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Business as Usual? N. Korea Marks Kim Death Anniversary

Elder Kim celebrated as purges loom

(Newser) - North Korea has marked the second anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Il with vows to unite behind his son, Kim Jong Un, and a series of events to show the world that the regime has returned to business as usual despite the execution last week of Kim's...

N. Korea Marks 1st Anniversary of Kim's Death

Missile launch leaves Pyongyang in upbeat mood

(Newser) - North Koreans across the country stopped in their tracks at midday today to silently honor former ruler Kim Jong Il, whose death one year ago swept his untested 20-something son to power. The son, Kim Jong Un, presided over a solemn ceremony in Pyongyang to reopen the sprawling granite mausoleum...

Obama Visits DMZ, Praises Troops at 'Freedom's Frontier'

President gives credit to troops for success of South Korea

(Newser) - President Barack Obama visited the Demilitarized Zone today, staring down North Korea from behind bulletproof glass just 100 yards from the demarcation line and praising US troops serving on "freedom's frontier." His visit, which the AP calls "an unmistakable show of force," comes 100 days...

North Korea Punishes 'Insincere' Mourners

Crocodile tears for Kim result in forced labor, source says

(Newser) - North Koreans whose mourning of their Dear Leader lacked enthusiasm have been sent to join the 200,000 of their countrymen already in labor camps, according to Daily NK . The South Korea-based website, citing sources in the North, says people who either skipped mourning sessions for Kim Jong Il or...

Kim Jong Il's Body to Be Put on Display—Forever

Embalmed body to rest in Pyongyang mausoleum

(Newser) - It seems North Korea was able to dig up enough coins to pickle dear departed leader Kim Jong Il after all. The country announced today that Kim's embalmed body will go on permanent display in a Pyongyang mausoleum. His body had been shown under a glass coffin, but following...

Kim Jong Un Now a Video Star
 Kim Jong Un Now a Video Star 

Kim Jong Un Now a Video Star

Birthday documentary shows Supreme Leader riding horse, driving tank

(Newser) - Seems that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree: Kim Jong Un, whose late father was the star of a blog in which he looked at things , is now looking at things himself in a new documentary thought to have been released today in honor of his birthday....

Now North Korea Lashes Out at Japan

New regime does not appear eager to improve relations

(Newser) - North Korea reprimanded Japan last night and today for what it sees as a failure to show respect for Kim Jong Il's death, the latest sign that a regime change in Pyongyang will not bring improved relations with rival countries. The state news agency last night admonished Japan for...

North Korea Hails Kim as 'Supreme Leader'
 North Korea 
 Hails Era of 


North Korea Hails Era of 'Supreme Leader'

Unofficial power transfer takes place at memorial to Kim Jong Il

(Newser) - North Koreans crammed into Pyongyang's main square today to hail Kim Jong Un as "supreme leader of the party, state, and army," in a memorial service for Kim Jong Il that the BBC notes appears to mark the unofficial transfer of power. The younger Kim was joined...

2-Day Kim Jong Il Funeral Begins
 Kim's 2-Day Funeral Begins 

Kim's 2-Day Funeral Begins

Kim Jong Un walks alongside father's hearse

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of soldiers lined the snowy streets of Pyongyang today as North Korea began two days of funeral services for Kim Jong Il. Successor Kim Jong Un walked alongside the hearse, followed by other senior officials who included his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, the AP reports. State television,...

S. Korea's Former First Lady Meets Kim Jong Un

Heads one of two private mourning delegations from Seoul

(Newser) - South Korea's 89-year-old former first lady is in Pyongyang meeting with the North's new 20-something "Supreme Commander," reports the BBC . Lee Hee-Ho, the wife of late President Kim Dae-Jung, headed one of two delegations South Korea allowed to visit Pyongyang to pay respects to Kim's...

Kim's Older Brother Placed 'Under Chinese Protection' Kim Jong Un is elevated to head of the ruling party

(Newser) - North Korea today awarded Kim Jong Un yet another title—he's now the head of the ruling Workers’ Party. But for his brother, no such accolades. South Korea's Yonhap news agency today reported on the whereabouts of Kim Jong Il's oldest son, Kim Jong Nam: He apparently...

N. Korea Signals Rise of Kim's Uncle

Jang Song Thaek appears in public dressed as general

(Newser) - Pyongyang was busily hailing Kim Jong Un as its "Supreme Commander" yesterday, but today's spotlight in the who's-running-North-Korea spectacle is on Kim's uncle, Jang Song Thaek, reports Reuters . Seems official state media are running photos of Jang dressed as a general, in what many are interpreting...

Kim Jong Un Now Country's 'Supreme Commander'

State-run media vows to uphold him as such

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un isn't just North Korea's "Outstanding Leader" —he's now also the "Supreme Commander" of its military. He was hailed as such by the ruling party newspaper, which urged Kim to lead the country to "eternal victory." "We declare from...

North Commands South: Show Respect to Kim Jong Il

North Korea warns neighbor: Allow citizens to attend funeral

(Newser) - Kim Jong Il’s death is leading to more tension between the Koreas: North Korea warned its neighbor today that it must “show proper respect” over Kim’s death by allowing citizens to attend his funeral. The statement accused South Korea of “insult and mockery” because it expressed...

Time for a New Approach to a New North Korea
Time for a New Approach
to a New North Korea
Nicholas Kristof

Time for a New Approach to a New North Korea

Forget isolation, let's try outreach: Nicholas Kristof

(Newser) - North Korea's change in leadership provides the US a chance to rethink its Pyongyang strategy, which might actually be backfiring, writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . Our sanctions have isolated the country, but that isolation has helped the Kims keep their grip on power. And in a...

Let the Kim Jong Un Mythmaking Begin!

He was born of heaven, naturally

(Newser) - Considering nature basically exploded at the passing of Kim Jong Il—at least, as reported by the state-run Korean Central News Agency—it shouldn't be too shocking to hear that the mythmaking for Kim Jong Un has already begun. The AP reports that a newspaper editorial calls him "...

Pyongyang: Sky Glowed Red Before Kim's Death

Ice cracked and Manchurian crane circled, state media claims

(Newser) - Weird and wonderful events surrounded the death of Kim Jong Il , according to North Korea's state-run media. The country's official news agency claims that a snowstorm suddenly ceased and the sky glowed red over the sacred Mount Paektu minutes before Kim departed. A frozen lake cracked with a...

Maybe Kim Jong Il Didn't Die on a Train...

South Korean intelligence indicates that's not what really happened

(Newser) - Kim Jong Il died on a moving train—or so North Korea would have us believe. But the Los Angeles Times reports that South Korean intelligence is painting a different picture. It seems that the country's No. 1 spy, Won Sei-hoon, has reviewed satellite photos that depict Kim's...

Does Shared Power Loom in N. Korea?

Intelligence experts debate whether new arrangement only transitional

(Newser) - After six-plus decades of the Kim family's ironclad dictatorship, North Korea's opaque leadership structure could be changing: Kim Jong Un is so young and untested that he will be forced to govern as part of a collective group, to include his uncle Jang Song-thaek and the military, reports...

Pyongyang May Be Too Poor to Pickle Kim

Unlike his father, late leader likely to be buried

(Newser) - Kim Jong Il is currently lying in state in Pyongyang, but North Koreans may not have much longer to view him: A shortage of skills and cold hard cash means the late Dear Leader will likely be buried instead of being preserved for display like his father, Kim Il Sung,...

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