Secret Service sex scandal

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Child Sex Sting Snares Secret Service Officer

He sexted 'teen girl' from inside White House

(Newser) - The latest Secret Service sex scandal is the creepiest one yet: Investigators say officer Lee Robert Moore was on duty at the White House when he sent raunchy messages—including pictures of his erect penis—to an undercover police officer in Delaware he thought was a 14-year-old girl. The 37-year-old,...

Secret Service Agents Got 'Bombed' Before JFK Killing

But would sober agents have stopped the assassination?

(Newser) - Many blame the JFK assassination on roguish figures like Fidel Castro or the Mob, but few consider the Secret Service agents themselves—some of whom were out boozing til late the night before. Sound familiar? In the wake of recent Secret Service scandals, Vanity Fair reports that six agents were...

Did White House Cover Up Prostitution Scandal Link?

Washington Post: Senior aides knew about team member's cavorting in Colombia

(Newser) - The Secret Service found itself under the microscope after reported agent sexcapades in Cartagena, Colombia, in 2012. But government documents and interviews unearthed by the Washington Post are now not only identifying a White House advance-team member who also allegedly took part in "after-hours" activities—they also appear to...

Secret Service Tightens Booze Rules—Slightly

Supervisor demoted after multiple incidents

(Newser) - Between suspected drinking and driving and passing out in a hallway , Secret Service agents haven't been exhibiting model behavior recently. Now, some in the service are paying the price. The head of the key special operations division has been demoted, insiders tell the Washington Post , while some two dozen...

Secret Service Accused of Sexcapades in 17 Countries

Whistleblowers spilled details to Senate committee overseeing department

(Newser) - The Secret Service's Colombia sex scandal may have been just the tip of the iceberg. Whistleblowers have come forward accusing the Service of a host of sexual misconduct across 17 countries, Sen. Ron Johnson revealed yesterday. Johnson wouldn't divulge the particulars, but sources tell the Washington Post that...

Fresh Sex Scandal Hits Secret Service

2 supervisors removed from Obama detail

(Newser) - More embarrassment for the Secret Service after last year's South American sex scandal : A supervisor who oversaw around two dozen agents in President Obama's security detail has been pulled from his position after leaving a bullet from his government-issued handgun in the hotel room of a woman he...

DEA Agents Got Prostitute for Secret Service Agent: Probe
DEA Agents Got Prostitute
for Secret Service Agent

DEA Agents Got Prostitute for Secret Service Agent

They tried to destroy evidence, lie to investigators: report

(Newser) - The Drug Enforcement Administration's alleged role in the Secret Service prostitution scandal has been confirmed. A pair of DEA agents set up a liaison between a Secret Service agent and a prostitute in Colombia in April 2012, a Justice Department probe that is just now coming to light finds....

Report: Secret Service Chief Faces Perjury Charge

Office of Inspector General may be eying charges

(Newser) - Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan may soon be hit with perjury charges over his agency's prostitution scandal . Sources tell Fox News that an investigation from the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general indicates that Sullivan may have lied to Congress, and that the inspector general has been talking...

Secret Service Partied Hard on Obama's Vacation

Anonymous Martha's Vineyard residents detail debauchery

(Newser) - Apparently when they're not allegedly picking up prostitutes , Secret Service agents throw some wild parties. Fox News tracked down some Martha's Vineyard residents who say the boys in black engaged in some serious debauchery during the Obama family's 2011 vacation there, trashing rented homes, inviting college girls...

Colombian Escort to Open Foundation for Prostitutes

Dania Londono Suarez gained notoriety in Secret Service scandal

(Newser) - The Colombian escort who set off the Secret Service scandal by refusing to quietly go away when she didn't get her money isn't leaving the spotlight so quietly, either. Dania Londono Suarez says she will take some of the money she's earned off her story to open...

Secret Service Boss: Sorry About the Hookers

Senate panel airs 64 sex misconduct cases

(Newser) - Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan testified on Capitol Hill today, apologizing for the first time for the Colombian prostitution scandal—even as the Senate Homeland Security Committee brought new indiscretions to light. Employees "did some really dumb things," Sullivan said, assuring lawmakers that the behavior "is not...

Secret Service Agents Fight Dismissal

Director to testify that sex scandal didn't threaten security

(Newser) - Four of the Secret Service agents forced out of their jobs over the Colombian sex scandal have decided that they're not going down without a fight, the Washington Post finds. The agents claim that they are being made scapegoats for behavior the agency has long tolerated . And so they'...

DEA Agents Probed for Hiring Colombian Prostitutes

Secret Service scandal spreads

(Newser) - Looks like Secret Service agents weren't the only feds misbehaving in Colombia. The Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating three of its agents for hiring prostitutes in the country, sources tell CBS . The investigation of the agents—who have been removed from Colombia—was opened based on information from a...

Secret Service Were 'Bunch of Fools': Hooker

Dania Suarez: 'I felt strong' in demanding my money

(Newser) - A prostitute at the heart of the Secret Service sex scandal has gone on Colombian TV and called the agents "a bunch of fools," the Telegraph reports. Dania Londono Suarez went on: "I could have done a thousand other things. If I had wanted to, I could...

Secret Service's Real Problem: It Endangers the President

Lax rules, shortcuts are rampant

(Newser) - Ronald Kessler, the former Washington Post reporter who originally broke the Secret Service sex scandal story to the Post, has news for you: Prostitution is far from the agency's biggest problem. Much worse is its "lax management culture that condones cutting corners, directly endangering the life of the...

Secret Service Agent Named
 Secret Service Agent Named 
prostitution scandal

Secret Service Agent Named

Arthur Huntington at heart of the probe: unnamed source

(Newser) - Looks like it's time to name names in the Secret Service prostitution scandal. An insider tells CNN that the agent who argued over pay with an alleged hustler is one Arthur Huntington, who has left the Service. He won't talk to reporters, but his neighbors say the 41-year-old...

Secret Service Memo: No Booze 10 Hours Before Work

New rules also bar visits to 'non-reputable establishments'

(Newser) - Memo to Secret Service agents: no more drinking alcohol within 10 hours of working; no bringing foreigners to your hotel rooms; and, no going to "non-reputable" establishments. Those are just three items in a 10-point list of rules handed out to agency employees yesterday, as the Secret Service tries...

'Curse of the Unpaid Prostitute' Befalls Agents
'Curse of the Unpaid Prostitute' Befalls Agents

'Curse of the Unpaid Prostitute' Befalls Agents

Secret Service can learn a lot from 'drunken sailors': essay

(Newser) - Those Secret Service agents in Colombia got what they had coming to them because one in their midst violated a code of honor of sorts, writes a former merchant seaman in the Washington Post : He didn't pay his prostitute. "In my day, seamen were convinced that this was...

State Dept's 'Take Your Kids to Work Day' R-Rated

Children hear all about Secret Service sex scandal

(Newser) - "Take Your Kids to Work Day" was quite the titillating experience at the State Department this year. Despite the presence of youngsters, reporters didn't censor their questions about the Secret Service sex scandal at a Q&A yesterday, Politico reports. They mentioned sex seven times, prostitution four times,...

Secret Service Has Another Prostitution Scandal

They canoodled with ladies of the oldest profession in El Salvador, too

(Newser) - Looks like there are teeth to the rumors that the Secret Service's Colombian sex adventure wasn't a one-time thing . The Service is investigating reports that its agents were serviced by prostitutes on a trip to El Salvador in March of last year, according to the Hill . A government...

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