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Largest Structure Ever Found Is a Really Cold Hole

Some call the discovery independent evidence of dark energy

(Newser) - Researchers using NASA's Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer and a telescope in Maui have discovered what they are calling the "largest individual structure ever identified by humanity," reports the Royal Astronomical Society . So large, in fact, that the only way to measure its size is in light-years—1....

Scientists Produce 'Coldest Cubic Meter in the Universe'

Project in Italy linked to study of matter and antimatter

(Newser) - If you're dreading the winter cold, know that things could be a lot worse. Scientists in Italy have cooled 880 pounds of copper to a temperature approaching absolute zero; that's 0 Kelvin, or -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, Science Daily reports. The copper reached a temperature of -459.66...

NASA Plans to Make Coldest Spot in Universe

Cold Atom Lab on ISS will bring matter stunningly close to absolute zero

(Newser) - NASA is working on making things a lot colder on the International Space Station—as in, about as cold as physically possible. Scientists are building a "Cold Atom Lab," which would be able to bring matter within down as low as 0.0000000001 degrees above absolute zero, the...

'Absolute Zero' May Not Be Coldest Temperature

Study suggests Kelvin scale isn't absolute after all

(Newser) - Science students learn that the coldest theoretical temperature isn't found on either the Fahrenheit or Celsius scales, but on the Kelvin scale—at "absolute zero," the point at which even atoms stop moving around. That might change, thanks to German physicists, though you might need a working...

4 Stories
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