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Jonah Lehrer's Moral Compass 'Badly Broken'

Probe uncovers more plagiarism and fabrication

(Newser) - Seems Jonah Lehrer's penchant for cooking up quotes and committing plagiarism dates back further than we knew. Probing Lehrer's old blogs for Wired, science reporter Charles Seife uncovered many instances of Lehrer recycling material, copying press releases, messing with quotes, and even messing with the facts. "Unlike...

Jayson Blair: Jonah Lehrer's Lies Just as Stupid as Mine

Fellow disgraced reporter weighs in on fabrication scandal

(Newser) - Jonah Lehrer's fabrication scandal gets the once-over today from none other than Jayson Blair, who admitted to plagiarism in his New York Times articles nine years ago. "It’s remarkable to me that someone who grew up professionally in the context of my scandal could make such...

New Yorker Writer Admits to Fabrication and Quits

Jonah Lehrer: I made up Bob Dylan quotes

(Newser) - A New Yorker staff writer has quit the magazine and confessed to attributing phony quotes to Bob Dylan, reports the New York Times' Media Decoder blog . Jonah Lehrer says he initially panicked when cornered by a reporter about the quotes in Lehrer's book, Imagine: How Creativity Works. "I...

Why a New Yorker Writer Stole From ... Himself
Why a New Yorker Writer
Stole From ... Himself

Why a New Yorker Writer Stole From ... Himself

Jonah Lehrer blog lifted full paragraphs from earlier pieces

(Newser) - A new staff writer at the New Yorker has already taken to plundering the work of others. Well, one other—himself. Three paragraphs in Jonah Lehrer's June 12 blog post appear in a Wall Street Journal piece he penned last year, media commentator Jim Romenesko revealed yesterday . Some of...

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