Ralph Shortey

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Okla. State Senator Hit With Child Prostitution Charges

Cops say they found Ralph Shortey with 17-year-old boy in motel room smelling of pot

(Newser) - On Wednesday, Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey was suspended for "disorderly behavior." On Thursday, more details emerged as Shortey was charged with three felonies involving child prostitution, the Oklahoman reports. The charges came out of a police bust on March 9, when cops say they found Shortey at... More »

Oklahoma Bill Would Ban Fetuses in Food

Sen. Ralph Shortey read about this, um, threat online

(Newser) - Oklahoma Sen. Ralph Shortey is on a mission. He's introduced a bill banning any food products "which contains aborted human fetuses in the ingredients." Is this a going problem in Oklahoma, you ask? Well no, but Shortey read about it once on the Internet, he tells the... More »

2 Stories