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Donald Trump to Ted Cruz: I'll Sue You

...if you don't say you're sorry and stop running ads

(Newser) - Donald Trump on Monday offered presidential rival Ted Cruz an ultimatum, threatening to sue Cruz over his eligibility to serve in the White House unless the Texas senator stops airing what Trump calls "false ads" and apologizes for what the billionaire real estate mogul called a series of lies...

GOP Presidential Field Just Got Smaller

Rick Perry drops out of the 2016 race

(Newser) - Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is dropping out of the race for president, ending his second bid for the Republican nomination and becoming the first major candidate of the 2016 campaign to give up on the White House. His struggling campaign has been strapped for campaign cash and stuck polling...

Latest to Join 2016 Scrum for President: John McAfee

He's founding his own party, the Cyber Party, obviously

(Newser) - A familiar face, but a new one to politics, is running for the nation's nuclear codes. John McAfee, best known for his antivirus software, has filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for president, and he tells CNNMoney he'll be founding a new party...

Chafee Makes Odd Campaign Promise No One Else Has

Former RI governor says it'll be 'easy' to switch US over to the metric system

(Newser) - There are three countries in the world—the US, Burma, and Liberia—that still aren't on the metric system , but if Lincoln Chafee is elected president, he'll make sure America gets with the program. During his announcement yesterday that he'll run as a Democratic candidate for president,...

Rick Perry Is Running—and Hopes We Forgot 'Oops'

Ex-Texas governor will try to overcome 2011 flub and run on policy record

(Newser) - Rick Perry is hoping America will forgive an "oops" moment : He's trying again for the country's top spot. A senior adviser speaking on condition of anonymity to the AP says the ex-Texas governor will announce today in Dallas that he's jumping into the presidential fray—and...

Bobby Jindal's 'Major' Revelation Coming in 3 Weeks

Louisiana governor to announce presidential plans on June 24: adviser

(Newser) - As of EOD on June 11, Louisiana's legislative session will be over—which means Bobby Jindal will have a bit more free time on his hands. We'll apparently find out June 24 if that means the Pelican State's Republican governor will be vying for the nation's...

Santorum Will Run ... but Can He Beat the Yawn Factor?

Voters may find him ho-hum—or he may be erring by going the blue-collar route

(Newser) - Rick Santorum is set to announce today during an interview with George Stephanopoulos that he'll run for president in 2016, ABC News reports. The announcement will take place in Santorum's hometown of Cabot, Pa., and will mark his second run for president, after he finished second to Mitt...

Carly Fiorina Running for President

Wall Street Journal says former H-P chief will announce on May 4

(Newser) - She lost a bid for the Senate five years ago, but now Carly Fiorina is hoping that her first political job will be even loftier: The former chief of Hewlett-Packard will launch her presidential campaign on May 4, reports the Wall Street Journal . Relative to those who have already done...

Clinton Hits the Road in a Van Named 'Scooby'

Candidate heads to Iowa with 'a more humble approach'

(Newser) - Shortly after her big Twitter announcement , Hillary Clinton headed for Iowa in a van that's been dubbed "Scooby"—the Des Moines Register reports that is indeed a reference to the 1970s cartoon, which featured a van of its own: the Mystery Machine. Clinton is doing roadside meet-and-greets...

Ted Cruz's Chances: Zero to Slightly More Than Zero

Pundits weigh in

(Newser) - Ted Cruz officially announced yesterday he'll be running for president , and plenty of critics have announced their take on his candidacy since. "The most interesting question about Mr. Cruz's candidacy is whether he has a very small chance to win or no chance at all," is...

Jeb Bush: 'I'm My Own Man'
 Jeb Bush: 'I'm My Own Man' 

Jeb Bush: 'I'm My Own Man'

Possible 2016 candidate seeks to distinguish himself from HW, Dubya

(Newser) - He's got two former presidents—and about two dozen top-level advisers to those presidents—by his side, but Jeb Bush says he's got his own foreign-policy views. "I love my father and my brother. I admire their service to the nation and the difficult decisions they had...

Crackpot Conspiracists Love Chelsea Pregnancy

Timing is staged, they think, or maybe she's ... faking?

(Newser) - If you thought it was laughable when Rush Limbaugh suggested Hillary Clinton staged that shoe-throwing incident, wait until you hear the latest conspiracy theory related to the Clintons: Some pundits on the right-wing fringe are suggesting Chelsea Clinton is faking her pregnancy —or, at the very least, that she...

As Hillary Mulls 2016, Loyalists Lay Groundwork

Politico reports on behind-the-scenes 'shadow campaign'

(Newser) - Is Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016? In public, she still says she hasn't decided, but in private, it's a different story. Politico offers an extensive look at the "shadow campaign" developing behind the scenes, with both her inner circle and a number of outside supporters...

Coming Soon: 'Huckabee Post'
 Coming Soon: 
 'Huckabee Post' 

Coming Soon: 'Huckabee Post'

As he considers another run for the presidency

(Newser) - Read it into what you will, 2016 prognosticators: Mike Huckabee appears to be launching a news website called the "Huckabee Post," reports Mashable . The development actually surfaced a few days ago when Mediaite spotted this Craigslist ad seeking reporters for “a new and exciting online news publication...

Rolling Stone Interviewer: Biden's Serious About 2016

Douglas Brinkley thinks a run makes sense, whatever Hillary Clinton does

(Newser) - Rolling Stone is out with an interview of Joe Biden in which the VP talks about everything from gun laws (he's confident on background checks), his relationship with President Obama (close—"I spend an average of four to five hours a day with him, every single day"...

Clinton Easily Tops Republicans in Florida Poll

GOP analysts fear facing Clinton 'will be impossible'

(Newser) - With the 2016 elections right around the corner (well, a three-year corner), Hillary Clinton boasts 11-point leads over her closest Republican rivals in the swing state of Florida, according to a new Quinnipiac poll . Clinton leads former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush 51%-40%, and Sen. Marco Rubio 52%-41%. She also holds...

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