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Aurora Victim's Parents Go After Ammo Suppliers

Suit: They 'negligently, unlawfully' sold items to James Holmes

(Newser) - James Holmes is a "patently dangerous homicidal man" who should never have been able to buy thousands of rounds of ammunition, tear gas, and body armor, argues a suit filed yesterday against four companies that supplied the accused Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooter with those items. The suit was... More »

Obama Promises Not to Use Dark Knight Shooter's Name

Let focus be on victims, not killer, families ask

(Newser) - In an effort to keep the focus on the victims, President Obama has agreed not to mention the name of James Holmes, the killer in Friday's Dark Knight Rises massacre . "Sat down with President Obama. He has been incredible. He too has agreed not to mention the shooter'... More »

James Holmes Is Insane, But So Are Our Gun Laws

Roger Ebert: Now would be a good time to change things

(Newser) - Roger Ebert guesses that Dark Knight shooting suspect James Holmes isn't obsessed with Batman, just publicity. He "must also have been insane," writes Ebert in the New York Times . The problem is that our nation's gun laws are equally so. The US "is one of... More »

3 Stories