department can keep secret the classified memo that gave the legal go-ahead to kill US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki, ruled a federal judge yesterday—with reluctance. The New York Times , which itself filed the lawsuit seeking access to the memo under the Freedom of Information Act, shares portions of...

On Heels of Toulouse, France Nabs 19 in Raids

Round-up of suspected Islamic militants will continue, Sarkozy vows

(Newser) - French police today rounded up 19 people believed to be Islamic militants, just eight days after Mohamed Merah died after a 32-hour stand-off with authorities, reports the New York Times . Police raided homes in Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, and in the south and west of France, though they announced no direct...

US Sending 500 FBI Agents to London Olympics

US government worried about athlete protection in London

(Newser) - The US government is so concerned about security preparations for the London Olympics that authorities plan to send 500 FBI agents and 500 other security personnel to protect American athletes and diplomats, reports the Guardian . US officials are worried about new legal restrictions on Britain's anti-terrorism "stop and...

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