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Woman Finds 'Hallelujah' Diamond in Arkansas Park

Lucky visitor Susie Clark said a little prayer before her find

(Newser) - Usually people go to state parks in search of a trail, vista, or barbecue. Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park has a slightly glitzier reputation, and the latest lucky visitor is a woman who says she asked God last Thursday, "Are you going to bless me and let me... More »

'Perfect' 100-Carat Diamond Up for Auction

Figure shelling out about $20M at Sotheby's

(Newser) - Need a Valentine's gift? A "perfect" 100-carat diamond in a classic emerald-cut is going on the auction block, where it could fetch between $19 million to $25 million. Sotheby's will offer the white diamond on April 21 in New York. It's an internally flawless D color... More »

After 350-Mile Pursuit, a Rest Stop Jewelry Heist

Thieves appear to have trailed a van after it left a jewelry trade show

(Newser) - Four thieves police are describing as "very patient" pounced on a small window of opportunity yesterday morning and walked away with at least a half-million dollars. Officials near Rochester, Minn., say a van that left a diamond and jewelry trade show in Chicago on Sunday drove 350 miles over... More »

Teen Gets $20K for Huge Diamond She Found

Tana Clymer cashes in for college

(Newser) - An Oklahoma City girl has sold a 3.85-carat diamond she found at an Arkansas park for $20,000. Tana Clymer told television station KWTV that she plans to use the money from the recent sale of the yellow diamond to help pay for college. Tana found the diamond last... More »

The Hope Diamond Gives Up One of Its Secrets

It was once cut in a way that created a sun image at its center

(Newser) - It's legendary, supposedly cursed , admired daily by thousands, and the star of a video game—and yet we don't know all there is to know about the Hope Diamond, or so a recent discovery indicates. The 45.52-carat diamond has given up one of its secrets to French... More »

Ancient 'Diamonds' Aren't Exactly Diamonds

They're just bits of diamond polishing paste, researchers find

(Newser) - Back in 2007, a team of researchers said they'd found 4.3-billion-year-old diamonds inside zircon crystals taken from Australia's Jack Hills. But those researchers had used a grinding paste made of synthetic diamonds to polish the zircons in preparation for lab tests ... and now a different team of... More »

Antarctica May Hold a Stash of Diamonds

Researchers suspect the gem is there, but mining is banned until 2041

(Newser) - As a scramble for the Arctic's resources looms, scientists have spotted evidence of mineral riches at the planet's southern pole. An Australian-led team discovered rocks signaling large diamond deposits on the icy slopes of Mount Meredith, which is located in East Antarctica, the BBC reports. (They didn't... More »

Finders Keepers: Artist Hides 7 Diamonds in Exhibit

Today is the last day, so hurry on over

(Newser) - Well, this is one way to get people to come to your exhibition: For the last week of his "Bouncing Cars" installation at New York's Ambassador Gallery, Jamison Ernest hid a diamond a day somewhere in the exhibit, the Wall Street Journal reports. Whoever finds that day's... More »

Engagement Rings Are Actually 'Insulting'

Insulting 'to notions of actual love,' that is: Tauriq Moosa

(Newser) - Diamonds have "little intrinsic value," writes Tauriq Moosa in the Guardian , so when large South African diamond mines were discovered in the late 1800s and De Beers Consolidates Mines was formed, its investors realized they would need to conjure up demand. That they were incredibly successful with their... More »

Teen Goes Digging, Finds Jellybean-Sized Diamond

Tana Clymer found canary stone at Crater of Diamonds State Park

(Newser) - A teenage girl got quite a souvenir on a recent trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas: a canary diamond that KWTV says is about the size of a jellybean—ie, "huge." Fourteen-year-old Tana Clymer of Oklahoma City was digging in the park with her family... More »

Jupiter Forecast: Rain, With Chance of Diamonds

Two scientists float the possibility of liquid gems in space

(Newser) - It's just a theory, but a pretty dazzling one. Two scientists this week laid out the tantalizing possibility that Jupiter sees raindrops of liquid diamond and Saturn gets diamond hail, reports Nature . If true, both planets would be teeming with the gems. "If you had a robot there,... More »

Egg-Sized White Diamond Sells for $30.6M

118-carat gem sets a record at Sotheby's auction

(Newser) - A white diamond the size of a small egg sold for $30.6 million at a Hong Kong auction today, as two phone bidders competed for the 118-carat white diamond from Africa in six minutes of measured bidding in the Sotheby's jewelry auction. The "flawless" white oval diamond,... More »

Reward for Jewel Heist Clues: $1.3M

Insurer seeks aid in France's largest gem theft

(Newser) - An insurer with Lloyd's of London needs a little help in the biggest gem heist in French history—and it's willing to pay up for it. The company is offering $1.3 million for dirt on the robbery from witnesses or insiders, Reuters reports. "A reward of... More »

Cannes Diamond Heist Netted $136M—in 1 Minute

Original estimate more than doubles in daring daylight raid

(Newser) - Wearing a scarf to mask his face, the gunman held up at least three security guards and then fled the luxury Cannes hotel roughly a minute later with $136 million in diamond jewelry, more than twice the initial estimated worth of the loot. The simple, speedy theft is the biggest... More »

How Police Cracked Case of the $50M Diamond Heist

Organized crime leader offered breakthrough

(Newser) - The "what" was big news yesterday— dozens of arrests in connection with one of the world's biggest diamond robberies—and the "how" begins to emerge today: The investigation into February's $50 million Brussels airport jewel heist leaped forward when police found out that, soon after the... More »

One of World's Largest Diamond Robberies Unravels

31 arrested in connection with Brussels heist

(Newser) - Brazen robbers were able to make off with $50 million worth of diamonds in a daring Brussels airport heist , but they held onto their riches for less than three months. In a cross-border operation, police have arrested 31 people in connection with the heist—one of the world's biggest... More »

$50M in Diamonds Stolen in 11-Minute Airport Heist

Masked men enter through hole in fence at Brussels airport

(Newser) - Millions of dollars in diamonds have been stolen from a plane at Brussels' international airport yesterday in a daring heist, the AP reports. Police say the jewels were lifted by eight masked men who, though armed, never fired their weapons. How did they pull it off? By cutting a hole... More »

Smuggler Swallowed 220 Diamonds: Police

Man caught trying to leave South Africa

(Newser) - A diamond smuggler is accused of the impressive, painful-sounding feat of swallowing 220 of the gems in an attempt to get them out of South Africa. The Lebanese man was arrested at the Johannesburg airport as he was waiting to fly to Dubai, the BBC reports. Scans of his body... More »

It's Out There: A Planet Made of Diamond

Astronomers say '55 Cancri e' has an interesting makeup

(Newser) - It's going to need a much better name. A planet known as "55 Cancri e" is making headlines today after astronomers revealed that much of it is made of diamond, reports . The bad news for ambitious space travelers is that it's 230 trillion miles away... More »

Prophecy Drives Firm to Dig for Diamonds in Israel

And it thinks it has found evidence that it's on the right track

(Newser) - All it took was a prophecy. That was enough to launch Shefa Yamim, an Israeli mining firm that has spent more than a decade combing the hills and valleys around Haifa for diamonds, something no one ever expected to find in Israel. "It's a mission," CEO Avi... More »

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