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Theory: Alexander the Great Alive for 6 Days After 'Death'
Theory: Alexander the Great
Alive for 6 Days After 'Death'
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Theory: Alexander the Great Alive for 6 Days After 'Death'

Dr. Katherine Hall argues it's history's greatest case of pseudothanatos

(Newser) - The Ancient Greeks took it as a sign that Alexander the Great was a god. A New Zealand researcher says it's actually an important clue into the ruler's demise. Dr. Katherine Hall explains that upon Alexander's death in 323BC, it was recorded that his body went six...

Inside the Mystery of Alexander the Great's Dad

New study claims his dad wasn't buried where researchers thought

(Newser) - The bad news: The ancient tomb at Vergina believed to house Alexander the Great's father may in fact be the final resting place of someone else. The good news: King Philip II's tomb is just a few doors down, according to a new study—though not everyone is...

Spelunkers' Big Find: Ancient Treasure

The coins and jewels date back 2,300 years

(Newser) - Last month it was amateur scuba divers stumbling upon a treasure trove of submerged coins in Israel. Now three amateur spelunkers from the Israeli Caving Club have alerted authorities to a stash of ancient coins and jewels that appear to date back 2,300 years, to the time of Alexander...

In Mystery Greek Tomb, Bones From 5 Corpses

Among the remains found at Amphipolis: newborn, 60-year-old woman

(Newser) - A giant tomb found in Greece's Macedonia region over the summer contains more than simply sphinxes and a mosaic. Researchers say bones found at the ancient Amphipolis site are from at least five people—including a newborn and a 60-year-old woman, the country's Culture Ministry said in a...

Bones in Ancient Tomb May Solve Greece Mystery

Whoever was buried at Amphipolis was clearly important

(Newser) - Archaeologists in Greece have made their biggest find yet inside an ancient tomb that goes back to the days of Alexander the Great: bones. The discovery at the site near what was once Amphipolis could finally answer the question of who was buried there in the 4th century BC, reports...

Sphinx's Missing Head Found Within Tomb

Archaeologists continue to unearth secrets of tomb at Amphipolis

(Newser) - In August, archaeologists in Greece announced they were about ready to enter what they say is the biggest ancient tomb ever unearthed in the country—which would mean passing by the two headless carved sphinxes that flank its entrance. Now those archaeologists say one of the missing sphinx heads has...

New Evidence: Alexander the Great's Dad in Greek Tomb

Remains belong to Macedonian King Philip II, archaeologist says

(Newser) - Remains found in an ancient tomb at Vergina nearly 40 years ago belong to none other than Alexander the Great's father, Greek researchers say. Their evidence: The bones and cremated remains show signs of violence that jibe with the life of Macedonian King Philip II, a warrior who lost...

Greeks Unearth Biggest Ancient Tomb

Amphipolis site dates to time of Alexander the Great

(Newser) - Archaeologists in Greece are nearly ready to enter what they say is the biggest ancient tomb ever unearthed in the country. The tomb at the ancient site of Amphipolis in the Macedonia region, around 65 miles northeast of Thessaloniki, dates from around 300 BC—the time of Alexander the Great,...

Study: Alexander the Great Felled by Toxic Wine

Scientist theorizes Veratrum album did him in

(Newser) - One of the greatest mysteries surrounding Alexander the Great—namely, why he died at age 32—may finally have been solved, with a scientist who has been researching the question for a decade now theorizing that he was done in by wine made from an innocent-looking but poisonous plant, reports...

Ancient City Lined Up With Sun on King's Birthday

Ancient Alexandria's main road built for the effect, say archaeologists

(Newser) - Alexander the Great got quite the birthday present every year, archaeologists say. They think the main road from ancient Alexandria aligned perfectly with the sun on that day, reports LiveScience . The theory, backed up by computer simulations of the sun's position in the 4th century, would explain why the...

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